Stickman of Wars v2.11.5 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Wood)

Last updated: 04/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.11.5
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Wood
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

If you are looking for a shooter game with entertaining gameplay, not too stressful, then Stickman of Wars is a great choice for you. Surely this game will make you satisfied.

Introducing Stickman of Wars

Stickman of Wars is an action game with a war theme. It was released by MULTICAST GAMES a few days ago. Join the game to enter the fun battle

Exciting, fun war

Usually, you know war games with intense gameplay and demanding thinking, such as Tank Warfare. What do you think if you enter an interesting and fun war, instead of fierce wars? Come to the game Stickman of Wars, you will be involved in an exciting war like never before!

Stickman of Wars battles are entertaining. The game has no main plot, players can freely develop and experience in their own style. With simple gameplay, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring and without drama. The game is designed with minimalist images, so that the game is not violent. Therefore, the battles in the game are still quite dramatic and attractive.

Collect resources, build bases

Stickman of Wars is developed as a survival game. You are taken to a desolate place to begin your journey to build the most powerful army, a solid defense base. Initially, your force is weak and poor, you should send your people to exploit different types of resources.

Once you have the resources, build the first military bases. Gradually, you collect more resources and money, you build more bases and upgrade them. You need to know how to properly spend on military development and upgrade weapon systems.

Weapon systems and upgrades

The weapon system in Stickman of Wars is quite diverse for you to choose from. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the match situation. To get more options, collect as many weapons as possible. For example pistols, AKs, UZI and other firearms. The more weapons you have, the more suitable options you will have when fighting. Each type of gun deals different damage.

Each weapon needs to be upgraded to become stronger, easily defeating enemies. Not only that, you can also merge the same items to create new, more advanced, more powerful weapons. The more modern weapons there are, the more likely it is to win matches.

Defeat all enemies

This game is not only your own, but also many other players. They also built their own bases and military forces. Depending on how to build and develop, your army can be strong or not. When the army is strong enough, you can take the army to fight. Defeat all enemies to collect more money and resources. After each won battle, your army will be upgraded much stronger.

Enemies can appear everywhere. They can build bases near where your army is located. Or the enemies in the Dungeon, you must bring troops to destroy them. If you win, you will receive a lot of weapons and money. Make your army an invincible army.

Animated 3D graphics

As mentioned, Stickman of Wars is just an entertaining war action game, so the game’s image is designed quite simply. It is still equipped with 3D graphics to give players the smoothest experience. But the visual design is not as realistic as other war action games. Instead, it is a pretty eye-catching cartoon-style graphic. The details in the game are only designed as models, but still create their own unique features.

MOD APK version of Stickman of Wars

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: Every time you spend, the amount of money you have will increase, never decrease.
  • Unlimited Wood: The amount of wood you have will increase each time you use them.

Download Stickman of Wars MOD APK latest for Android

Overall, Stickman of Wars is an action game that offers new and exciting gameplay. A gameplay that is highly entertaining, but equally dramatic and engaging. If you are bored with survival games or MOBA games, then Stickman of Wars will be a good choice for you! In addition, Theft City is also a game of the same genre that you can try to play.

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