DraStic DS Emulator vr2.6.0.4a Mod APK (Licence Resolved)

Last updated: 03/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:r2.6.0.4a
MOD Info:Licence Resolved
Package:Google Play Link

In this article, we will introduce the free DraStic DS Emulator APK emulator DS. There’s no need for a DS console, you can still experience them all. It’s wonderful, isn’t it!

Introduce About DraStic DS Emulator

Just like the Play Station, the Nintendo DS is also a well known handheld gaming device. The US is the country with the most and most popular Nintendo DS. Due to the growth of PS, Nintendo has been constantly improving and developing to keep up with Sony’s best-selling series. They released the 3DS version and no longer released the DS version to the market. Instead, the DraStic DS Emulator application was born. This is a Nitendo DS emulator application on your phone, allowing you to experience DS wherever you are.

You may not know, the Nintendo DS or GBA emulators on Android are always limited by Google. Perhaps they do not want users to pay too much attention to this type of game to increase profits for other applications on the Google Play Store. Therefore, DraStic DS Emulator is almost the most popular Nintendo DS emulator available today.

Play DS games

The fact that Sony is constantly advancing its PS system has prompted Nintendo to upgrade the DS system. And Nitendo developed the 3DS to replace the old DS machine. That goes along with DS devices that will no longer be manufactured and sold in that market. But there are still many players who still want to experience the original DS games. With the DraStic DS Emulator app you can still play legendary DS games. A special feature is that you can play right on your smartphone.

All DS games can run smoothly on DraStic DS Emulator. Since this is only a beta, there will be a few minor bugs. Due to copyright reasons, the ROMs of the games will not be disclosed. But don’t worry, you can still download ROMs of games on the internet.

Powerful features

3D games on the machine will be doubled in resolution when entering DraStic DS Emulator. The images will become sharper, giving you a better experience. This optional feature will work best on high-spec machines. You can also customize the size of the DS screen, and control utilities and physical controls are included.

You can store game progresses whenever there’s something busy while playing a game. Just go to Menu options, press archive, you can turn off the app for other things. When you return to the game, the progress will be backed up and you just need to press continue to get started. This will save you a lot of time if you have to start over.

Game speed is also a factor when using DraStic DS Emulator. Through user reviews on Google Play, most people are satisfied with the speed and quality of the game. DraStic DS Emulator is compatible with a wide range of devices so anyone can use it.

Improve your game playability with thousands of cheat codes database. With these codes, you will gain some items that are quite hard to find in many games. Therefore, the difficult games will become easier, helping you to clear more games.


Another cool feature included in this app is that it lets you sync with Google Drive. With just a few taps, you can back up your game data to Google Drive. Thanks to that, you never lose your favorite games on DraStic DS Emulator. Or when you change phones, those data can be easily recovered.

Feature Summary of DraStic DS Emulator

  • Enhanced 3D graphics game
  • Easily customize the position and size of the DS screen, for portrait and landscape mode
  • Fully supports controller utilities, and physical controls in devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play
  • Save and continue your progress anywhere
  • Support cheatcode. This is an indispensable feature for every DS gamer
  • Syncs with Google Drive, helps you store data safely.
  • Experience every DS game with great stability
  • The game speed is as fast as the original


Since it’s only a beta version, the Multi Player feature hasn’t been released yet. Therefore, you still cannot experience DS games with your friends. The publisher announced they will try to bring this feature to DraStic DS Emulator as soon as possible.

New features updated

In previous versions, a lot of users encountered incompatibility with their device. This is not a new bug, it has appeared quite a lot in older versions. In the latest version, the developer has fixed that error on quite a few devices. Although not completely, but somehow helps more users to use the DraStic DS Emulator more. In particular, the most encountered error is on Samsung Galaxy S20 phones. And this problem is solved. Additionally, they fixed an issue that occurred on Chromebook x86.

User rating

Here are a few reviews after the actual user experience. They are statistics from Google Play, the leading application market today.

“Before the Android 11 update in January 2021, I had no problems with the DraStic DS emulator. It ran smoothly with no problems. After updating the traffic, the app stopped allowing it. I read the ROM files from my SD card.And then it also stopped reading from my internal storage, even though I did allow it to read my files.I was trying to find a solution for months and a half. over and I have nothing. I want it to work again, as it’s my favorite emulator, for Pokemon Platinum. “

“It’s really good! It’s faster than everything else I’ve tried and I’ve been using it for a few years now. The cheat code works fine, most games run without problems. Even on Chromebooks, it still runs flawlessly The only problem I have recently is that certain games refuse to load. Sonic Colors is a top contender. Doesn’t load. Is there just something wrong with my installation? I really don’t know. “

“Been playing for over 25 hours so far. Everything is working fine. The app never crashed. I’ve never had any major issues. The touchscreen works really well, never before. now expect that from an emulator. $ 5 for a good app like this is awesome. “

APK version of DraStic DS Emulator

This is a paid app and it costs $ 4.99 to own it. This is not a cheap price for many people or the hassle of paying through Google Play. Don’t worry, today we are introducing DraStic DS Emulator APK to you. With this version, you can download and install completely free. With just a few taps, you already own a DS online game console for yourself.

Hướng dẫn cài đặt

  • First, download the APK file of this app from the link at the bottom of the article.
  • If you cannot download files from your phone, you can download them with your PC and transfer the files to your phone using the cable connection.
  • Use the phone’s file manager to open downloaded files.
    If your phone refuses to install, you need to do one more action. Access according to the instructions: “Settings> Security> where you see the option Unknown Sources, tap on it to Enable.”
  • Proceed to install the application from the APK file. Installation takes only 10 to 20 seconds
  • The installation is complete, open the application. Next, you have to grant some permissions to the system.
  • Finally, you can experience it.


Why do I use a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 phone that cannot be used?

This DS emulator is not compatible with all Android devices. There will be some devices with incompatibility errors. You can try installing an older APK version or using a different phone.

How do I use it, I can’t install it?

Perhaps you are also experiencing device incompatibility. Please choose an older APK to install.

Is there a free version?

Yes of course. The APK version of DraStic DS Emulator is the best choice for you.

Is there a way to play games online?

Currently the developer does not have this feature. But it looks like they will add an update in the future.

Is this app safe?

You can rest assured about the DraStic DS Emulator.

Is the app’s APK file installed on Rooted phones?

DraStic DS Emulator APK file can be installed on both Rooted or Rooted Android phones.

I still use it normally, but the application crashed out of nowhere. How to fix?

What you can do is wait for the developer to release the latest update only. Or try uninstalling the current version and reinstalling the application. Don’t forget to back up your data to Google Drive.

Download DraStic DS Emulator APK for Android

DraStic DS Emulator is truly the best DS emulator on your phone. You can experience DS games anywhere with just one phone. Let’s go back to our childhood with classic games that are attractive, simple but attractive. Click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

Or you want to experience PS2 games on your phone, you can choose our DamonPS2 Pro app.

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