Parallel Space v4.0.9268 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 24/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.0.9268
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Publisher:LBE Tech
Package:Google Play Link

Your phone is basically not allowing you to log into two accounts with the same app. If you have this need, we will present you with an application that can help you do that. This app is called Parallel Space.

Introduce about Parallel Space

There are games or social networks that can only open one window, or only log one account on one device. But you have multiple accounts and want to interact with each other at the same time? Does your work require multiple accounts online? Don’t want to sign in multiple times but don’t have multiple mobile devices to log in at the same time? Let Parallel Space help you solve those problems.

This is an application that has the ability to clone the original application and run it independently in parallel. With the ability to duplicate dozens of different copies, the constant logout will not happen again. To better understand this application, please refer to the article below.

Sign in to multiple accounts

Sign in to multiple applications, game accounts, social networks or online services at the same time. Parallel Space currently supports most of the applications on the Play Store. This application creates convenience and solves problems at work. The duplicated copies will be in the factory reset state as when you first downloaded it. They are not related to the original application, so when logged in at the same time will not be pushed to connect with each other.

Parallel Space is also used on the MultiDroid platform, the first application virtualization tool on the Android operating system.

Hide important apps

Many times, you don’t want your coworkers to play your game or open your private apps. More importantly, when you let children use the phone, you are very worried that they will delete data in important apps. Therefore, you need a way to hide important applications. And the great feature of Parallel Space can help you. You can easily hide apps that need security, change the look, and icons of apps. You won’t have to worry about your precious information being seen by others.

Examples of your favorite games. When you’ve achieved high levels or significant achievements, and someone else plays it, your results will suffer. This really makes you feel uncomfortable. Or you download adult games, but don’t want to let kids know. Therefore, the application hiding feature of this application is extremely convenient. Apps that are hidden will not appear on the home screen. You must do your own thing to open the hidden app store.

Create a utility space

Another highlight is that you can create another utility space. With this space, you can freely create options and skins according to your preferences. In addition, it also integrates the theme store to help you create a diverse and stylish space. You can also easily switch between spaces with just one tap.

Important note

All application programs in Parallel Space must be licensed. Running with multiple copies also drains your phone’s memory, battery, and network data. You can check them out in the Strorage section of Parallel Space. If you sign in to your Parallel Space account on another device, a moderation code will be sent back to make sure there are no abnormal logins.

If you want the data in the Parallel Space application not to be lost, back it up. This application allows you to easily back up data to another platform. The recommended platform is Google Drive. This is also the leading data backup platform today, trusted by users all over the world. In case you change a new phone or use an additional one, you can use your saved data for the Parallel Space application.

Premium APK version of Parallel Space

Premium version

During use, it is inevitable that ads will be bothered. If you do not want the ad to appear, you need to register for the Premium package. Any annoying ads will be removed, helping you focus at work. In addition, the Premium version also upgraded some important features.

MOD feature

In this article, we would like to send you the Parallel Space Premium APK. This version has unlocked the Premium package of Parallel Space. You do not need to pay a single fee to maintain. Again, it’s free!

Installation Instructions

  • Download the Parallel Space Premium APK file below this article
  • Open the file manager in the device, find and open the APK file to proceed with the installation
  • After successful installation, open the app and grant some permissions as requested by the system.
  • Finally, just use this app!

Note: To make sure you don’t miss out on any new features of Parallel Space, you need to regularly update it. Because the APK version will not automatically update the new version like the original from Google Play. But don’t worry, our Parallel Space Premium APK version is regularly updated. So, you can quickly upgrade it after Google Play releases the latest version. Don’t forget to visit REDMOD every day to keep up with this app and other interesting apps!

Download Parallel Space Premium APK (MOD, Unlocked) for Android

The work efficiency will be higher when you choose for yourself useful tools in the process of working. Parallel Space will be a great companion to help solve your difficult problems. Experience Parallel Space with us in the link below.

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