Earth 3D MOD APK 8.1.0 (Unlocked)

Last updated: 03/08/2022 (1 week ago)

Latest Version:8.1.0
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.3+
Package:Google Play Link

Earth 3D MOD APK is an Earth simulation application, designed in digital form. They are exactly a miniature orb that can be rotated and moved anywhere. Paper map or cumbersome globe, now replaced by 3D Earth.

Introducing Earth 3D – World Atlas

Do you love to learn and explore the world around you but are bored with a map in your hand? Want to see the beautiful Earth and the asteroids in the galaxy? So, let Earth 3D help you do that.

The application brings a miniature world right on the familiar phone. No need to own a telescope, you can also admire many natural wonders.

Fresh, intuitive educational tools

With her high school years, Atlas is no longer a stranger to the masses. But how many people are interested in learning and using it as material. Earth 3D is classified as an educational application, suitable for all ages. Students can use it as a reference, changing the boring traditional way of studying geography.

2D, 3D maps make zooming in and out much smoother. Capital, city, population or coordinates are displayed sharpest and most accurate.

Allows saving and taking screenshots to share with everyone

The application allows users to take photos and save them without any problems. You can take screenshots of the information that you find useful or interesting. In addition, the app also provides the ability to capture and backup as images for users. You can share them with a group of friends or post them to a personal story.

Virtual but very realistic 3D earth

An electronic globe that is easy to zoom in and out would certainly be much more useful. The map provides basic data such as: country boundaries, Earth grid. If you want to learn more about any country, just click on that region.

A faster way is to go to the search box and type the name of the country you want to find out. Information will be displayed and updated regularly to bring the highest reliability.

Vivid and eye-catching interface

The special feature of the application is the friendly and extremely lively interface. The graphics are designed to be simple but extremely funny by a team of highly skilled technicians. Even adults when using it are also attracted, unable to take their eyes off the screen.

The mascots and territories of the countries are perfectly simulated. When using, users can think of the previous type of antiquities hunting game.

Not only beautiful 3D graphics, realistic images are also integrated very appropriately. Images that describe the displayed content will be highlighted at the location of each destination. This gives a real, intuitive and recognizable feel to the user.

Travel the world at home with Earth 3D

That’s right, you didn’t get it wrong. Holding the phone in hand, Earth 3D will bring you short trips. The latest version allows you to choose a variety of content related to culture, history, animals. Just click on the desired destination and press Start to start the trip. The image will pop up to help you see many points of interest in that area.

Experience different cultures

More than 2600 destinations will help you experience diverse cultures everywhere. Text with pictures helps explain and discover many new things that you never knew. You will hold more knowledge after going through the places mentioned above.

Dark or unmarked locations are undeclared areas. But the system will soon be updated and perfected in the near future. This helps you get a complete and perfect experience when visiting the app.

More than 500 wonders are waiting for you to discover

App divides developed and developing countries by different graphics. Looking at the map, you can clearly see how advanced or backward each country is. The life and activities of the people are also described in an interesting way.

More than 500 wonders of the world are built into the application. The space and texture of each wonder is displayed in subtle and inclusive three-dimensionality. In just a few short seconds, you have admired ancient Egypt or the distant Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Exploring the world has never been so easy when you use Earth 3D.

MOD APK version of Earth 3D

MOD feature


With this version, you can fully enjoy the utilities integrated on the application. Outstanding features such as: human world, sky map, animal and plant world,… You can explore the whole series without any restrictions. Download and extract the file to instantly install the MOD APK version of Earth 3D.

Download Earth 3D MOD APK latest version for Android

Earth 3D is a must-have for history and geography enthusiasts. Huge knowledge data will be opened when you know and use the application. Download the latest version now to fully enjoy the above features. Do not hesitate to recommend to your friends, if you feel the above application is really useful.

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