AppBlock v6.10.3 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:6.10.3
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:MobileSoft s.r.o.
Package:Google Play Link

AppBlock is the most commonly used locking application today. Lock application has the effect of locking other applications to help you maximize your focus on work.

Introduce about AppBlock

AppBlock is a software that blocks annoying applications, blocks websites to help users not be disturbed while working. This application promises to bring the most impressive user experience. Let’s find out what makes this app unique right here

What is AppBlock?

Simply put, AppBlock application is software that helps users “Regain focus” from other applications. AppBlock will block distracting apps on your phone. You can set the mode to temporarily lock mobile applications for certain periods of time when you need to focus.

Why you should use AppBlock

Have you ever encountered a situation when you are at work that you are distracted by notifications, the ting ting of your phone. How much time a day do you spend surfing Facebook or reading online articles? Not to mention a series of other attractive applications that make it impossible for you to focus on work.

Life is colorful, no matter how determined you are, the reality will still be distracted by a certain factor. All these distractions have to be dealt with quickly so you can focus on what’s important. That’s why you should use the AppBlock app.

Great features and uses of AppBlock

AppBlock is simple application, easy to use. The software brings a sense of user-friendliness and understanding from the very first moment of use. Monochrome interface with easy-to-see background colors and fonts only. The operation and buttons of the adjustment feature are done 1-2 times and are completed. Even non-techies can easily use it.

When you want to block some apps in your device for the time you don’t want to be disturbed just save this Setting. The next time you have a similar need, just go to settings and select the available setup.

Benefits of using AppBlock

If you have small children, there will be times when they borrow your phone to use. What happens when customer messages pop up and they click? Or when they mistakenly call someone or place an order  without your knowledge. AppBlock will help you to block all working applications that children do not use.

The application helps you to have the most productive time. Use AppBlock to block distracting apps while you work. Surely your work performance will increase when not affected by external influences.

You can also take advantage of this app lock mode to make a timetable for the day. Set the lock mode at the same time so that the work of the day is not affected and goes on schedule.

AppBlock’s Terms of Use

AppBlock allows you to set passwords for apps on devices you use such as door locks. This password can be a number, a fingerprint or a gmail account that only you can access.

The app also provides a simulated random keyboard in case you use alphanumeric keys. Users can  use this fake keyboard to enter their password. With this unlocking method, even installing black software to peek at the password will not work. In particular, AppBlock also ensures safety in the time frames you install the lock.

Using AppBlock is extremely simple. After allowing the application to access the phone, a list of all other applications on the device will appear. Users only need to select the button to activate the drive animation with the application to be secured/blocked in this application. When you want to remove the lock, just turn off the option.

In addition to the application blocking feature, you can also set up to block email notifications, set up safe browsing mode to avoid risks while using your phone.

MOD APK version of AppBlock

The AppBlock application has 2 versions, a regular version and a paid Premium version. The regular version allows users to use AppBlock without paying any fees. In this version you can still use the app lock setting. However, the application will still have limitations because it is free. You can spend a fraction of the cost to use the Premium unlocked version to experience more great features.

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

The MOD feature will give you access to all the features of the paid version. This feature will help users experience every corner of the application. At the same time, the MOD also helps to remove all annoying ads during the operation of the application. Therefore, this version is quite trusted and used by many people.

Download AppBlock MOD APK latest version for Android

AppBlock is the most commonly used security, locking and blocking application today. The software takes up little space and has many useful features for users. It brings focus to work effectively and prevents risks during machine use. Download AppBlock now to experience these great things!

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