Motionleap v1.4.0 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 09/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.4.0
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Motionleap is a professional photo editing app released by Lightricks. With the evolving social networking trend now, this is a really essential application for those who love art. So are the features of this application pleasing to all users? Please join us to find the answer in the article below.

Introduce about Motionleap

In the era of technological development, people also quickly catch up with the trend. So social networks also quickly reach users. And the need to use social networks more and more, we all want to have for ourselves beautiful pictures to show to our friends. Or it is also meaningful to save the best memories. So Lightricks Ltd released a photo editing software called Motionleap. This application is created with the desire to help you get the best photos.

You may not know, Motionleap is the new name of this application. It was formerly known as Pixaloop. And developer Lightricks is the unit behind popular apps like Lightleap, Videoleap, Facetune, Photoleap. These Lightricks apps were selected as one of the best Google Play Apps of 2019! Motionleap is part of this developer’s Art Creation Toolkit.

Many colorful animations

With just a few simple taps, you will bring rustic photos to life. With a collection of thousands of animated pictures, animated images, you can freely choose and stitch into your photos. Great if your travel photos add a touch of majestic mountains. Beaches photos combined with peaceful sunsets… You will create photos that you may not even believe you can do.

Creating animations is also easy. You can use arrow direction to create motion direction, edit speed. To control movement, you need to use anchors. Vivid effects are suggested for you to choose from, adding more life to the photo. If you are a newly installed user, you will be instructed in detail. The system will have detailed instructions for you through each basic step. By the time you learn all of Motionleap’s tools, you’ll master it.

Create 3D animation

Creating 3D animation is the main feature for you to create artistic animations. You can get creative with any image you want. From portrait photos to landscape paintings. Motionleap allows you to create and edit motion pictures with easy and powerful editing tools. Examples are background changer, 3D motion, overlays, effects and filters. The visual effects tools are based on artificial intelligence. This makes it possible to accurately and efficiently define the entire areas of the image.

From there, you can create masterpieces of art you’ve never been able to do. Artistic portraits with hair changes, water droplets, … Or pictures of mountains flashing with lights, waterfalls moving like real, … It all depends on creativity. your.

The image editor allows you to see the images you are editing, and previews can be turned on or off. You can try many different styles before choosing the best one that you like. Create classic artwork albums with this Motionleap app!

Creating animate images is simple, yet beautiful. With just touch, swipe, you can create attractive animations. Simple arrows let you adjust the direction of the animation. Anchor points help you show the movement of the image and keep parts of the animation in place. Additionally, the freeze brush fixes parts of the photo.

The bland sky image will be dramatically changed with Motionleap. With just a few taps, you have created a colorful sunset sky and animated clouds. You can also make them move like any other live wallpaper.

Photo animation on ANDROID

  • Animate photo elements: hair, waves, clouds & clothing
  • Animated video results with Motionleap’s high-end and easy animation tools
  • Create moving masterpieces that serve your social media presence, business, or personal brand
  • Get pro photo animation results with ease with this Android photo animation app!
  • Learn to animate in minutes with incredible design and animation photo software & technology

Basic effects

  • Animate: Make motion pictures
  • Loop: Change the motion loop type
  • Sky: Adds the effect of drifting clouds, sunrise or sunset
  • Camera FX: Effects of background images
  • Overlays: Add effects of fire, rain …

Make professional videos

The collection of animations, such beautiful animation. It is not difficult to integrate into a live video. Very suitable for creating interesting short videos. And if you combine the right music, you will have an extremely high quality video to live virtual with your friends.

Easy to use

Motionleap is a free app that’s incredibly easy to use. You can edit photos easily with simple and smart tools. The application is also designed with a smart and minimal interface for users to easily get used to. Just add photos from your device gallery, and you can start editing. You can also shoot directly from the app and edit it afterwards. Motionleap gives you all the eye-catching tools and effects. By doing analogy, you can also create professional looking videos.

Share social networks

After you’ve successfully created stunning 3D animations, you can share them. Motionleap has a built-in share button right after you finish editing. You have many options such as sharing via Messenger messages or social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, … Make sure that the animated photos you share will attract a lot of attention from your friends. They will be amazed by what you do. Don’t forget to introduce Motionleap to your friends, let them create art with you for a lifetime.

Latest update

In the new update, a few basic errors of Motionleap have been fixed. In addition, the developer has added an extremely unique feature. That is, you can add music to your stories. The short videos you create can add sound effects, or music, to come alive than ever.

General conclusion about Motionleap

  • Easily create animations
  • Featured with animated images
  • Effective video editing
  • The image quality is sharp
  • Diverse beautiful effects
  • User friendly interface, easy to use

Certainly that is not to say all the greatness of Motionleap. And to have a perfect look, there is nothing like you experiencing them to see the great.

Register for Motionleap Pro

While the free version isn’t bad, the Pro version will give you a more advanced experience. Its subscription cost isn’t cheap either. Here are 3 subscription packages:

  • 1-month package: You will have to spend $ 3.5 per month to own it. If you’ve never used Motionleap Pro before, this is the right choice for you.
  • 12-month package: If you subscribe to this package, you only lose $ 18 within 1 year. It’s actually a lot cheaper if you sign up for each month.
  • Lifetime package: Sign up for one time and use forever, the price of this plan is 55 $. This is the most economical option when you really love the app.

Note: After signing up, the app will automatically renew for 24 hours before it expires. Therefore, please be careful and promptly cancel if you stop using Motionleap Pro.

Should you use Motionleap Pro?

If you can’t afford the Pro version, you can use the free version. However, in our opinion the Pro version is more worthwhile. It will unlock more exclusive features and save high quality photos. In addition, you will be provided with more beautiful animation effects. Pro version will help you become more professional in the field of photo and video editing.

Pro APK version of Motionleap

MOD feature

Motionleap is available for free, but it also has a premium version. It’s Motionleap Pro, a version with a few more useful functions compared to the normal version. Another important feature is that ads won’t appear to disturb your editing either.

Surely you will feel annoyed when ads appear when you experience this application. But of course, that’s what any developer does. Because advertising is their main source of income. Or you can support the developer by purchasing the Pro package. However, many people fail to upgrade to the Pro plan for various reasons. Therefore, the Motionleap Pro APK was created. It is only for those who are in need. You should still spend money to buy the Pro package of the developer.


Can Motionleap be used on PC?

To use Motionleap on your PC, you need to install an Android emulator. Currently, there are a lot of good Android emulators that you can search for on Google. Then you can download Motionleap and use it like on your phone.

Is Motionleap safe?

It’s correct. Motionleap is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural Language Processing) analysis of more than 92,844 user reviews sourced from the Appstore and Google Play. Most users are very pleased with the safety of Motionleap.

How to save project in Motionleap?

To save your Project, tap the Share icon in the top right corner, choose Video and set Duration, and finally tap Export. If you’re on the free version of the app, be sure to use the free tools so you won’t be asked to make a purchase.

How can I cancel renewal of Motionleap Pro?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through the Subscriptions page in the Settings app.

Reviews from users

Here are the reviews from the users on Google Play. You can consult before deciding to use this application.

“Very ok! But in my opinion that the publisher should give free vip to those who do not have enough money or something, they will not have a better experience!”

“Very nice, nice app, only some of the effects are free, the rest have to pay for 4 stars”

“Very good app developer that gives more effects vs free more features is OK”

Download Motionleap Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

If you are a beauty lover, love art. Then definitely should not be overlooked such a great application. If every day you have beautiful pictures or videos to show off to your friends, then great isn’t it! Download and experience this art application at the link below. Note, you should choose high quality photos to create the best works!

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