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Puffin Browser is a newly launched browser and is impressive in terms of browsing speed. You will be surprised when you first experience this browser. To own this app, you need to pay Google $ 4.96. However, up to this article, everything is completely free. Below the article is our free APK file sent to you.

Introduce about Puffin Browser Pro

Not as popular as other web browsers, but Puffin Browser Pro is still worth using. The reason is because Puffin Browser Pro invests carefully in quality and performance. You will find the web browsing speed of this application dizzying. This will be the application that makes you think about whether to use it instead of Google Chrome. To learn more, please refer to the article below.

Dizzying speed

Slow network speed will make users feel uncomfortable. There will also be instances when the slow loading speed is caused by the browser you are using. The app we are introducing here, will remove those problems. Puffin Browser Pro possesses an amazing download speed. The publisher focuses on maximum performance of this browser. According to the Benchmark Test Result, this app all had more impressive results than other browsers, including Google Chrome. By converting resources to a cloud server, Puffin Browser Pro can divide the amount of data, making the download speed many times faster.

Cloud protection

Personal information is confidential and needs to be protected. Access to public Wi-Fi websites and connections is risky. Therefore, you need to find a browser capable of absolute security of your information. And Puffin Browser Pro will help you do that. All data accessed from Puffin Browser Pro is encrypted. This is a measure to protect data from hackers trying to reach. You can freely connect to public Wi-Fi networks without worrying about data being stolen.

Bandwidth savings

This is also an advantage for you to choose to use Puffin Browser Pro. This application has exclusive compression feature for web data transmission. This will help reduce the bandwidth by up to 90%, saving the maximum amount of data transferred. It will save you a lot of costs for bandwidth extension. On a side note, if you use Flash video or stream content, it will take up more bandwidth.

Intuitive interface

Puffin Browser Pro is designed with a simple but extremely sophisticated interface. All folders are organized for users to easily find. Add to that the color theme for the toolbar and sidebar. Connection errors or network errors are reported at the top of the screen. There’s also a speed dial section for quick access to recently visited websites. All are aimed at giving users the easiest and most convenient experience. In addition, you can also use the incognito tab to hide information and browsing history.

Virtual touchpad and gamepad

This is also an interesting feature in Puffin Browser Pro. You can rotate the screen horizontally and turn this feature on. The virtual computer mouse will appear on the screen and you can use it. This gives the user the same experience as using a computer. You can also use the gamepad to play games out of the browser.

Ad Blocker

Puffin Browser Pro has a built-in ad blocker in the system. Just open the extension and turn it on. You will never be bothered by annoying ads. The ads that appear continuously many times will cause the web page to crash and stutter. Therefore, the publisher has integrated this feature to give users the smoothest experience.

Should Puffin Browser Pro be the default browser?

This will be due to your usage habits and way of thinking. There are people they are used to using Google Chrome. They are too lazy to change, even though they have found a new, more impressive browser. But we still recommend Puffin Browser Pro, because it has so many benefits. This browser helps you to browse the web at high speed, save bandwidth, protect the cloud … Its interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. There is no reason to turn down such a good browser.

New feature update

Latest version: (Updated on October 14)

New updates always bring users new and unique features. That is also the top goal that the publisher wants to send to users. The staff is always working hard to create convenient features and improve the quality of the app. Issues reported by users, the publisher has fixed bugs in this new update.

Some other features

  • Supports Adobe Flash
  • Cloud download
  • JavaScript engine
  • Supports virtual mouse and keyboard
  • Ad blocker


You can only access websites from the US because Puffin Browser Pro has the server located here. For users outside the US will not be accessible due to geographic restrictions. Some countries are also blocked by Puffin such as China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates …

Puffin Browser Pro APK (Paid) Version

Puffin Browser also has another free version. In this article is the Pro version of this application. This version has many more powerful features than the free version. We have paid for the download fee of this app. Now you can download it completely free. Please visit RedMod regularly to update the latest version of Puffin Browser Pro.

Download Puffin Browser Pro APK for Android

An application that invests in performance and quality, and is worth using. Puffin Browser Pro is also extremely safe, avoiding intrusion. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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