Wrestling Empire v1.4.6 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 22/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.6
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 7.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Wrestling Empire brings you to the world of wrestling, where the most attractive tournaments on the planet take place. You will have the opportunity to conquer the top tournaments, encounter athletes from all over the world.

Introduce about Wrestling Empire

This is a sports game, with the theme of wrestling. The game is developed by MDickie. This developer is quite famous for sports games. Featured with names like Wrestling Revolution 3D or Super City. Accordingly, this Wrestling Empire game is developed with wrestling gameplay with simulated 3D graphics. It gives you dramatic and vibrant experiences with top-notch wrestling scenes.

Create your wrestling star

Wrestling is for people with large and strong bodies. Create your wrestling star from any character. The game offers a fairly diverse character system for you to choose and develop. As long as you let your character practice and compete regularly, your skills will increase. That means the strength of the character is also getting better and better.

You can unlock new characters to conquer more advanced tournaments. Those will be taller characters, possessing superior strength. And of course, you have to spend money to unlock new characters. If not, you can still play the old character with smaller tournaments. Since your opponents later get stronger and stronger, it is quite important to upgrade or buy new characters.

In addition, you can choose to sponsor your star. They make you more famous and take you to international level, participating in higher level tournaments. However you will depend on them. Later, you have the opportunity to become a professional, so that you do not need support from investors.

Compete and conquer wrestling tournaments

After you have mastered skills and upgraded your star’s strength, you can take him to conquer the tournaments. There are many leagues waiting for you to discover and bring home the championship. The bigger the tournament structure, the more rewards. And of course, the bigger the prize, the more your opponents and the more powerful opponents you will meet. Beat them all to bring back the gold belt, earn tons of money from this sport.

Introduced as a wrestling game, the gameplay in the game is actually mixed martial arts combat. To be more precise, this is an MMA-style competition. The characters can use fighting moves with hands, feet, head, … or any part. You can even use all the items around the arena to make weapons. Including doors, sticks, microphones,…

Build your own universe

From a star you can upgrade to a pro membership. Thanks to that, you no longer have to depend on sponsors. You can summon many wrestling stars into your own universe. You as a manager, build an image and brand for your team. Collect the strongest stars to compete for your club, they will bring home the most prestigious prizes. And importantly, you will become a master of wrestling in wrestling.

Upgraded graphics

The gameplay of Wrestling Empire is developed similar to Wrestling Revolution, and the graphics are similar. But in this new version, the graphics have been upgraded compared to that old version. The image in the game has a higher resolution, the frame rate is smoother. That provides a better experience for players.

Tuy nhiên, chất lượng đồ họa của Wrestling Empire được nâng cấp, nhưng không có nghĩa là chất lượng cao. Đồ họa của game chỉ ở mức trung bình so với những game thể thao khác. Đặc biệt, phần thiết kế hình ảnh khá đơn giản, theo kiểu mô phỏng không mấy ấn tượng. Hệ thống nhân vật được tạo hình khá thô, giống như những phim hoạt hình. Vì thế, khi chơi game bạn sẽ không có một trải nghiệm chân thực.

MOD APK version of Wrestling Empire

MOD features

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Download Wrestling Empire MOD APK latest version for Android

If you like a violent sports game, then Wrestling Empire is a great choice for you. The gameplay of the game is quite attractive, and the graphics are not appreciated. But that is also an advantage. Because low-quality graphics will not require a high-configuration gaming device, and the size of the game is also lighter. And right here is the link to download the Wrestling Empire MOD APK game for you!

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