Simple Notes v3.7.1 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 21/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.7.1
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Paraga Mobile
Package:Google Play Link

Every phone has a note-taking tool, but is it enough to keep you satisfied? The Simple Notes MOD APK application will give you an experience of a smart, modern and very simple tool!

Introducing Simple Notes

Technological development also makes small things like sticky notes gradually disappear. Now a lot of people use these sheets to jot down important reminders, calendars, appointments or even study. The phone is both convenient and can take notes, making people more dependent on it. And to serve that need, Paraga Mobile has created a note-taking application called Simple Notes. It is a simple notepad application that allows you to make your note-taking work smarter and easier to manage.

Is the habit of taking notes necessary?

Taking notes is a work that has been formed for a long time and has existed until now. From the time when taking notes on paper to taking notes on the phone, this is still the daily work of people. It has a lot of benefits, especially for those who are forgetful. In study, work and life, you can take notes. It is suitable for important information, appointments or formulas, learning vocabulary. The habit of taking notes is extremely good, it gives you an initiative in all situations.

The default note-taking feature on the phone

Every phone line has a note, I can be sure of that. But why is it unpopular? There are many reasons, the first is about management. The default notepad is almost non-customizable, you can only save it. It is very inconvenient for managing the large amount of notes that you use every day. Even creating each note is quite time consuming. Therefore, the default note-taker is only suitable for those who have little information or do not have the habit of taking daily notes. They only save some important information such as bank account numbers, accounts and passwords of a certain application …

Another downside to having a default notepad is that the interface isn’t pretty. In addition, it is not freely customizable. This makes users easily bored and feel uncomfortable every time they need to find some previous notes. Therefore, you should use Simple Notes for more convenient functions.

Features of Simple Notes

Create quick notes

With just one tap, you can create a quick note. Simple Notes is like a flexible notebook in turning a new page. This is something the default phone notes don’t do. Create quick notes to help you easily categorize the information to note. Save time creating, you will have more time to filter and divide information.

Sort by category

You can optionally arrange your categories to your liking. Directory messages can be divided by category, date or importance for easy searching. Organizing notes is a premise for you to learn how to organize other elements. You will always find things easily if they are classified according to a certain rule.

Easy to manage

Simple Notes helps you manage your notes better. If you make a note on a piece of paper, you often lose it and spend a lot of time searching. This application will optimize everything in the management work. You’ll find everything faster, store it better, and even know what to do first and what to do later. Notes are also displayed on a long list, now control is easy and fast.

Share notes

Share every note to your friends, colleagues or loved ones with just one touch. The default note is not shareable, because it does not exist as a file. With Simple Notes, it helps you compress notes into a specific file and easily upload to social networking sites, via bluetooth or other phone linking features. You can also use Simple Notes as a workbook for your employees.

Summary of the advantages of Simple Notes

Overall, I feel that Simple Notes is a note-taking tool worth experiencing. It has a lot of advantages over the default notepad in the phone. If compared with other similar applications like Todoist or To-Do List, it is not inferior. Although the essence of Simple Notes with the two applications above is not the same, it has a lot of features in common. Summary of the advantages of Simple Notes:

  • Sort notes by category (notebook)
  • Sticky Notes Widget (put your notes on home screen)
  • Secure backup notes to external storage
  • Easy to search
  • Quick memo/note
  • Share notes via SMS, e-mail or Twitter

MOD APK version of Simple Notes

MOD features

  • Pro Unlocked

Download Simple Notes MOD APK latest version for Android

Simple Notes will help you quickly gather and capture information. It has all the necessary features for a smart note-taker. I believe that Simple Notes will make you not want to go back to the default notepad on your phone. Download the app and make your life easier than ever!

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