Leo the Truck 2 v1.0.49 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 02/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.49
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Project First LLC
Package:Google Play Link

Leo the Truck 2 is a new version of the game of the same name, published by Project First LLC. This new version has just been released at the end of February recently, being loved by many players.

Introducing the game Leo the Truck 2

The first version of Leo the Truck was released in early 2021. After a year of launch, this game received the love of many players. It is suitable for all ages, especially suitable for children. This game allows families to have fun with their children every day. Because the game is both entertainment, educational and discovery. This is a method of teaching for children that is trusted by many people.

After a while, version of Leo the Truck 2 came out with many new features for the kids to explore. Accordingly, Leo the Truck 2 is still developed educational gameplay, which combines adventure elements, with interesting puzzle levels. There are many new challenges waiting for the kids to discover in this game.

Inspired by cartoons

Perhaps you easily recognize the content of the game is inspired by the famous cartoon Leo the Truck. It is a brand of cartoons for children, popular all over the world. And the developer relies on that to create an interesting and rewarding educational game for them. And of course, the developer of the game has the official copyright from the owner of this animated brand. The kids will get to see their favorite cars again in this Leo the Truck 2 game.

Fun gameplay, suitable for children

Game Leo the Truck 2 was developed with quite a variety of educational gameplay, combining many different play styles. Be it adventure, model building, puzzle, learning… All in all, this is an extremely rewarding and good combination game for children’s development.

Coming to the game, the children will be able to choose for themselves their favorite cars. They are learned every detail and use of each car, assembled by themselves to form a complete car. After that, they can control their car and adventure on many beautiful roads. In each level, players will be given different tasks to complete. Each mission corresponds to a different vehicle that the children discover.

Sometimes, your kids are also trained thinking with interesting puzzles. Of course, those are just simple puzzles. They just put the messy pieces together to form a complete picture. By dragging and dropping the puzzle pieces into place, the picture of the game characters will be completed.

Diversified vehicle system

In the new version, you get to choose for your kids different types of vehicles. The game offers 42 different vehicles for children to learn and explore. Each mission will have different cars. Thereby, the children learn in detail about the names and effects of each vehicle. It can be from fire trucks, ambulances, submarines and police cars to monster trucks, racing cars, planes and seaplanes…

In addition, there are many different types of tracks for the kids to enjoy. summer, autumn, winter or water tracks,… The scenery in these places is extremely beautiful and attracts the attention of children.

Funny cartoon graphics

In the new version of Leo the Truck 2, the game is still developed with familiar 3D graphics. This graphics platform has been slightly improved to bring the best experience to players. The entire image is designed in a cartoon style, not much different from the original Leo the Truck version. Even with impressive graphics, the game experience is more interesting than watching cartoons. With this graphic style, the kids will surely enjoy playing the game.

Summary of main features

  • Great game for kids from 2 to 5 years old, adults of course;
  • Diverse gameplay, extremely interesting for children to explore;
  • Inspired by the famous cartoon of the same name;
  • Discover more than 40 different cars;
  • Many beautiful roads for the kids to enjoy driving;
  • Learn about the names and effects of many different types of means;
  • Developing children’s thinking and creativity;
  • Weather factors like real life;
  • Eye-catching, funny 3D cartoon graphics;
  • Useful, fun and safe for kids!

MOD APK version of Leo the Truck 2

MOD features

Unlocked: All paid game packages are unlocked for free!

Download Leo the Truck 2 MOD APK latest for Android

Overall, Leo the Truck 2 still has the familiar gameplay, but brings a lot of new challenges and features for the kids to explore. This game can both let them have fun and learn at the same time. This way of learning stimulates creativity and thinking for them. In particular, they will be more interested in learning combined with entertainment, instead of learning in the usual way. Therefore, Leo the Truck 2 will be a game not to be missed for your family.

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