Solid Explorer v2.8.37 Mod APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last updated: 07/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.8.37
MOD Info:Paid Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Solid Explorer is an application that helps to manage, organize and store files. The App attracts a large number of users thanks to its handy features. Join REDMOD to learn about the useful points of Solid Explorer.

Introducing Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a mobile application for file management. Users can arrange everything more neatly, neatly and scientifically. Too many images, cluttered files make your phone slow down. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to find your necessary information. Solid Explorer was born to solve this problem. The files will be neatly arranged to help you more optimally in the process of using the phone.

Solid Explorer encryption 4.0

Not only managing files, Solid Explorer also owns modern encryption technology 4.0 to help secure information. The cloud storage and NAS will back up the data on the phone. You have complete peace of mind about your data under any circumstances. Moreover, for easy operation, users can completely put it back on the machine. This is an application that integrates many useful functions for your beloved phone.

Solid Explorer organizes files scientifically

First, Solid Explorer will navigate the user to the stored files. The app will then automatically sort into collections. Files are sorted by time of creation, content or file type, etc. Once grouped, you can perform a variety of operations. From viewing, deleting or backing up, moving is extremely easy.

Finding your information will become faster, more scientific and easier thanks to Solid Explorer. Instead of being in the middle of a “forest of files”, we could easily find the file we needed through clear notes.

The application’s cloud storage allows storing large volumes of files. Users can view multiple files remotely without affecting the phone capacity. Moving and converting files also becomes easier and more convenient.

Safety and security

Your files will be completely secure when using Solid Explorer. With AES encryption technology, the application always ensures that files are not easily compromised. Users can use this feature in important files or contain a lot of personal information.

Moreover, AES also supports phone notifications when someone tries to access secure files. You will need to confirm your fingerprint or password while viewing the file. Even if the app is uninstalled, the files stay on the same device and are safe. This is a unique feature in Solid Explorer that few applications have.

Solid Explorer analyze memory

It can be said that memory analysis is the strength of this application. Users will control the file size easily and remove if not needed. Your device will run smoother and feature optimized.

The percentage of space in use per folder is clearly displayed. Files that are too large will be warned to avoid waste. You will have a plan to adjust it so that it is more suitable for fair use.

Summary of basic features

  • Manage and organize files
  • File information security
  • Smart and scientific file search
  • Speed up your phone
  • Absolutely no cost
  • Easy to install the app

MOD APK version of Solid Explorer

Don’t want to pay for using the app? The Solid Explorer MOD APK version removes that problem entirely. You will optimize the files in the device without spending a dime. Great functions are still fully provided in the MOD APK version. We should not miss Solid Explorer MOD APK  because it is both inexpensive, and can organize and secure files.

MOD features

Paid Unlocked

This is a feature that brings a lot of benefits to smartphone users. Solid Explorer is one of the mobile apps that has this task. When using MOD in this application you will get:

Download Solid Explorer MOD APK latest version for Android

Are you struggling because of the huge number of files in your phone? Does your device contain too many junk files that cannot be filtered out? The Solid Explorer application was born for you. All the above problems will be solved by the app quickly and neatly. Your work will be more optimized and save maximum time in life.

In the special version MOD APK you will be able to use all the features like the original. Users do not need to spend too much money but still optimize the phone easily. This is a useful application for office workers with large and diverse file volumes. Now the app is available on Android and is extremely simple to download. Download the app today to optimize files for 0 cents.

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