Picture Mushroom v2.9.20 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.9.20
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Next Vision Limited
Publisher:Next Vision Limited
Package:Google Play Link

Picture Mushroom MOD APK is an application that helps users learn about mushrooms on Earth. Recognizing the types of mushrooms will help avoid toxic fungi that are harmful to the body.

Introducing Picture Mushroom

The application shows the information of any fungus. Just by taking a photo and uploading it, it is possible to know the type of mushroom encountered. With more than 1 million downloads, the app is already beneficial in recognizing the exact type of fungus.

Picture Mushroom is developed by Next Vision Limited. The publisher specializes in creating applications that recognize the surrounding world such as bird, fish, and insect recognition.

Quick and accurate identification

Just a clear photo, users can identify what kind of mushroom this is. For each type of mushroom the application will provide an ID for them. After the photo is taken and uploaded, the app will use a smart tool to find it. Then give the exact ID with which the mushroom was captured. Although there are hundreds of different types of mushrooms in the world, the application can still identify accurately.

The application will show the most accurate information about poisonous mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms are mushrooms that contain natural toxins, or mushrooms that grow in contaminated areas such as near chemical plants. Usually poisonous mushrooms are found mostly in the wild, such as in forests and fields. As for the cultivated mushrooms, which are guaranteed to be safe and strictly tested, they rarely cause poisoning.

Vast repository of information

The application can be considered an encyclopedia of mushrooms. All types of mushrooms in the world are recorded and full of information by the application. From edible mushrooms to extremely poisonous mushrooms, there is full data for users’ reference. The vast information store helps users to expand their knowledge and avoid the risk of encountering poisonous mushrooms.

Picture Mushroom provides information of each mushroom in detail. Users can know the scientific name of the fungus, the place where it occurs or the natural condition. Toxic mushrooms will be provided with signs and timely treatment.

It is possible to recognize signs of poisoning from fungi through obvious symptoms. Strong poisonous mushrooms can be detected in just 30 minutes. People who consume poisonous mushrooms will have signs of nausea, discomfort, vomiting blood, redness, cold, … Intoxicated people need to be treated promptly to avoid long-term consequences.

To give first aid to someone who has eaten poisonous mushrooms, it is necessary to induce vomiting for the patient. Or you can use activated charcoal with a dosage of 1g/kg body weight. Then quickly take the patient to the nearest medical facility to ensure medical conditions. In the case of comatose patients, convulsions need to be placed on their side to relieve symptoms.

Make an important note

The application will give some regular notes to users on how to avoid poisonous mushrooms. For example, it is not advisable to pick and consume wild mushrooms of unknown species. With mushrooms picked or bought, it is necessary to boil them in boiling water first to reduce and prevent toxicity. Especially should not drink alcohol with mushrooms because some mushrooms have biological components that react with toxic alcohol. Besides, alcohol also increases the toxicity in mushrooms many times.

Friendly community

Picture Mushroom owns a regularly active mushroom-loving community. Users can freely share with everyone about mushrooms with strange shapes. The application will divide into categories and types of mushrooms for users to easily access and discuss the right type. In addition, the application will introduce related mushroom relatives. Mushrooms are an easy food to eat, but not all mushrooms are safe and can be consumed.

Save detected position

The mushroom photo that the user takes will be saved by the system and marked on the map. Users can create a separate map of their mushroom collection. Saving the location makes it easy for users to find out where the mushroom was taken. With a few simple steps, it is possible to create a mushroom matrix on an area map. Thanks to that, you do not forget about poisonous mushrooms, or certain special mushrooms.

Friendly interface

Picture Mushroom provides users with an easy-to-see, creative interface. With smart design, the application has brought the best experience to users. New users will not have any difficulty in using it. The features of the app will be clearly displayed to help users easily manipulate.

MOD APK version of Picture Mushroom 

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Picture Mushroom is currently a tool to help find information about mushrooms trusted by hundreds of thousands of users. Installing this app effectively improves your knowledge of mushrooms. Download the Picture Mushroom app now to research and communicate about mushrooms today.

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