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If you are bored with the usual photo editing apps, give FaceApp a try. This application will entertain you with unique photo editing features. And certainly, these features are only available on FaceApp.

Introducing FaceApp

Referring to the face editing app, make sure you know FaceApp right away. This is an extremely popular photo editing application for over a year. It has attracted a large number of users since its release in mid-2019. After just over a month of launch, FaceApp has attracted tens of millions of users. Up to now, FaceApp has received over 200 million downloads from Google Play. Every time this app releases a new feature, the whole world has a new trend.

Change in age

Face-changing feature with age is the first feature that FaceApp has attracted users. The trend of changing faces from old to young and from old to old appeared more than a year ago. It was like a storm, causing people all over the world to get caught up in it. Anyone involved in this movement. You will easily see such images on every social network such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, …

But why is this trend so popular? That is the great editing ability of FaceApp. There have also been other applications that change the age of the face, but the results are not true, look quite artificial. But with FaceApp, the results are astonishing. Thanks to the great AI technology, FaceApp helps your face to become older or younger in a genuine way. If you have not seen the original image, surely no one will know that the photos are edited at all. So this application created a big storm last summer.

Change gender

As mentioned, FaceApp created a storm in July 2019 with the trend of changing faces with age. This year, this app has created another new storm, which is gender change. Throughout social media sites are full of images of gender change. You just need to take a picture of your face, the system will magically reverse your gender. Image after editing is not fake at all. You will still retain your facial expressions, but the gender has changed thanks to FaceApp’s intelligent AI.

For example, if you are a female, want to change to a male, the system will automatically remove your long hair and add beard, short hair, mustache, darker eyebrows, etc. You will get more long hair, smoother skin, ruddy lips, … In general, FaceApp’s intelligent editing technology is extremely impressive.

Therefore, FaceApp is increasingly used by many people. Users of this application are located all over the world. From ordinary people, to famous actors and athletes also participated in this movement.

Makeup filters

An interesting feature of Faceapp that is the makeup kit. If you haven’t put on makeup before, open this app up and start trying. It provides a full range of tools from lipstick, powder, foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow liner … You can preview which color tone suits your face. Or the way the eyebrows and eyelashes are beautiful or not? This is also your way to consult before buying any makeup tool. Choose the things that work for you, while saving you money. You will not have to buy things that are only used once or twice because it doesn’t feel right.

Video customization

Introduced as an image editing app, but FaceApp still has video editing features. The system offers built-in filters for you to change the style of your videos. The effects in those filters are only suitable for videos of your portrait. Also, this app doesn’t have any other cool video editing features. Anyway, the addition of the feature to add filters to the video is also loved by many users.

Share social networks

Immediately after you have successfully edited your photos, you can choose to share them with many different social networks. Be a pioneer with the latest features of FaceApp. Because every time this application adds a new feature, it attracts a large number of users. You can easily see the photos from FaceApp appearing throughout social networks.

Some other features

In addition to the two features that change age and gender, FaceApp has plenty of other face editing features. For example, you can change your style by choosing new hair, new hair color, … Another interesting editing is that you can edit photos of crying faces to laugh extremely. humor. If you want your face to be more masculine, you can opt for more impressive beards. In addition, you can also customize the background, change the color filter, blur the lens and many other tools …

Pro version of Faceapp

What’s in Pro version?

Our app is free but has an enhanced PRO version with special subscriber benefits.

Here’s what you get as a PRO subscriber:

  • No ads will bother you in our app.
  • Full size filter.
  • No watermark (or rather an option to enable and disable watermark).
  • Additional filters are only available in PRO version
  • Display filters (Hollywood, Hollywood 2, Hollywood 3, Wave, Wave 2).
  • Smile (Wide, Tight, Resentful).
  • Makeup (Makeup 3, Makeup 2, Makeup, Matte, Glossy, Dark, Bright, Dark Matte, Dark Glossy, Bright Matte, Bright Glossy).
  • Hair color (Brown, Red, Brown and Yellow).
  • Hairstyles (Long, bangs 2, Side swipe, Straight bangs, Wavy, Straight).
  • Glasses (Sunglasses).
  • Beards (Full beard, Goatee, Mustache, Grand goatee, Lion, Petite goatee).
  • Tattoo (Skiff, Triquetra, Diamond, Tear).
  • All filter updates are available to you as soon as they are released.

