Fermata Auto APK v1.8.4 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 28/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.8.4
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Android AUTO
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

If you own Fermata Auto APK, you can play all audio formats and increase their quality. The application is simple to use, the interface is intuitive and smart. Lots of advanced playback customizations to make the user experience more perfect are available in this amazing app.

Introduce about Fermata Auto

Fermata Auto APK is a source code independent audio and video player with a simple interface. With the advancement of technology, users always want to enjoy breakthroughs in the audio field. Therefore, Fermata Auto is an essential platform to satisfy any need. It focuses on playing media files organized in folders and playlists. So how to use it? What specific features does it have? Now, let’s find out with us!

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Fermata Auto APK is a perfect audio player

Play audio files in the list

Currently, famous audio and music applications such as Spotify or Gaana are loved by many users. You can listen directly or download audio files or songs to listen to at any time. But what if your favorite audio videos aren’t in their collection? Then you need the help of Fermata Auto. You just need to download your favorite audio files and save them in a playlist. Then open the app and open the storage folder. All audio files in that list will be played or shuffled according to your customization one by one.

The path to the folder containing the audio file will be saved in the system. Therefore, every time you want to listen, there is no need to search the archive folder like before. Now, every time you have a new audio file, you can simply save it to that default folder for easy playback at any time.

Play support

Fermata Auto is one of the platform apps with many playback support features. Thanks to that, you will create many unique and interesting listening styles. Specifically :

  • Network folders: SFTP, SMB (CIFS), Google drive are supported
  • Supports CUE and M3U playlists
  • Support for M3U playlist URLs
  • Moreover…

You can experience many other features directly inside the application. Each feature has specific instructions on how to use it and notes.

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Connect with Youtube, Facebook so you can listen live

Sound effects

Modern music often intertwines a lot of different sound effects. In addition to creating variety, it also helps audio videos have an accent. These accents will stimulate the listener’s hearing and help them perceive the song better. Fermata Auto currently has three perfect sound effects: Equalizer, Bass Boost and Virtualizer. You can also configure sound effects for individual tracks and folders.

Android Auto support

Android Auto is an application that helps connect your phone to a large screen. For example, when you connect to the car monitor, the Android Auto app will show up immediately. You can tap to see driving directions or text messages with voice commands. You can also call your friends without manual operation. Android Auto helps you focus on driving, avoiding many risks. This is an important feature, Fermata Auto realizes that and has integrated it in the system.

Play timer

The audio files will automatically be played when the time is up to you. Play timer is also applied to individual tracks and folders. You can choose to play random or pre-specify certain audio files. But most importantly, you can schedule them to play when it’s time.

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How to install and use is extremely simple

Intuitive interface

Despite having a lot of advanced features, but Fermata Auto is extremely simple to use. Especially with an intuitive interface, this application is extremely user-friendly. Each customization is categorized so that you can easily see what they have in common and their uses. Thanks to that, you only need to familiarize yourself with a few basic features and you can seem to master all the content of Fermata Auto.

APK version of Fermata Auto

Fermata Auto APK is a 3rd party product, not of Google. Usually, their products usually exist as APK files. You just need to download this file and install it to start the experience. As for how to update, you just need to download the latest APK file and install it as usual.

Download Fermata Auto APK for Android

In conclusion, Fermata Auto APK is an important application for entertaining your audio videos. It enhances the sound quality, making it unique with many playback customizations. Obviously, this app is a fun platform to help you always have the ultimate relaxation space. Completely free to use, what are you waiting for download Fermata Auto now!

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