Shadow Fight 3 v1.37.2 Mod APK (Frozen Enemy)

Last updated: 02/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.37.2
MOD Info:Frozen Enemy
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The first two Shadow Fight games brought great success for Nekki. Both versions receive the love of a large number of players around the world. Each version receives hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play. Therefore, they continued to release Shadow Fight 3.

Introducing Shadow Fight 3

From the very first days of its launch, this game quickly attracted a large number of players to join. So far, this new version has been released for a long time, has received more than 50 million downloads from Google Play. Shadow Fight 3 is considered the superior version in both graphics and gameplay. But is the actual experience of this game like that? Let’s find out through the review below.

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Graphics are upgraded

To bring the best experience to the player, Shadow Fight 3 has been upgraded graphics significantly. Instead of just using the black shadows as the previous two sections, this part has been the characters with detailed and realistic looks. Shadow Fight 3 brings a high quality 3D graphics, much better than the previous two versions. You can easily see the character has been shaped as detailed as the role-playing game. Along with that are the costumes, more sophisticated items.

Reportedly, this new section was developed with a proprietary technology from Nekki, called “Cascadeur”. This technology is responsible for the most realistic animation possible. This technology has been applied to previous products such as Vector and Vector 2. As a result, you will get a more immersive experience.

In addition, the context of the game has been refreshed a lot. You will see scenes filled with ancient Chinese characters. Each chapter of the game will have different landscapes for you to explore. Along with that are the skill effects are also very well completed, but not too prominent compared to the old version.

Familiar gameplay

Basically, the gameplay of Shadow Fight 3 will still be an action role-playing style of fighting. However, the control method in this version has been refreshed, so it can be said to be more difficult. Each movement of the character can create a different move. Therefore, you must know how to combine moves and movements to get the right combo. In addition, the character will also have many other unique skills. Each of these moves will take time to reuse.

Besides the main story mode, the system of tasks and events will be refreshed regularly. In addition, you can play your character against gamers around the world through the rating system. In general, the gameplay of Shadow Fight 3 is still simple but highly addictive. Once you play the game, you can hardly stop.

Attractive plot

Shadow Fight 3 is a game with a very interesting and elaborate storyline. You will find yourself in a dangerous world standing on the threshold of a big fight and you are the one in between. Three powerful factions are competing, tearing up these lands and plotting against each other. Which side will you join? It is your own decision!

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Character system and equipment

In Shadow Fight 3, the game will have 3 factions including Legion, Dynasty and Heralds. Each faction will be equipped with a variety of weapons systems, hats, armor, darts extremely diverse. You can choose weapons in combination with tactics to create special combos.

Impressive of this new version are the skills of the characters. These skills are made up of basic skills combined with weapons. Thereby, you will enjoy extremely beautiful attacks. These techniques are inspired by many martial arts such as Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and Kungfu …

Most impressive is that Shadow Fight 3 also brings the equipment system like a traditional role-playing game. Your character will be customized in detail both in skill and appearance. You can choose for your character the weapons, equipment to defend and attack. The system of equipment in Shadow Fight is divided into 4 levels: normal, rare, top and legendary.

Mission system

Daily quests will get you Exp and bonuses. If you only pass from the story chapters, your leveling up will be extremely slow. Therefore, take advantage of everyday tasks to improve that. The tasks are too much for you, don’t worry, they will be refreshed every 4 hours. In addition, there are PvP combat missions with enough battles, also giving you a lot of economy.

PvP mode

Players who are familiar with Shadow Fight 3’s fighting style will often prefer the PvP fighting mode. This is when they show off what they’ve practiced after a long time. This mode is attractive in the element of surprise from the player’s gameplay. They will not be able to predict what their opponent will do, which is easy to grasp when playing against the machine. PvP battles will have 5 innings, whoever wins the first 3 will win. In addition, this mode also brings many valuable items.

Marathon mode

This is a duel mode to win points to receive gift landmarks. You will fight Boss to earn accumulated points, if you reach the specified milestones, you will receive a corresponding reward. The more the end, the more valuable the reward. However, Boss will become more and more powerful and intelligent. It is not easy for you to beat them without good skills.


