Mine Rescue! v2.5.2 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 27/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.5.2
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 6.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Mine Rescue! brings a puzzle adventure game quite simple, but extremely interesting. Even this gameplay can be addictive for you.

Introduce about Mine Rescue!

Mine Rescue! released a few weeks ago. But only after that short time, the game has millions of players participating. This game is developed with everything simple, from content, gameplay to images that are not too picky. But it is this simplicity that makes for an enjoyable and entertaining experience.


Story content in the game Mine Rescue! built quite simply. A mining worker is trapped underground. While going to mine for valuable resources, he was trapped underground by obstacles and caves with no exit. He needs help to get out of there. You are the one assigned this task. Help the main character solve puzzles, find a way to rescue that worker.

Puzzle gameplay

Mine Rescue gameplay! It’s not too difficult to develop a puzzle style. Your task is to bring the main character out of the cave, overcome the pitfalls. But to complete the task, you must make use of your intelligent thinking ability. The obstacles and traps are arranged in a strange way, you need to find a way to move them to the right place. Thereby, you can easily get the character out of there.

And the gameplay is also extremely simple, idle. You just need to use your finger to swipe on the screen to move the character, move the objects and traps. At the same time, you create safe paths for characters to move more easily.

Conquer hundreds of levels

You will conquer the game through each different level. Currently, the game offers more than 400 different levels. With such a large number, it takes you a long time to complete all levels. In particular, the difficulty of the game will increase rapidly. Not only that, the developer also added many new levels in the upcoming updates.

Accordingly, each level has different challenges and pitfalls. No two levels are the same, so the puzzles in each level have its own difficulty level. Thanks to that, you never get bored when playing this game.

Completing the levels, you will receive valuable rewards. Those are items that support your growth. They can help you mine resources more easily and find many hidden treasures underground.

Customize your cave

In addition to the task of rescuing the main character, the game also has another interesting activity that is to build a cozy house in the cave. Our main character owns a small and safe cave. Here, you can collect items to complement and decorate it. You can turn a cave into a cozy home fully furnished.


In addition to the simple plot and gameplay, the image in the game is also designed to be equally simple. Mine Rescue! Developed with classic 2D graphics, medium quality. The environment in the game or even the characters are created extremely simply.

MOD APK version of Mine Rescue!

MOD features

Free Shopping

Installation Instructions

To install the game Mine Rescue! MOD APK, you need to make sure your device has permission to install apps from unknown sources. Normally, this request will appear when you install the APK file. If not, you can go to the permission level in the application settings, or security settings. And here are the simple steps for you to install this game:

  • As a first step, download the file Mine Rescue! MOD APK from the link below this article.
  • After downloading, open the APK file to proceed with the installation. If you cannot open the file directly from the browser, go to File manager to open the APK file.
  • The installation is complete, you just need to open the game and experience it!

Download Mine Rescue! MOD APK latest version for Android

With simple entertaining gameplay, you can experience Mine Rescue! anywhere, anytime. You can play while waiting for the bus, waiting for the train, when taking a break between working hours… Because the gameplay of the game does not require the player to complete in a certain time. You can play and stop anytime. With only 5 minutes, you can also relax with this game. And right here is the link to download the game Mine Rescue! Free MOD APK for you.

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