Heroes Infinity Premium v1.37.30 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 08/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.37.30
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Heroes Infinity Premium is an action role-playing game with extremely attractive tactical elements, loved by many players.

About Heroes Infinity Premium

Perhaps the name Heroes Infinity is already known to many people. It is a pretty famous role-playing game from the developer DIVMOB. The first original was released many years ago. Some time later, Heroes Infinity Premium version was released.

Accordingly, Heroes Infinity Premium is a more advanced version with more unique features than the original. Of course, it’s listed for sale for a fee, not free like the original. It is sold for extremely cheap on Google Play, less than $ 0.5. This is really an extremely cheap price for such an attractive game. You only have to exchange one gum, to be able to play a multiplayer strategy game.

Character system and upgrades

Coming to the game, you can freely choose for yourself the characters to put in the match. The special thing in this part is the diversity of the character system. The game draws inspiration from many different stories to build a unique character system. You can meet soccer players, vampires, characters from LOL,… You can even see characters from China’s Three Kingdoms period.

Accordingly, each character has a unique fighting ability. Each hero has different weapons and fighting styles. Depending on the situation of the match or the enemy’s army, you choose the character accordingly. In addition, you also have to upgrade the strength of those characters.

Diverse game modes

Heroes Infinity Premium is a strategy game that combines many other elements such as role-playing, adventure. Therefore, the game gives you a lot of different game modes. Here are the main game modes that are most interested by players:

  • Adventure Mode: You are given quests to complete, upon completion will receive rewards and experience for the character;
  • Skyscraper: Conquer game levels with increasing difficulty;
  • Star Gates: Unlock new heroes by collecting shards and putting them together;
  • Training Field: Continuously upgrade your skills through battles with other heroes;
  • Boss Party: Conquer powerful BOSS, you will receive high value rewards;
  • Super Boss: With your teammates, defeat the biggest BOSS;
  • Online PvP mode: Here, you can compete with other players around the world.

With a variety of game modes, you can enjoy the experience without getting bored. You can change your favorite game mode whenever you want.

Forming a guild

Coming to the game, you not only have to play alone, but you can also make friends with many other players. Let’s form a guild together to work together. The members of the guild can exchange, buy and sell items with each other. Or join together in 5vs5 PvP mode, or conquer Boss battles. The player with the best performance will enter the leaderboard. Can you top the list?

2D graphics

In terms of graphics, the Heroes Infinity Premium version has not changed much compared to the free version. It is still equipped with impressive quality 2D graphics. At first glance, you will probably mistakenly think this is a beautiful 3D game. Accordingly, the image in the game is designed in a cartoon style. The shaping for the character system is also quite beautiful. Although the characters in the game are displayed small, they are still very detailed.

The most prominent part of the graphics and images is the effect. The skill effects of the characters in the game are designed to be extremely magical. Those skills are combined between light effects and sound effects, to bring the most vivid experience to players.

MOD APK version of Heroes Infinity Premium

MOD features

  • Paid: The official version of the game is sold at a pretty cheap price. However, many users do not have payment conditions, for example, do not have an international payment account, so they cannot buy games through Google Play. That’s why we bring you Heroes Infinity Premium MOD APK version. Not only is this version paid, but it also adds new interesting features.
  • Unlimited Money: The currency will not be reduced when you spend. Thanks to that, the money you save more and more, never ending.

Download Heroes Infinity Premium MOD APK latest for Android

Heroes Infinity Premium isn’t a new game, but it’s still worth checking out if you’ve never played it. Because today this game is still being loved by many players, even though it has been released for 2 years. Download Heroes Infinity Premium MOD APK now and experience it, it certainly won’t let you down!

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