MaterialPods v6.59 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 27/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.59
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Connect your Airpods to the MaterialPods app to be able to display its detailed parameters. It can be said that this is the best Airpods app we have ever experienced. And we believe you will feel the same way. Our MOD APK version will help you unlock the Pro version for free, consider using it!

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Introduce about MaterialPods

MaterialPods is a utility produced by an independent publisher – Pryshedko-Dev. It creates a more perfect combination between Airpods and phones. A new interface, more features, you will quickly fall in love with this application. Despite having many advantages, but MaterialPods are not immune to shortcomings. Now, let’s learn more about this application with us!

Smooth animation

Once connected, you can see the animation of the Airpods appear on the screen. It will rotate continuously creating an easy-to-see and eye-catching interface. Besides, you can adjust the dark or light theme. What matters is your preference, choose any theme that you find beautiful. While many people look to MaterialPods for its features, a nice interface still makes for a good first look.

Parameter display

Airpods are devices that need batteries, so you need to care about your battery capacity. However, you cannot observe it because it does not display the parameters. That’s why you need to download MaterialPods to your phone. Below its animation is the current battery capacity. Along with that are many other important parameters for you to easily grasp. These parameters you can also change in the settings menu.


Nearly all current Airpods can connect to MaterialPods. Including AirPods Gen 1, Gen 2, Pro, PowerBeats Pro… Even the latest Airpods models can connect. The publisher will continuously update to bring more compatible Aripods with the application. So, if your current Airpods are not connected, wait for the next update and try again.

How to connect?

Very simple, you can successfully connect in just a few steps. First, open the MaterialPods app and navigate to the Airpods option. In it is a list of all currently connectable models. Browse the list and find the name of the Airpods you are using. Then tap on it and wait for a few seconds. When you see the animation of the Airpods displayed on the screen, it is also a signal for a successful connection. Finally you can go into settings and change some options and you like.

Advantages and disadvantages


MaterialPods has a lot of advantages that you can mention. First, it makes for a nicer interface. Especially the animation displayed on the phone screen, very eye-catching and luxurious. You can also change the interface, light – dark theme. The second is that this application will display the battery capacity for you to actively charge when it is low. Usually every Airpods user uses it once and charges it once, because they don’t know the current battery capacity. But when you use this app, you can always have the information you need.


MaterialPods are produced by an independent publisher, so shortcomings are inevitable. First, we found the pop-up speed to be not fast. It takes a few seconds delay which can be a bit annoying. But we believe this issue will be resolved in the near future. The second disadvantage lies in the voice assistant feature that does not work smoothly. There are times when it even stops working, and when it stops, it also takes a few seconds. Those are the two downsides that we noticed when experiencing. How about you?

Application interface

MaterialPods will surely make you happy with its interface. We find this to be an interface designed to be quite simple in appearance. However, going into the details, it has many quality, beautiful and eye-catching animations. The features are clearly divided into categories, you can easily find them. All in all, MaterialPods has a minimalistic, smart and user-friendly interface.

MaterialPods Pro

The free version of MaterialPods still guarantees you a flawless experience. But for more advanced, you need a Pro subscription. You will get access to premium features in the app. To see those features, you can visit the app’s settings. Then select the icon in the lower left corner and select “features”, there will display all the premium features labeled Pro.

Subscription costs for the Pro version are also available in the app. Along with that are detailed instructions on how to register. Costs may vary depending on the area you live in. Unlike other apps, MaterialPods does not offer a 7-day trial package for you to experience for free. But its registration price is quite cheap, the lowest is only about 1USD.

Pro APK version of MaterialPods

MOD features

  • Unlocked: we have permanently unlocked the Pro features in this release. You can download and experience right away without registration.

Reviews from users

MaterialPods is the most popular Airpods app today, so it receives a lot of different reviews from users. If you still have doubts about this application, please refer to those reviews for the best overview.

“This app used to be the go-to app for my airpods. Battrey is always right, works well, fast and just in the background. But…. when I try to use it it often fails to work! Because so please help me cause i have tried other apps and all of them are not working.”

“I am having a good experience using your app, with my Airpod pro from apple. All features are working. I have galaxy s9plus, yes also works fine, thanks for the app. Ah yes, by the way I need downloadpro. Well, I’m back to give it another star because it’s well-deserved for you guys…”

“I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’m trying to get used to the features and use the features. A little glitch with the battery notification randomly showing up and the carrying case not showing up all the time. Will be it would be great to know if in transparent mode disable noise cancellation Thanks to the developer for trying to give Android users a seamless experience when connecting Airpod Pro Note: I am using Samsung A71.”

“Works perfectly with Apple airpods gen 1. Thank you, this is a great app.”

“The application is working perfectly. I had no problems using my Airpods Pro on my Samsung Note 10. Good job. It would be great if you could do the update who would provide the ability to upgrade the firmware (I know it’s hard to do that).”

Download MaterialPods Pro APK for Android

If you regularly use Airpods, then don’t miss this MaterialPods app! In addition to creating a beautiful interface and quality animation, it also displays specific parameters and many other settings. This MaterialPods Pro APK version has been fully modified and is the most complete version. It doesn’t cost you anything to access all its premium features. So great, what are you waiting for, download this app to your phone right now!

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