Love Pheromone v1.4.0 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:1.4.0
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Requires:Android 6.0+
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Love Pheromone MOD APK is an otome-type interactive role-playing simulation game. Coming to the game, you will discover a romantic and equally dramatic love novel.

Introducing Love Pheromone: otome game

The otome-type simulation entry games mostly share the same gameplay. But each game has its own interesting experience thanks to their unique storyline. Coming to the game Love Pheromone this time, you continue to discover an extremely engaging and fascinating story.

This is a game of the publisher, a fairly famous game company today. They have released many other otome games such as: Dangerous Fellows, Killing Kiss, Blood Kiss or Havenless… This publisher mainly released the visual novel simulation game genre. And the products they release are all collaborated with many other developers. They don’t directly develop those games.

What is pheromones?

Do you wonder what the word Pheromone in the game name means? Pheromone is a chemical element secreted to alter behavior, triggering a social response in animals of the same species. And humans also have this substance. This type of chemical has the ability to act like a hormone outside the body of an individual, to influence the behavior of the receiving individual. In the game Love Pheromone, this chemical is understood as a substance that can help the main character of the game stimulate and attract the emotions of the character of the opposite sex.


In the game Love Pheromone, you play the role of a girl, the main character of the game. She is the one who possesses the special Pheromone. This chemical can release a scent that fascinates any man. But because of that, she encountered many troubles in her life. She will have it all, or lose it all for her own Pheromone.

The story begins when you become the queen of a kingdom, before that you were just a daughter of an ordinary nobleman. In that kingdom, the scent on the body is what determines one’s rank. With the strange power of Pheromone, you have attracted four guys. They both love you and you’re in trouble with many people at the same time. Can you find the true love of your life through this kind of love power? Play the game your way to a happy ending to this novel.

Discover the story your way

Like other visual novel games of the same genre, coming to Love Pheromone, you will be free to explore the story in your own way. You gradually discover the plot through each episode, through the interaction with the characters in the game. Through conversations, you can better understand the plot and set goals for yourself in this game.

The interactions between you and the characters in will have many problems to solve. Your task is to make choices and decisions for those situations. Every decision you make directly affects the ending of the story. Each choice, the story content will change according to each choice. Therefore, the ending of the game is very mysterious, you can’t predict it. And the decision is entirely up to you. Analyze the available options, so that the story plays out according to your expectations.

Create the ending you want

Like I said, this game gives you the freedom to choose and decide for every situation. Therefore, you can create many different endings through making decisions that affect the situation. If you want to have a beautiful ending like in a romance movie, you have to be careful in making those decisions. If you don’t like a happy ending, you can also create a dramatic story with a sad ending. After completing the game, you can still start over, choosing new directions to create a different ending to the story you wrote.

Illustrating images

The images in the game are designed quite eye-catching in the familiar Anime style. Most games of the visual novel genre have such visuals. The game mainly focuses on the plot, the images are only illustrative for the conversations. Therefore, the game just needs to create a beautiful character, which is enough to bring a great experience to the player. And the character system both main and secondary in Love Pheromone are extremely beautiful and charming.

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Love Pheromone is really a fascinating novel with a unique plot. If you like otome-style interactive simulation games, this game certainly won’t disappoint you. And you can download it now to experience!

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