PicsArt v24.8.4 Mod APK (Gold Unlocked)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:24.8.4
MOD Info:Gold Unlocked
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Nowadays, users increasingly prefer photo editing tools on mobile phones. Because those applications can be used anywhere, anytime you want. And more importantly, photo editing tools on mobile are increasingly thriving. One of the most popular tools is PicsArt.

Itroduce about PicsArt

PicsArt is a mobile application developed by the world’s leading photo editing professionals. It gives you unique editing features, no less than professional tools on your computer. Therefore, PicsArt has been rated as the best photo editing application for Android. And it has received over 500 million downloads from Google Play. Along with that is tens of millions of positive raiting from users.

The first time you open PicsArt, you are impressed with it. Because PicsArt interface is designed quite eye-catching and friendly. It also provides users with a collection of beautiful images shared by other users on the PicsArt system. However, if you want to download, you need to register yourself an account on PicsArt. And below, we present to you the most outstanding features of this application.

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Create a collage

Collage is a basic feature of every photo editing tool. Even the default photo editors of phone companies allow this. But the ways of stitching pictures in PicsArt are more unique than you know. You can select multiple photos to make a collage. With a variety of aspect ratios and aspect ratios, you can unleash your creativity. There are lots of collage frames available for you to choose from. Or you can add borders to those collages.

Edit photos and videos

Basic parameters like brightness, contrast, exposure, warmth, saturation can all be edited by PicsArt. Another special feature is that it also supports the user to separate the background, delete excess details on the image easily. This is a professional feature you often use in Photoshop. But now, you can do it right from your mobile phone. In addition, it also provides facial beautification features for you to selfie.

You may wonder how effective it is to delete objects on a photo of PicsArt. Since this is a difficult feature to implement on a phone, experts often use it with Adobe Photoshop. But in fact, the results that this application brings is beyond our expectations. For small details, PicsArt can be easily removed authentically. No one will ever find out that a photo has been edited. However, depending on the difficulty, the application requires the user’s object removal technique.

You can even edit your videos with this app. However, this feature is only available in the paid version of PicsArt Gold. It only has quite basic features, not as diverse as other video editing applications. You can refer to a few outstanding video editing applications such as KineMaster Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush.

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Video editor

With video editing feature, you can create even more unique videos:

  • Edit videos or make them from scratch using outstanding video maker with music.
  • Bring your exciting stories to life and create exciting TikTok videos & Reels.
  • Add music to your videos using our extensive library of popular songs.
  • Crop video clips or use square fit to add backgrounds then post on your IG for “likes.”
  • Use Glitch video effects. Instantly change it up by adding trendy video filters.
  • Trim videos or use smart video merger to merge videos together.
  • Play around with the awesome slideshow maker with music.
  • Add your best moments to a video collage & use different ratios.

Free Sticker Creation

Stickers will make your photos fun. With PicsArt, you can also create your own Sticker. Make your own cute clipart and use the cutout tool to create fun stickers. With just a few simple steps, you can create a series of cute and unique Stickers. You can also share them with your friends for them to use your Sticker.


The replay feature allows you to recreate hot edits in just a few steps. Halve your editing time with simple and customizable steps. You can also edit multiple photos with the same style. Keep your Instagram up to date and consistent by creating your own presets.

Template editor

Customizable template

You will be pleased to work with PicsArt’s designs as they are easy to navigate and fully customizable to your aesthetic. If any part of the template is not right for you, all you have to do is edit it with new design details until it matches the look and theme of your event. You can layer on new photos, stickers, shapes, overlays, and text to personalize it just the way you want.

All free

A completely free design template! With PicsArt’s beautiful templates, you don’t have to pay a penny to get the invitation, collage, flyer, or business brochure you desire. No matter what style you go for special event or big announcement, all the beautiful little details are sure to impress your guests and guests.

Professionally designed samples

PicsArt boasts a talented team of designers who regularly update templates for the important events of your life and business. They make sure to consider every tool and design detail when creating perfect templates for weddings, celebrations, birthdays, bridal showers, baby baths, business events, and more. Whether you need invitations, cards, flyers, business brochures or collages, PicsArt has you covered.

Add stickers and create labels

To make the picture more lively and fun, you can add stickers. PicsArt brings thousands of stickers on many different topics to choose from. Based on the subject of the photo, the style of the photo you give it the appropriate labels.

Not only that, you can also create your own labels. This is a premium feature that is only available in this app. As a result, you will be free to create exclusive labels that do not overlap with anyone.

