Zombie Tsunami v4.5.133 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.5.133
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Package:Google Play Link

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK version will give you a lot of gold and diamonds. From there, you can unlock every zombie item and appearance in the store. Download now!

Introduce about Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is an endless run genre game. It is similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfers, both monuments in this genre. Set in the zombie apocalypse, this time you will play the villain. It is no longer human survival, but in this game you have to ensure the survival of zombies. Jump and jump, that’s what you have to do to conquer many achievements in this top addictive game.

Main gameplay

Zombie Tsunami has a very simple way to play, you only need to use one finger to control. The zombies will automatically run forward with increasing speed. Your task is to touch the screen so that they can jump up and dodge the traps. Talking a little bit about the goal, you have to keep at least one zombie alive. Otherwise, the turn will stop and you have to start over. As long as the zombies are still alive, you still have a chance to increase your score.

You will start with only one zombie and the movement speed is quite slow. On the run, you can completely collect many other zombies in many different ways. For example, biting people who appear on the road or knocking over vehicles. Cars need at least 4 zombies to be able to crash, while buses are 8, tanks are 12 and planes are 16. Each vehicle will give you a certain number of zombies.

In general, the main gameplay of Zombie Tsunami is just that. But really, it is extremely addictive for anyone who tries it. You will spend hours just touching the screen just to get the highest score possible. If you take this game out to compete with your friends, then I believe it will be the most comfortable entertainment moments of your day.

Some other features

Skill upgrade

On the run, you will occasionally encounter a white square box with a big question mark in the middle. That is the skill box that you need to get. You will get one of the special skills to gain an advantage in a short time. Transforming into a ninja allows you to jump high twice in a row. Transforms into a Tsunami that is capable of sweeping away anything that stands in your way. Besides, GiantZ, Dragon, Balloon, UFO… all have their own characteristics.

These skills are completely upgradeable to be stronger. For example, when you transform into a Ninja, if you haven’t upgraded, you can only jump twice in a row. But if upgraded, Ninja can cut everything, even planes. Therefore, this upgrade is also quite important because it makes your advantage even more pronounced.


In addition, you can raise some more pets when playing  Zombie Tsunami by buying eggs. They will help you earn more gold coins or pick up more people for you. They are divided into ranks from Normal to Legendary. Each pet is also different in appearance and features.


Don’t forget to check your mission before starting the run. Completing these tasks will help you store the solution for the test tube. When full, you will receive a large amount of money, even rare items. These missions are quite easy to do, usually involves destroying how many planes, cars or bombs… Each time there will be three missions and they are refreshed continuously so you will always have a duty to do.

Multiple running maps

Join the Zombie Tsunami, you will have the opportunity to travel around the world. The game will take you through each famous place such as the Pyramids, Los Angeles, famous places of Brazil or the majestic Paris tower… Each location has a distinctive image that is easily recognizable and recognized. very beautiful design. It will be one of the inspirations so you don’t get bored during your runs.

Graphics, sound

In general, Zombie Tsunami is described with two words “vibrant”. It is best shown through colorful images, passionate background music and quite lovely sounds created by dozens of zombies running around. Really, those are interesting and unique images built through the publisher’s great 3D graphics.

MOD APK version of Zombie Tsunami

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK latest version for Android

If you are looking for a quick game to entertain, then Zombie Tsunami is a great choice. You can open it up and play anytime, anywhere. It has more than 300 missions and unlimited achievements for you to conquer. Vivid graphics and sounds always make you feel comfortable. Zombie Tsunami is being loved by millions of people around the world. I believe that you will also be conquered by it through just one experience.

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