Daily Expenses 3 v3.645.G Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.645.G
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Michel Carvajal (encodemx)
Package:Google Play Link

Daily Expenses 3 MOD APK is an app to manage your cash flow in real time. Manage money easily via one app.

Introduce about Daily Expenses 3

Daily Expenses 3 is an application designed to organize income and expenses. Every user’s money movement will be recorded on a daily basis. The application can review daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports. With more than 5 million downloads, the app has earned the trust of many users.

Track income, expenses and categories

Income and expenses will be recorded by the application and classified into categories. Each category will correspond to a service or product that the user consumes or receives money from. The categories will show where you get the most money or spend the most. Thereby helping users to adjust their spending reasonably to ensure a stable monthly spending level.

Modify or delete created records.

Easily modify the filled out expenses in the app. Calculation errors are common. Users who enter incorrect expenses can easily correct the number. This feature helps to improve the error in calculating each person’s spending.

Time group display

The application will create a time group during which cash flows are entered or output during the month. The time group will include the amount received/spent with the remaining balance. Users looking at the time group will determine the time period in which the money flows. From there, determine how to adjust spending money so that it is reasonable.

Create a password of Daily Expenses 3

The application provides a password mode to ensure security for users. Monthly spending will be secured under the generated password layer. Monthly income and expenses are information not everyone wants to share. With this feature, users can ensure that their private information is not revealed.

Make a data backup

In case the user loses the device or changes to a new device, the application provides a data backup feature. The feature helps to save all entered data to avoid data loss. The data will be saved in the cloud of the application through the login account.

Daily Expenses 3 in full language

The application provides a variety of languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Korean,… To ensure access to many users around the world, multi-developers provide language diversity. Users who do not know English will be able to convert to other common languages such as Spanish, Chinese.

Create Desktop Widget

The application allows creating widgets for users to quickly track changes in cash flow. The added widget will not cause lag or slow down the device to ensure fast user operations. The 3×1 widget does not take up much space on the user’s screen.

Year-round report

The app provides daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and yearly reports. Detailed reports showing expenditures spent year round. Users can easily view the report and give the most reasonable spending method.

Use the currency in your country of residence

Daily Expenses 3 aggregates all money formats around the world. Users can easily search and choose the correct currency of the country they are living in. The application owns all currencies from dollars, yen, euros to VND,baht. Users can enter multiple currencies into the same spending sheet. The application will automatically calculate and return the currency in the country you choose.

Generate a graphical report

With normal data reports, it will cause confusion and boredom. The application provides graphical reports to the user. The application aggregates metrics and groups them into categories that create easy-to-see graphical reports. Users will have a more overview to analyze their spending levels.

MOD APK version of Daily Expenses 3

MOD features

Pro Unlocked

Daily Expenses 3 can be downloaded for free on many app markets. However, since the app is not paid, it still has a few limitations. The publisher therefore provided a Pro version to solve those problems. However, instead of having to spend money to buy the Pro version, you can download Daily Expenses 3 MOD APK.

The MOD feature of this application has helped unlock the Pro version. Now you can use the app without ads and easy to use extensions.

Download Daily Expenses 3 MOD APK latest version for Android

Daily Expenses 3 is currently a cash flow management tool trusted by millions of users. Installing this application you can plan a reasonable cash flow management. Download the Daily Expenses 3 app now to track your cash flow.

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