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Introducing the Volume Control Panel – phone volume setter

Is your phone volume control damaged or not sensitive? Want to increase or decrease the sound of an application but do not know where to look? Don’t worry, all that trouble is solved by the Volume Control Panel. This is an application that summarizes all the volume settings in your device. You can easily adjust the volume of any item just by turning on the app.

A nifty application

The application is quite lightweight, opening the application is only equivalent to you go to a certain directory. However, this contains all of the volume settings for your phone. Therefore, in the future, you will not have to waste time finding out where to turn off the sound of the messages, where to adjust the alarm sounds … Fast and convenient, this is really an application worth using. More importantly, it doesn’t take up much of your memory space.

Many powerful features

With the Volume Control Panel, you can set up volume adjustment shortcuts. Using the slider will make adjustments easier and more convenient. After opening the app, you need to give it permission to connect to your phone. From there, the new Volume Control Panel can collapse all volume settings, creating a list for you to easily find. In addition, you can also adjust brightness, vibration, color … Create screen capture shortcuts, rotate, menus, flashlight … Nearly all settings in the machine are in the This application, you will not have to search any more.

Quick access icon

You can create icons that contain paths to volume settings that you normally adjust. Just one touch, you have instant access to alarm clock and alarm status. If you want to quickly access anything, just set it up with the Volume Control Panel.

There are also many other convenient features, you can learn more after downloading and trying them out.

Small note

During use, there may be application conflicts. However, you do not need to worry, you just need to check which applications running in the background affect it. This problem has very little gas so you can use it with peace of mind.

Volume Control Panel Pro APK

There are some features in the Volume Control Panel that you will have to pay to use. But with the Volume Control Panel Pro APK, we have fully unlocked those features. You do not need to spend any money to experience all the great features of this application.

Download Volume Control Panel Pro APK

Making phone adjustments is now easy with Volume Control Panel Pro. Friendly and smart, this application will save you quite a bit of time. Download and experience with us in the link below.

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