You can get a lot of bonuses from the collection feature. Your task is to collect complete sets of the same type. Each set includes 4 equipment items including: weapons, shirts, hats, weapons. The rarer the equipment set, the greater the reward received upon completion. Collect the ultimate equipment, combine and upgrade to use the same cool new moves and moves. Fight in style with your enemies, endless transformations according to your imagination.

Useful tips for you

  • Save energy: When the energy bar is full, you will be turned on “Shadow” mode. You can now use special skills and increase attack speed and damage. Since energy can go into the next round, keep it if possible. This will help you to be sure of your win in the 2nd half.
  • Timing of attack: Shadow Fight 3 has a downside: the character will stall after attacking. Therefore, you should step back a bit and dodge the opponent’s attack, then time a reasonable time to counterattack. At this time your opponent is in a delay, they cannot move or block.
  • Combo : The move combo is very important to defeat your opponent and win the battle. Special moves can be equipped with your weapon and gears by unlocking the corresponding ability cards for an item. The combo will help accumulate damage to quickly take away a large amount of HP from the opponent. Also, high-altitude attacks on the head will deal more damage.
  • Flexible tactics: If you try to stick with a certain style of play or a combo, skilled opponents will quickly catch your gameplay. Therefore, or flexibly play according to the opponent’s situation, situation and way of playing. Try to use a combination of high, medium, and low attacks to avoid being predictable in combat. This will also help you fill your Shadow Energy bar faster.

Sound system

In addition to the upgraded image, the sound of Shadow Fight 3 is also very good. Sound effects such as touching weapons, screams of characters, … are all extremely realistic and vivid. Along with that, the theme music is full of adventure, mystery. Thereby it will bring a bold experience of Chinese swordplay.

MOD APK version of Shadow Fight 3

MOD feature

  • Frozen Enemy (Through the Menu)
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User manual

Immediately after accessing the game, you can go to Mod Menu to enable this MOD feature. In the match, when the enemy jumped, you have to attack, at this time your enemy will be frozen. Conversely, if you jump and the enemy attacks you, you will be frozen.


Is Shadow Fight 3 heavy?

Although the size of the game is just over 100MB, but this is a game with high graphics. Therefore, your device must have a powerful enough configuration for a smoother experience. Although low devices can still play, but will inevitably stutter, lag.

Does Shadow Fight 3 have a hacked version?

You can download our MOD version, it will give you some advantages. The most significant is the freezing of the enemy. Your opponent will be immobilized and you can attack easily.

How to win the final Boss in each chapter?

The final boss is usually much more powerful and smarter. Therefore, you need strong enough force and good skill. You can upgrade equipment to increase resistance and increase attack damage. Besides that is to practice some combos and moves.

Can I keep my game progress when switching from Android to iOS?

Android as iOS are two completely separate operating systems. Hence the transfer between contrasting operating systems is impossible. If you change a mobile device, you will have to play again from the beginning.

Reviews from users

As a very hot game, Shadow Fight 3 has always received mixed opinions. Here are the reviews on the Google Play store, you can consult:

“Shadow fight 3 is better than previous versions, with beautiful and realistic graphics. But it needs to add the ability to make friends and fight against friends to become more attractive. Also reduce the power of the boss a little bit. The producer noted this point and considered adding editing to the game better, thank you. “

“This game is very good! It feels very real with the character is very beautiful and vivid in 3D. And Shadow Fight 2 times ago, the characters were only black and this character had a very good shape. Nice. I feel this game is very good and interesting. I give 5 stars “

“I liked it since Shadow fight 2, but only now I know version 3 with nice graphics and rich items, diverse fighting style. However, it is difficult to hunt rare items. Recommend that new players do not kill bosses through battle. It’s too early to be on a daily quest to get the key to open a chest there will be a lot of rare stuff. “

“I don’t know about the other players, but if I play from hero level up, my opponent ranking is not good at all. My combat power of 9000 against an opponent with more than 15,000 war power is very difficult to win. see the higher it is, the easier it is to encounter this situation, hope the publisher corrects it. “

Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK for Android

Although Shadow Fight 3 has been upgraded in both visual and gameplay, many players still prefer the Shadow Fight 2 version. But there are also many players who prefer the newer version thanks to high quality 3D graphics. Some players think that Shadow Fight 3 should be an independent game with a new name. Because this version is no longer a battle of shadows, but real people. But anyway, this is also an attractive action game that you should not ignore.

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