OsmAnd+ v4.7.9 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked/Optimized)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.7.9
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked/Optimized
Requires:Android 6.0+
Package:Google Play Link

OsmAnd+ MOD APK is a tool to support travel and local discovery experiences. The application helps users search and view maps easily and quickly, suitable for long trips.

Introducing OsmAnd+ – Maps & GPS Offline

OsmAnd+ is a free navigation app that any travel fan should have. App helps you find your way easily and quickly. Thanks to that, users will avoid falling into the case of getting lost at the tourist destination. With thousands of downloads, this is one of the hottest travel apps today.

Versatile universal map

Using this app users can track their way through simple directions. All data on the map is saved to your device and is always available for you to use. Users can look up the map while walking or use the voice guidance feature. Regardless of whether you go by bicycle or car or on foot, you can use it.

OsmAnd+ will also help users get where they want to go. For this application you can use even when online or offline. The application will help you no longer worry about getting lost. Help users quickly find their way to new locations. OsmAnd+ will be a great companion in your journey to conquer the roads.

Find location quickly without exiting the screen

OsmAnd+ is essentially an offline map. This application allows to create a simple mini map interface. Categories and toolbars are placed around screen boundaries. Users can quickly search for any location on the globe. Or switch to satellite mode without leaving the screen.

In addition, users can also use other functions such as GPS, navigation and compass. Even combining all these features in a single application works perfectly. The interface is customized by the user in various ways. You can change the color, modify the size,  color blind mode, and change the font.

Full-featured offline maps

Most other map apps need an internet connection to work. But not with OsmAnd+, users can use it at any time. This application automatically updates local map data for users. Moreover, the neighboring areas are also updated for users to easily find the address.

All map data in the world is always prioritized to be uploaded by the application. Users do not need to worry about the lack of location and terrain data. In addition, OsmAnd+’s address search engine works very intelligently. This feature is very convenient to help you  find any address quickly.

Simple operation system to use

With this application, users can interact with the application with many special gestures. For example, move your finger to change position. Pinch to zoom and rotate to change map orientation. Of course, the address and city map data is continuously displayed when dragging the map. That makes it easy for users to find the main address quickly.

Ứng dụng này dễ sử dụng, linh hoạt để người dùng luôn có trải nghiệm du lịch tốt nhất.

Record your trip

OsmAnd+ always saves your travel data anytime, anywhere. Users have an easier time keeping track of every other member of the group. You will be less likely to get lost in new environments such as cities, towns or jungles.

Especially where the user goes, it will track everything. Including the amount of time spent on each site.

Offline movement control

You’re running late for an appointment and you need to get to the venue as quickly as possible. You can use OsmAnd+’s offline navigation functionality. This is a function that helps users find the fastest route for the selected vehicle. You can use many different types of vehicles to move around.

Such as cars, motorcycles, public transport or other means of transportation. The application will consider the weather and external factors to predict the ride time. Find the most favorable distances to help users move faster.

In addition, it also supports voice user guidance. For the driver to be more convenient, the application has provided a smart guidance feature.

MOD APK version of OsmAnd+

MOD features

Pro Unlocked/Optimized

On the MOD APK version of OsmAnd+, you will enjoy superior features. The user experience is significantly improved. As a result, your trips are optimally supported.

  • Unlock paid/direct features
  • Disable/remove unwanted details
  • Optimize graphics data processing speed
  • Eliminate programming errors
  • Compatible with all Android programs
  • Support a variety of languages
  • CPU: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
  • Various screen sensitivities: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi
  • Improved features in the regular version

Download OsmAnd+ MOD APK latest version for Android

For self-sufficient travel enthusiasts, OsmAnd+ will be a reliable companion. With preeminent features, the application will help you navigate the way and explore tourist attractions. Surely, your travel experience will be much more enjoyable and safe.

Currently, users can download OsmAnd+ anywhere. But the best option for you is in this article of REDMOD. When downloaded, the application has 10 maps available for you to use right away. For convenience and security, you can download it right here. We hope the application will bring you the most complete travel experience.

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