Polarr v6.9.1 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:6.9.1
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Not every photo editing app is perfect! Therefore, users are always confused between many top editing applications. Polarr doesn’t claim to be perfect, but it’s certainly the best in this area. Can it meet your needs? Follow our article below!

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Introduce about Polarr

As an art lover, especially photography, you will surely never stop looking for the perfect editing application. Currently, there are many popular applications with powerful, professional features. We will introduce you to one of them, this application is called Polarr. It is extremely easy to use and very suitable for beginners. Use Polarr to create your own aesthetic value!

Polarr Photo Editor MOD 444x789

Easy to get acquainted

If you have never used an editing application before then do not worry. For the first time using Polarr, the system will guide and introduce all the features in the application. For each feature, there are detailed instructions for you to better understand their use and usage.

Powerful features

Filters and overlays

Polarr offers you a myriad of filters with different styles. You can freely choose a filter that matches the color of your photo. In addition, you can also create your own personalized filters. There are many types of layers for you to choose from: fading color, two-tone color, font, custom overlays …

Eye-catching effects

The photos will be more vivid with the effects that Polarr also gives you. Designed by a professional team, effects are created with a variety of unique colors and motion patterns. There are a variety of effects for you to choose from to create a perfect photo.

Polarr Photo Editor MOD APK 444x789

Editing tools

Basic editing tools like cut, merge, insert, rotate … are available in Polarr. Especially, if you are a selfie lover, then you will definitely love this application. Polarr can help you smooth skin, tighten skin, clear acne, correct face shape. Details such as eyes, nose, lips, and chin are all easy to fold or lift, making your face brighter and clearer. In addition, with global controls, the entire photo is easily editable from light, color, HSL, tone, curve, vignette …

Save photo

Image export is also a very important step in the process of finishing the image. Polarr supports you to export files in all of today’s popular formats. You can also set the image quality under 3 settings to be high, medium, and low to suit your device. In particular, Polarr also supports you to convert from JPG or PNG to WEBP format.

QR codes and short codes

You can share photos with friends by creating QR codes or shortcodes. With each picture, you can extract different codes. Then, send the code to your friends so they can scan your work. This saves time and is much more convenient than conventional sharing methods.

Polarr Photo Editor APK 444x789

Application interface

Polarr is a product that anyone can use! Indeed! Its interface is optimally designed, simple and very smart. Features are tucked away below the image for easy selection. Moreover, each feature that you access for the first time, it will show detailed usage. Accompanied by specific description images, you will clearly understand what the feature is and how to use it.

This app is so smart that it can suggest you the right features for the photo. When you’re almost done, it will analyze itself and give you effects, decorations… that match the color and layout of the image. Many times you will have to exclaim because the suggestion is quite consistent with your wishes.

Polarr Pro

The free version of Polarr is already great, but for perfection and the most professional, give the Pro plan a try. With this subscription package, you will experience hundreds of additional filters, overlays, and effects exclusive to the free version. In addition, you are also provided with some other advanced features.

MOD APK version of Polarr

MOD feature

  • Pro Unlocked

You need to pay a monthly maintenance fee if you subscribe to Polarr’s Pro plan. However, with this MOD version of us, it’s all completely free. We have permanently unlocked the Pro package, without registration or renewal, you can still experience all of Polarr Pro’s premium features. You just need to download our free file, extract, install, and use it.

Reviews from users

From in-depth user reviews, you will realize the pros and cons of this application. Below are the reviews on Google Play about Polarr:

“I really like this app. It has a lot of features and easy to create filters if you know how to explore. I highly recommend it to everyone. But the only problem is whenever I I want to create a new account, it says that this google account has been created. I have also tried to think of many different accounts, it says the same.”

“This is the best editing app I’ve ever used! I’ve used a lot of different editing apps and none tops this one. It has pretty quality filters and effects. It’s beautiful. And what I really like about it is the image processing speed is very fast. It doesn’t have the lag like many other similar apps, very satisfied!”

“Polarr is a great app specially used for editors. Lots of different filters and you can create your own style too! The only problem is that I can’t seem to save my photos. as soon as i set a specific filter it automatically exits the app instead and saves a black photo in my gallery Polarr please fix this and find a solution Thanks !”

“Wow….. I mean I love this app, it helps me a lot! It helps me edit photos without colors to become more shimmery. In this app you can edit your photos, make them beautiful and beautiful, I love it so much! I also absolutely love the ease of use of the app as I’ve never used a photo editor before. Thanks to Polarr, I now spend hours editing.”

Download Polarr MOD APK for Android

Becoming a professional retoucher is easy when you work with Polarr. A series of interesting features that we have not covered are waiting for you to discover. Polarr is truly a top photo editing app. As an editor loved by many editors, we believe you will be satisfied from the first time you use it. Click on the link below so you can proceed with the download and installation.

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