Assault Bots v0.0.34 Mod APK (MOD Menu)

Last updated: 02/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:0.0.34
MOD Info:MOD Menu
Publisher:Blayze Games
Package:Google Play Link

Coming to Assault Bots, you will join the top attractive robot shooter game. Customize your robot vehicle and battle other players in the game. Our MOD version is very useful, please consider using it.

Introduce about game Assault Bots

Released by Blayze Game, Assault Bots is a very attractive and interesting survival shooter game. Ranked match mode will give you moments of drama and attraction. Show off your precise movement, aiming and shooting skills in front of countless players. Are you ready?


Survival gameplay is not too unfamiliar to any gamer. In this Assault Bots game, instead of you controlling the character in the first person, you will control the robot vehicles with a wider angle. Control robots to dodge enemy attacks and accurately aim to defeat them. At the end of the match, you will receive money to upgrade vehicles and points to improve your rank.

Customize your robot

You can customize a lot of parts on your robot. Use gold coins and credits to be able to buy items in the store. You can earn gold and credits through matches, ranking rewards, quests …

Color of paint

Highlight your robot by choosing paint colors for the tires. You can choose from among the many beautiful colors offered in the store. Not only green, red, yellow … the store also offers special colors such as: sun, nature, cold color, frost, lava … Although these colors are very unique and floating turned on, but it will have the disadvantage of being easily detected by the enemy. Therefore, you need to be skilled in moving and hiding.


You can choose 1 out of 4 styles for absolutely free. Ranking game modes will be available: VETOR Medium, Standarb V2 & V3, Square Bot. Meanwhile, if you play with the machine, you will have Angled Body, Mammoth, ZZ42, Angled Legacy. Each design is quite beautiful and unique, you can change it regularly to have many different experiences.

Weapon of the robot

In a match, you can carry 2 weapons. The Assault Bots system is very diverse in terms of weapons. Main weapon you can choose from:

  • MG -44: This type, although small damage, makes up for a fairly long range. Its accuracy is also very high, chosen by many players.
  • Marksman M3: This is a very strong damage type, suitable for shooting at close range. If you are smart, flexible in moving to approach the enemy, then this is the right weapon for you.
  • Crack L2: this weapon has the advantage of long range and high accuracy. However, its damage is only mid-range and its stability is not high.

In addition to the main weapon, you can also choose an extra weapon. You can choose from RPG-11 and XE Grenade. They will assist you if the primary weapon runs out of ammo.

While selecting, you will see weapon boxes highlighted in red. These weapons are very special and they are only suitable for certain vehicles. For example, the M-2 Heavy Rifle, it is only suitable for heavy vehicles, or MP14 only light cars can carry. Not only weapons, any accessories of the car will also have such special items.

Other customizations

In addition to important customizations such as weapons, vehicles, you can also customize many other parts such as:

Game mode

The main game mode of Assault Bots is ranked match. You will search and join matches with other players. Each match will last 10 minutes and only at the end can you find another match. You will be able to rejoin the match immediately after you are killed. Your score will depend on the number of targets you hit. If you do not understand how to play and the operation is still slow, you can try to practice in battle mode against the machine.

Note: For your information and ratings to be saved, create an account to log in. If you choose “play now”, everything will be refreshed if you exit the game.


For those who are new to playing, they will find it difficult to navigate. Because the Assault Bots required the player to move and focus and aim at the same time. Therefore, vehicle control is also a hindrance. However, if you get used to it then you will find this control design very reasonable, as it gives you the flexibility of moving and aiming.


Assault Bots is designed with 3D graphics and classic background. Manipulation and movement of the car is quite flexible and smooth. In addition to the visual effects in combat, combined with the sound of weapons, engines, bombs … create a realistic and engaging battle.

MOD APK version of Assault Bots

MOD feature

In the MOD Menu, you can enable lots of different MOD increments. Including:

  • Enemy ESP Menu: ESP Toggle, ESP Line, ESP Health, ESP Infor
  • ESP Customization Menu: Set line color, info, rainbow lines
  • Player Menu: Fake stats, Allow move
  • Messages Menu: Set Message to Send(1-8)
  • Extras Menu: MassKills, Telekill, Scales the enemy
  • Position Menu: Above & Beyond, Underground

Download Assault Bots MOD APK for Android

Assault Bots is a multiplayer robot shooter game. Diverse features and engaging gameplay, this game is sure to bring you comfortable entertainment moments. Please join us and experience with us in the link below!

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