Pocket Love v2.7 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 26/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.7
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 6.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Cohabitation – a common practice among dating couples. Have you ever been through such a time? If not, download Pocket Love MOD APK and get started with a new realistic simulation life. Go to the same house, experience a responsible life right now with that person!

Introduce game Pocket Love

Pocket Love MOD APK is a light and romantic simulation game. A joyful, bustling atmosphere always surrounds the life taking place in this game. For the first time, you will experience the most wonderful feeling in the world, which is living with the person you love. Find a job yourself, earn money to cover your life and design the interior of your home. A lot of other meaningful and highly realistic content has been applied in this great simulation game!

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DIY interior design and decoration for your lovely home

Move home with that person

When participating in the game, you will be given the right to choose your initial gender. Pocket Love wants to reach all players and get them acquainted with their place in the family. Then you will be paired with another adorable simulation friend. The two of you will share the same house, which is quite simple. There you can arrange everything yourself, decorate it in your own way. The house is too small at first, you can expand it when you have more money.

Your other half will be a perfect assistant in life. Everything is easier when you both work together. Later, you can welcome many other relatives to live together. Pocket Love will make all your realistic dreams come true. Do whatever you want to keep this small family life happy.

Interior design

Designing a luxurious interior space for the family by yourself, it’s great, isn’t it! Arrange the space, divide the house layout and decorate it. You can choose from a wide range of furniture, electrical appliances and decorations. In the store is already available all you need, just buy and organize it. If you don’t have a design idea, you can refer to some of the available arrangements. Then improve it and change some positions that you feel are not satisfactory. Work hard, you will have a lot of money to shop for your house!

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More fun through interesting four-legged friends


Our four adorable legs will cheer you up as we wag our tails to greet you. Take a dog or a cat home and take care of them. These furry friends keep you busy, but they make for indescribable fun. You want to watch them play, hug them or take them for a walk. Pocket Love helps you satisfy your passion for pets with lots of realistic and adorable content.

Other mini activities

Life is just working to earn money and staying at home is boring. Pocket Love understands that, it has added a lot of other entertainment activities. You can go shopping, go to the entertainment center or travel with your family… Go to the studios and take photo albums full of love of the two of you. If you are fond of video games, design a spectacular, beautiful gaming room. Come to this game, you will feel happy all day with thousands of interesting content. Have fun with prizes, participate in competitions organized by the city and bring home valuable prizes.

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Lots of extra entertainment to keep you entertained all day

Lovely graphics

We believe, you will always be happy looking at this game. Pocket Love is designed with bright, youthful and gentle 3D graphics. It brings the most comfortable and happiest feelings to every player. If you are a person who loves simplicity, this is the game for you. Ignore the stress in reality, come to Pocket Love to find the feeling of relaxation again.

The publisher uses the hand-drawn method to create chibi characters.. It is much softer and more soulful than the creation of technology. This game is also the perfect choice for those who love design and creativity. The familiar, close objects together create a life almost completely similar to reality.

MOD APK version of Pocket Love

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download Pocket Love MOD APK for Android

Pocket Love MOD APK is a fun, comfortable and extremely realistic game that you should experience. Not only is it entertaining, it also helps you learn some important skills in building happiness. Light, playful graphics make Pocket Love suitable for all ages. Are you ready to create your own happy family? Download the game and take action now!

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