Octopus v6.1.6 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 07/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.1.6
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Octopus Gaming Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Make your phone even better with Octopus MOD APK! Connect your phone to a keyboard and mouse to speed up your work. If you are a person who often works on the phone, Octopus will be a great support tool.

Introduce about Octopus

A mobile phone is a smart, convenient mobile device. Nowadays, it seems that everyone has one for work, study and entertainment. In particular, a lot of users work full-time on their phones. However, this device does not have a high usage speed like a computer. Many people have difficulty typing text on the phone because the keyboard is too small and also does not have a good speed. Therefore, Octopus MOD APK was born to solve this problem.

Octopus is an application product of the developer of the same name. This is an application that connects peripheral devices such as controllers, keyboards and mice to the phone. Its usage is extremely simple, connecting quickly with just one touch. Supporting most phones today, Octopus is for any user. The application does not need root for smooth use, this is great news! Besides, you should also refer to the article below to know more details about this great application.

Octopus 444x740
Connect peripherals depending on your usage

Support most applications

Obviously, compatibility is an important thing that users care about in an intermediate application. They want to know if it supports multiple apps or games. In this respect, you can rest assured about Octopus. It supports almost all, including preset key profiles. More than 30 preset key sets for various game genres, you won’t waste time setting up. Just choose a suitable profile and start experiencing the game or application you love.

What about peripherals? Octopus supports controller, keyboard and mouse. Some prominent brands such as Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech … are chosen by many users today. These peripherals are durable, easy to use, and reasonably priced. Therefore, Octopus prioritizes compatibility with them to reach more users. Other brands’ devices may also be compatible, you can try it directly on the app.

Highly customizable

Besides using the preset key profiles, you can also create your own. Octopus allows you to create your own Key Mapping to suit your usage style. Otherwise, you can also edit directly on the existing profiles. After editing, you just need to save as another profile and give it a name. Especially games like PUBG, a lot of players have weird control settings that they create themselves. So this is a pretty essential feature.

Game Recorder

Usually, you will use a third-party software to record your gaming time. Then edit and crop and share it on your social media. But with Octopus, you don’t need to download and install third-party software anymore. This application has a built-in game recorder in the system. With just one tap, you can start recording your gaming screen. Furthermore, third-party software will limit the recording time, usually to 10 minutes, unless you pay for longer. When you record your screen with Octopus, you get unlimited recording time. Then you can use PowerDirector to edit your video more attractive.

Octopus MOD 444x740
Add any game, any application

Clean up RAM

Clearing RAM every time it is used is essential to make the phone smoother. There are many ways to clean RAM, for example using a cleaner on your computer or downloading another software. You can now clean directly on the Octopus app. It will access RAM memory and clean all unnecessary junk applications. From there, the memory will be cleaned and make your device smoother. This job is done with just one touch, very simple and easy. Therefore, you should regularly clean up to keep your phone running at maximum performance.

Fake GPS

Some apps or games require the user to provide your current location in order to fulfill some of your needs. This is a rather risky job when many publishers will take advantage of it to advertise or send hackers. Not sure if it will harm you, but it is quite annoying nonetheless. Therefore, Octopus has integrated the feature of creating fake GPS. You can optionally create any slot and make it available to the game or application that requires it. As a result, you will be completely free of risks or inconveniences.

Request access

Because of Octopus’s unique mechanism of action, this app requests the same permissions as the games you play. To cover all games, Octopus needs multiple permissions to function properly. For example, cleaning RAM, connecting peripherals… required to be authorized. Many users are also worried for fear of affecting confidential information or controlled phones. But rest assured, Octopus certainly does not abuse these permissions!

Octopus Pro 444x740
Customize your own key configuration

Octopus Pro

Octopus Pro is a paid feature of the Octopus app. You can use this app for free, but Pro features are not included. If you are an advanced user, you should subscribe to Pro to get the most out of all its exciting features. The special benefits that Pro brings will surely make you satisfied. Currently, you can choose to subscribe to Octopus Basic or Octopus Pro. You can also sign up for a trial of Basic before upgrading it to a Pro plan so you don’t waste money if you don’t feel the need to sign up for Pro.

What’s in the latest version of Octopus?

In the previous update, the publisher received a lot of feedback from users about some bugs. Immediately, a new update was rolled out and it fixed it completely. Specifically:

  • Support Android 11
  • Fix some issues on Mi Poco F1
  • Fix crash issues
  • Optimize Google Play login

MOD APK version of Octopus

MOD feature

  • Pro Unlocked


Why are all key configuration settings in Octopus cleared every time I log in?

The new saving of key configurations in Octopus can only be saved when you sign up for Pro. When using it for free, it will be refreshed every time you log out of the app. It’s like you play the game in guest mode, it won’t be saved permanently like in the account registration form.

I get thrown out every time I start the game on Octopus, why is that?

First, it may be because your phone configuration is not compatible enough with the application. Compare your phone with the required configuration of the app on the Google Play store. Besides, the game crashing may be because the game has not been integrated. Octopus supports most games, but not all.

What is the subscription price of Octopus Basic and Octopus Pro?

Prices may vary by region. So, to know the exact price, you can look directly in the app.

Download Octopus MOD APK for Android

Overall, Octopus MOD APK is the perfect app to make your phone smarter in gaming. Especially shooting action games when it needs flexibility in manipulation. Octopus is chosen by many for its good compatibility with most apps and games. Besides, it is also integrated with many RAM cleaning and memory cleaning features to make your phone smoother. Too many great features in one app. Now you can download Octopus right now and experience it for free!

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