Create unique effects

With PicsArt, you can add unique effects to both pictures and videos. Pictures and videos will become more vivid and magical thanks to the effects you add. Or it will make images, videos more relevant to their subject matter. There are many unique effects for you to choose from. Among the highlights are the illusion effect, the Sketch effect, the scatter effect, … This is also the most used feature along with PicsArt’s object removal feature. Each photo after adding PicsArt effect will become much more vivid than the original image. More importantly, it will not degrade the image after adding effects or filters to the image.

Make up

Edit your selfies with PicsArt’s advanced beautification tools. This app’s special technology detects your facial features at a glance. So you can easily find your way around the image editor. Enhance your beauty, show off your best features, try out new hair colors and turn your face into a painting!

Share photo

This app always prioritizes user experience and connects users with each other. Therefore, it adds the unique Remix Chat feature. This is a group chat with up to 50 people. Here, you can send your photos to other users, they will edit, add filters, … And vice versa, you can also admire the works of your friends in the group. After each creation of your artwork, you can share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …

Painting by tool

Drawing mode on PicsArt allows you to draw without pen and. You just need to press Start drawing and next select the size for the drawing and background. You can choose from a variety of brushstrokes and colors to match the image theme.

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MOD APK version of PicsArt Gold

MOD feature

Picsart Gold is an upgraded version of this photo editing application. By paying for activation, you get access to Premium features, experience the app without ads and some other perks. Here are the premium features of this version:

  • Exclusive filters: More than 40 exclusive filters for your choice
  • Over 3k Premium content: More than 3,000 unique stickers, frames, wallpapers not included in the originals
  • Video editing: Video editing with advanced features
  • Exclusive filters and fonts: Fonts and special filters
  • No ads: You will have the best experience, no annoying ads

However, we have brought you a PicsArt MOD APK version. This version has unlocked all the unique features of PicsArt Gold. And the important thing is that it is completely free. You just need to install the APK file to experience it. Note: you need to uninstall the original from Google Play to be able to install the APK file.

What new in the latest version?

After each version update, PicsArt adds new features for users to experience. At the same time, the developer also optimizes the performance of some features in the application. In addition, the minor bugs that you encounter in the old version have also been fixed. Don’t forget to visit REDMOD regularly to download the latest PicsArt MOD APK version!


Why am I deducted money even though I haven’t registered for Picsart Gold?

Chances are you’ve used the free 3-day version of PicsArt. Only if you do not cancel your PicsArt Gold Subscription during that time, the system will automatically charge you, activating the subscription that gives you access to the premium content of the app. Therefore, you need to cancel within 24 hours before the trial expires so that the system does not automatically renew.

Is Picsart safe?

I think Picsart is an easy-to-use application. We have experienced it ourselves for a while and have not seen anything unusual and malicious in this application. Your photos and videos will not be saved in the publisher’s system. Therefore, you do not need to worry about product theft or any other reason affecting you. Safe application to use!

Can I get a refund from Picsart?

PicsArt cannot refund purchases made through Google Play. If you signed up for PicsArt Gold through the publisher’s website, please note that you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you choose to cancel, according to the Terms of Use, they cannot refund a payment once it has been processed. Therefore, you need to consider signing before signing up to use this application.

Reviews from users

Here are some of the user reviews on Google Play. There will be different streams of opinions, depending on their experience. You can consult and consider before using this app.

“Extremely useful! Many times I do not need to cut some Kpop idol photos, just find it will have a sticker. Save more time for me. This app is very good, if anyone says this app is bad it is because you do not fully understand the features or use it incorrectly. “

“I used PicsArt before. It felt good in the past, the picture was very nice but now when I use it again, I used to have a bad taste in the past :)) or it’s because the app is updated and it doesn’t match The above is my personal opinion, but others I don’t know. I hope the app owner fixes the error soon, and I hope someday I accidentally download the app again, I will rate 5 stars for the app “

“I’ve been using this app for almost 2 years now. I love it! It’s amazing now that I have become a professional photo collage maker on FB and everyone has to ask me to thank the producer. So so I will give 5 stars to this application. “

“I hope the developers can add pointer features to make image editing easier and I hope to have an auto blend layer feature like the photoshop version on your computer. Thank you very much a lot of.”

Download PicsArt MOD APK for Android

Overall, PicsArt is a professional and versatile photo editing tool. It brings the same features as professional tools like Photoshop or Lightroom. However, to get the best photos, you should edit on devices with large screens. As such, you can edit the image as accurately as possible. Right now, you can download PicsArt MOD APK to start editing images like a pro.

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