If you want to check, please go to menu of Settings app> PRO version. If you don’t have any active subscriptions, you’ll see our options in this menu.

Subscriptions to the Pro version

Although FaceApp allows users to experience for free, it will not have all the features. The important and exclusive features will be limited and you need to subscribe to the Pro plan to unlock them. Currently, FaceApp offers 3 subscription plans for users:

  • Monthly package: If you haven’t tried FaceApp before, this is the most affordable subscription plan. Immediately, you try to experience a month to get acquainted and experience this application. If you love it, move on to subscribing to a more permanent plan.
  • Annual package: A one-year subscription will save you a lot of costs. If you subscribe monthly, you will have to pay 12 months per year. However, you only need to spend the equivalent of 8-10 months to sign up for a one-year package.
  • Lifetime package: One-time subscription and forever-use, it’s the most economical one if you really like the app.

Subscriptions are automatically charged each billing period (whether monthly, annually, or otherwise), and you may be charged no more than 24 hours prior to the start of each billing period. To see the exact price of each package, you can see right away at the Pro version. Note that the currency will depend on your country.

MOD APK version of FaceApp

MOD feature

FaceApp can be used for free with the most basic features. However, this application still has some other advanced features and users need to pay for those features. You will have to spend about $ 4 for the FaceApp Pro package. But these features are far too few for nearly $ 4. So, we have brought you the free version of FaceApp Pro APK. You can easily download and install and use it.

Is FaceApp safe?

According to various sources, they believe that this FaceApp is not secure. Because when using FaceApp, the system will collect user’s personal data. They believe this app is not secure in terms of security and privacy. There are also many experts claim that the information that the system collects is absolutely protected. And the use of faces and personal information for bad things is nonexistent.

However, the truth no one knows. And there are many people who still deserve to use this app comfortably. We do not encourage you to download, or vice versa. You think and decide to download it.


How to restore purchases?

If your subscription is working but PRO version doesn’t seem to be available, do the following:
– Check if you’re signed in with the same Google Play account that was used to purchase the subscription.
– Clear cache FaceApp.
– Change your current internet connection (try Wi-Fi or other mobile network).
– Reinstall the app (remove it from your phone and then reinstall it from the Google Play Store).

Can I use Faceapp offline?

Unfortunately, using FaceApp offline is not possible in the current phase of technology development. You can use both WiFi and Mobile networks because image processing does not consume a lot of data. Sometimes network speed is essential, so a VPN should not be used. Due to the complexity of AI-powered image processing, all the photo edits you’re making on your device really need to be connected online. This will both make applying the filter faster while also keeping your device under high load.

How to delete edited photos like?

– You can find edited photos and save them in a folder called FaceApp and delete them there, or use the default gallery app. The deleted photo will also disappear from the app.
– If you can still see the deleted photos in the app, you need to clear cache or data to refresh FaceApp.


Reviews from famous newspaper sites

“But what really makes FaceApp unique is the way it works.” – Forbes

“It might feel like everyone you’ve met is using FaceApp.” – BBC

“Sharing pictures of your future wrinkled self is one of the biggest fevers of 2019.” – VOGUE

“Honestly, this will probably do for your whole day.” – Buzzfeed

Reviews from users

Below are the different streams of opinions from users on Google Play. Can you preview to decide whether to use Faceapp or not?

“Great application, but people hate to be blown away is to steal user information. I like it, I use it, now 10 apps are out of 7 or 8 that collect user information. One head contains full of fear there will be no room for dreams. “

“Very interested. Suggest to upgrade the application to pair the user’s face into superstars or actors in famous movies of the world (like ZAO application on China’s Wibo network). At that time I will buy and comment. choose 5 *. FaceApp can do it. “

Download FaceApp Pro APK for Android

Overall, FaceApp is really a great photo editing application with many unique features. Although there is information that this app is not secure, it is still in vogue worldwide. The mainstream trend of changing sex photos is popular on all social networks today, give it a try! Right below will be the download link for FaceApp Pro APK for you to choose to download.

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