CkayTV APK v2.8.7 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 25/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.8.7
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

If you are looking for an entertainment TV application, then CkayTV is not a bad choice. It brings you unique, multi-content and completely free TV channels.

Introducing CkayTV application

CkayTV is an unofficial application, not released on Google Play or AppStore. But with outstanding features, it attracts a lot of users. Let’s find out what this application has to do with the introduction below of REDMOD. After that, you can choose the CkayTV APK version to download the experience.

Enjoy live TV channels

Many other TV applications for users to both watch live TV and watch available movies, such as JioTV or UK Turks. But in return, the TV channels of these applications are not diverse enough as a professional TV application. Coming to CkayTV, you can enjoy a true TV viewing application.

CkayTV brings you live TV channels with diverse content for you to choose from. These TV channels will show a variety of content, in different time frames. It can be news, entertainment, sports, cartoons for kids, movies, music, documentaries… You can easily find find your favorite live TV channel.

Multi-device experience

As an unofficial application, but CkayTV still works well on many different devices. You can easily choose for yourself the device that suits your conditions. For example a smartphone, Android TV, tablet, or computer… If you want to experience it on your computer, you need an Android emulator.

And of course, the most used device is probably the smartphone. Since you can watch TV anywhere you want, just be connected to the internet.

Completely free to use

Most of the mainstream TV apps these days are paid for. Because they buy the content rights of TV channels and owners. But not everyone has the conditions to be able to experience those paid applications. That’s why CkayTV is made for you. It lets you enjoy all the content completely for free. Immediately after installing the application, you just need to open it to view without registering an account or logging in.

Share content for other apps

An interesting feature of CkayTV is the channel sharing feature. If you love a certain channel, and want to watch it in another application, this application allows you to share in just a few touches. This is a unique feature that few TV apps have.

APK version of CkayTV

As mentioned, CkayTV cannot be found on the official app stores. Because the applications available on Google Play are mostly paid, they are copyrighted applications. And this app is a free application, so it cannot be available on the Google Play store.

You can only install CkayTV thanks to our APK version. Many users wonder if this application is dangerous, or contains malicious files for the device. The risk from APK applications is quite a lot, so every user needs to find a reputable download source. And of course, our CkayTV APK file has been thoroughly checked before bringing it to you. You can rest assured about this application. But you need to make sure you download the correct file from our website.

Download CkayTV APK latest 2022 for Android

In general, CkayTV brings multi-content TV channels to viewers. And it’s not much different from other TV viewing apps. The most important thing is that it’s just free to download, free to use for users. Right now, you can download CkayTV to enjoy attractive live TV channels.

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