Driving Zone: Offroad Lite v0.25.02 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 11/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.25.02
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Driving Zone: Offroad Lite MOD APK is the latest version in the racing game series of the same name from the developer AveCreation.

Introducing Driving Zone: Offroad Lite

AveCreation released its latest product, Driving Zone: Offroad Lite, in early July. As you probably already know, they are a game company that is quite famous for the racing game genre. All their products are fun racing games. The most prominent of which is the Driving Zone series of games with many different versions that have been released. And this game lags the reduced version, with interesting gameplay and average graphics quality.

Simulation gameplay

Coming to the game, you are role-playing a driver, with many different driving tasks. You can choose from many different cars to complete the mission. Coming to each location, you are assigned different tasks.

At the beginning, you play as a courier with the task of delivering goods to every remote place on the island. After earning the first coins, you can buy more advanced new cars. And then you are given new, more interesting tasks.

Truth factor

This is a simulation game, so the realistic element is quite important. But the realism here is not in the image, and in the gameplay and features of the game. Your car behaves like a real car. They also have fuel levels so you need to plan properly to go through gas stations and refuel. If you calculate incorrectly, the car will run out of gas in the middle of the road, you have to call for help.

Add to that environmental and weather factors. You can experience driving journeys with day, night, when it’s sunny, rainy and even snowy.

Various types of vehicles

Game Driving Zone: Offroad Lite offers a pretty diverse car system for you to choose from. To unlock new, more advanced cars, you must actively complete missions to earn money. And you have to accumulate a lot of money to buy more advanced cars.

Each model will be different in terms of power, cross-country ability, fuel consumption and of course, trunk capacity. Every such detail is important and affects the outcome you can complete the task or not. In addition, you can customize the details of both the appearance and the engine to make your car more beautiful and powerful.

Explore beautiful places

The tasks in the game Driving Zone: Offroad Lite are not too difficult. So, the game experience is like you are taking a trip to admire the beautiful scenery. And the game has brought an extremely diverse map system. You are taken to many famous places, exploring the scenery as well as beautiful roads. Those locations are all on a large island.

You get to drive on places like snow-capped mountains and icy roads, arid deserts and forests with lakes and birdsong,… And swamps with thick mud. Thereby, you will have relaxing and memorable trips!

Join the terrain race

When you reach a certain level, you can participate in exciting car races. Those are extremely competitive off-road racing. And importantly, the prizes after those races are many. You have both experienced the dramatic racing gameplay and received valuable gifts.

Simple simulation graphics

Driving Zone: Offroad Lite is still developed with 3D graphics, giving you a smooth experience. However, this version is designed in a fairly simple simulation style. It is not as realistic as Asphalt 8. The most prominent image in the game is probably the shape of the car system. The rest, the terrain in the game and the landscape is created quite simply.

MOD APK version of Driving Zone: Offroad Lite

MOD features

Unlimited Money: Money is not available when you start playing. Instead, the money grows as you spend it.

Download Driving Zone: Offroad Lite MOD APK latest version for Android

Driving Zone: Offroad Lite is a rather unique version in the Driving Zone series. It still offers a realistic experience, but the graphics quality is not too high. In return, you can play games smoothly on many different devices. And the game size is also small, easy to download and install. You can download the game with the original or Driving Zone: Offroad Lite MOD APK via the link below!

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