Tools & Mi Band v7.9.0 Mod APK (Paid, Patched)

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:7.9.0
MOD Info:Paid, Patched
Size:17 MB
Publisher:Tool & Wearables
Package:Google Play Link

Owning the great features of the smart bracelet Mi Band with Tools & Mi Band. The app works very well with the official Mi Fit / Amazfit (but is not related to Xiaomi). Customize and set up personalized notifications to customize features. Download the free APK file we sent you below.

Introduce about Tools & Mi Band

Tools & Mi Band functions like a smart watch. It helps you to receive notifications, measure health, heart rate … Install once for all, all applications on the machine will be notified to you by Tools & Mi Band. Experience now!

Notification settings

Application notifications

All apps available on your device will be linked to Tools & Mi Band. At that time, all notifications about that application will be transferred to the Mi Band Tools & Mi Band. Regardless of the application, how it is configured can link with Tools & Mi Band. This feature is configurable by application and globally.

Call notification

Just like the app, every call will be displayed on your bracelet. You can set up notifications for a few of your favorite contacts or all of your contacts. Tools & Mi Band also notify you of missed calls and messages. If there are missed calls when your device is far from the bracelet, they will still notify you when reconnected.


The combination of a phone alarm and the vibration of the bracelet will make it easier to wake up. Each notification will be spaced 1 minute apart until you wake up and turn it off. You can also set the nap, just set this and Mi Band will wake you up after the rest is over.


You can customize the notification template to your liking. It includes multi-color notifications or customizable vibrating patterns. Color settings to quickly distinguish objects that touch you. For example, you set messages from boss to red, family is blue and friends are yellow. You can also selectively set notifications to not be distracted by spam messages. Selecting important notifications such as SMS, call if you frequently contact.

Export / import settings

You can save your settings so you can import it on other devices. This gives users flexibility in case of changing the phone or Mi Band bracelet. You won’t need to reinstall from scratch, just sync them, the previous settings will switch over.

Health check

Tools & Mi Band helps you to continuously monitor heart rate and notifications. Set up a heart rate chart to see how each day changes. Set up notifications for Mi Band so that it alerts you if you’ve been inactive for a while. You can also control time intervals, timeframes, and thresholds. A fully customizable feature that helps you check your daily fitness goal progress, bracelet battery …

The system will alert you when you have been inactive for a while. This will let you know your fitness status and progress. Tools & Mi Band also has a system that analyzes and tracks your training days. You can see results for a day, a week or a month. From there, re-adjust the level and time of exercise more reasonable.


Tools & Mi Band fully supports all Mi Band bracelets, including the white single 1A version. Tools & Mi Band automatically adjusts the user interface to a feature supported by the bracelet version. This application works on all Android operating systems from 4.3 to 11+.

Advanced settings

You can set some advanced settings to optimize notifications. It is possible to mention disabling notifications that you have little interaction. These can also be called redundant notifications, they won’t report to your device if you disable them. You can also disable notifications while on silent mode. In meetings or anywhere, as long as you set the device to silent mode, the system will turn off all notifications until you turn it back on. Finally, disable notifications even while the screen is on.


Tools & Mi Band is designed with smart and friendly interface. On the left is the toolbar, which houses all the features and a category of settings. To set up or test any of the information, you can find it there. There is also a search bar at the top to help you find features quickly. This search bar also supports voice search. Detailed statistical charts help you to be sure more information, especially your health condition. Although there are many features, but with smart design, you will quickly get acquainted and proficient in using this application.

What’s new in the latest version?

In this new 5.4.0 update, the publisher has integrated a number of additional features.They also take in comments from users and make adjustments. Regarding registration, Mi Band 5 is fully supported. For Amazfit T-Rex, GTS, GTR, Verge Lite, Bip, Arc & Cor, install Tools & Amazfit.

  • Watch face management, Gesture & sensor control (Mi Band 5 & Mi Band 4)
  • Supports text display (contact name and full message content)
  • Sleep with Android integration
  • Text, Filter & Extract Parameters (for SMS verification codes)
  • Ignore button, Call Mute & Smart Alarm, Snooze
  • A heart rate monitor
  • Utilities & Plugin Tasker

Installation Instructions

  • First, download the APK file below to your device
  • After downloading and opening the file, the system will ask “turn on unknown power”, please choose agree and turn on that feature.
  • Install the APK file on your device
  • Open the app and start connecting with Mi Band bracelets

Download Tools & Mi Band APK for Android

An extremely useful and great application for you. Instead of paying $ 3.59 for Google Play, you can now install it for free at RedMod. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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