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Download Textnow MOD APK so you can call, texting offline for free. This app currently has servers located in Canada and the United States. If you have loved ones living in these 2 countries, then this is an app you cannot ignore.

Introducing Textnow

Textnow is a calling and messaging application that focuses mainly on Canada and the United States. These are the two most developed areas in North America, where many of you will surely have relatives and friends here. But the communication in the past is really expensive and expensive, so the conversations just stop at asking questions. However, with Textnow, you can comfortably chat and confide freely without worrying about costs. Textnow is really a savior for many people around the world.

This app was released a few years ago by the TextNow Group of Canada. TextNow works like a regular phone, integrating directly with Windows contacts. After years of release, it has received more than 50 million downloads by users on Google Play. The reason it gets the popularity of users is because it possesses many convenient features for your communication.

Besides TextNow, the developer also released another application of the same category. It’s called 2ndLine Premium. Both of these apps are used to communicate with loved ones abroad. Each app has its own unique features. And of course, they all come in Premium versions. You need to pay a recurring fee to use it.

Easy to use

After downloading and logging into the application, the system will provide you with a separate phone number with an optional area code for you. You can use this phone number to send and receive unlimited calls, texts, and pictures of friends and family across the US and Canada. TextNow application works like a normal phone so your friends or relatives who do not need to install this program can still contact them.

Textnow provides you with full features of sending images, voice chat … You will also experience a full range of icons, stickers, GIFs, emojis.

The best quality

One of the important factors that many users care about is the quality of calls and texting. You don’t have to worry about blurry images, dialed calls or unstable connection. The images you send will be of the best quality, with no blurring or breakage. The calls will be stable and the sound is also clear and easy to hear. If your internet connection is slow, the system will alert you to catch and solve.

TextNow’s most popular features are variety and low cost. Price then you can really rest assured about Textnow. Calls and texts are extremely low cost. It offers low cost international calling to over 230 countries. You can stay connected longer with rates starting at under $ 0.01 per minute. Alternatively, you can top up or earn for free by completing offers on your account and making cheap international calls.


Performing intermediate communications via an application is sure to worry you. You are worried that personal information will be stolen and exposed. Your calls will be recorded and affect you. The publisher has announced a commitment to completely protect customer privacy. All calls and messages are highly secure.

You can also set a password to prevent someone from holding your phone and reading private information. Set up PassCode to prevent unauthorized access without your permission.

Easy to use interface

TextNow application has a beautiful and friendly working environment. It is designed to connect directly to your phone’s operating system, integrating directly with your Windows contacts. You can get acquainted with this application on the first open.

Summary of main features

  • Make outgoing or received international calls
  • Calling international subscribers with extremely cheap cost
  • Use emoticons, stickers and gifs to message anyone
  • Convenient messaging: send, receive, transfer photos, save images
  • Video calling to your friends and family members is completely free
  • Easily record your calls, and save your device memory
  • Caller ID
  • Save your message as a key using the PassCode feature
  • Google SmartLock: easy login without password, you don’t need to remember your password
  • Convenient and fast call diverting
  • Make conference calls
  • Add your personal signature after each text message
  • Can customize text sounds, ringtones and vibrations
  • Customize the background according to your style
  • Edit personal pages for each phone number in the phonebook
  • The speed of receiving and sending messages is extremely fast
  • Integrate TextNow on the main screen to message and make calls whenever
  • Messages are synced from your device to the TextNow.com homepage
  • Use your tablet like a phone, no need for a sim

MOD APK (Premium) version of Textnow

MOD feature

Some features in Textnow will be limited, you need to upgrade to Premium plan to unlock. Therefore, you need to spend a monthly maintenance fee to be able to use all the features. But with this version of us, everything is completely free now. We’ve permanently unlocked the Premium plan, giving you the maximum freedom to experience its features. No need to pay monthly fee, feel free to call and text.

Download Textnow Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

Without much review on TextNow we saw the great features of this app. If you have relatives or friends in a foreign country then you should use this app.

Now you can comfortably chat with your friends and family in Canada and the United States. There are no simple inquiring messages, you can confide and tell each other daily stories. Textnow has more than 50 million users, gradually gaining the trust of many users around the world. Be the next one! Click on the link below to proceed with the installation.

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