Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK 2.1.1 (Premium Subscribed)

Last updated: 11/08/2022 (2 days ago)

Latest Version:2.1.1
MOD Info:Premium Subscribed
Requires:Android 6.0+
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Simply Guitar by JoyTunes is an award-winning guitar learning application that promises to help you a lot in learning and mastering this popular instrument.

Introducing Simply Guitar by JoyTunes

This application is developed by JoyTunes company. Before that, we also introduced you to another of their music apps. It’s Simply Piano by JoyTunes. And the Simply Guitar by JoyTunes application also has the same features as the Piano teaching application. It’s not the first Guitar teaching app, nor is it the best, but Simply Guitar by JoyTunes has its own advantages that any user will find comfortable downloading.

For anyone who loves Guitar

One of the barriers of Guitar teaching apps is that they are usually intended for people who have more or less knowledge of how to play the Guitar. And now just rely on the application to develop more skills, new knowledge and set up a scientific exercise schedule. Almost very few people have never known about Guitar and really want to learn about it, from the first basic knowledge are afraid to use the app to learn.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes overcomes this obstacle to become a Guitar teaching app for everyone. Here you can learn to play Guitar at your own level and speed. By answering a few questions the first time you use the application, Simply Guitar by JoyTunes will self-assess your current level and recommend an appropriate Guitar lesson/practice schedule.

Guitar lessons by level

At every level, even for the very beginning, Simply Guitar by JoyTunes features detailed instruction lessons taught by world-renowned music teachers. The system will actively suggest classes that are suitable for you, or you can search for them yourself.. Once you agree to participate, Simply Guitar by JoyTunes will automatically record your learning and practice progress for future follow-up and continuously recommend the next classes according to your progress.

After each lesson, the application actively asks and receives feedback from you to re-check your acquisition speed in each lesson and use that as a reference for the next process of planning for you.

Learn Guitar the Exciting Way

Learning to play the classical way is quite boring. You have to learn from each note, memorize the chords, practice the hands, practice the melody, and finally put everything together to make the complete piece. The advantage of this method is that learners will have a good grasp of the basics and have a basis for self-study after mastering it. But the big downside is frustrating for learners. A lot of people who like the guitar end up giving up, but this initial learning process is too little motivating, less enjoyable, and takes too long.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes has a way to ease this boredom. Combine basic lessons, integrate in songs from simple to more complex. Giving users the opportunity to practice and retain basic knowledge, while being less boring with repetitive training activities. At least each lesson you get the finished product is a complete song, to have a little more fun and see as a great motivation to “crawl” through to the next lesson.

Through these songs from short to long, from small to large, you will learn chords, learn the necessary techniques, but still do not skip any basic knowledge. This way of designing lessons in an alternating way like this both speeds up the learning process and creates more inspiration for learning. Two-in-one good for learners of all levels.

Learning while playing

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes also organizes Guitar learning by learning and playing method. You are presented with mini-games to quickly learn the fundamentals of Guitar such as: read and play with the tabs, play chords freely following the on-screen instructions, switch chords at will make a little piece of music…

These play-learn lessons also, in part, give you valuable tips and tricks for playing the guitar the right way, with more precision and rhythm.

Monitor progress

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes has a tool to track the learning and practice progress of learners. By recording the notes that are played as you practice, Simply Guitar by JoyTunes will compare and point out the wrong points in the song, helping you to correct mistakes and improve in the next song. .

During the learning process, if you have important questions, you can send a message and quickly get a response from the musicians participating in the application’s Simply Guitar by JoyTunes project. Your guitar learning journey is not alone.

What about people who are more proficient?

When you have progressed to a higher level, making significant progress in your learning, Simply Guitar by JoyTunes will immediately recognize your level and suggest a more advanced learning process for you. You are never behind, not afraid of being stomped. No matter where you start, you will find new heights for yourself.

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Latest Version: 1.4.46 (Updated on February 4, 2022)

  • Additional online learning programs;
  • How to learn new Guitar by video tutorial;
  • Real-time user feedback;
  • Improved user-friendly interface;
  • Fix some minor bugs encountered in the old version.

MOD APK version of Simply Guitar by JoyTunes

MOD features

Premium Subscribed

Download Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK for Android

Overall, this is an entertaining and learning app for everyone. No experience needed, no prior knowledge of Guitar, for all ages, all speeds to perceive music. Simply Guitar by JoyTunes is a Guitar teaching application that is especially interested in users. Please rest assured when downloading to learn piano. Download Simply Guitar by JoyTunes MOD APK to experience it now!

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