Abandoned City Survival v1.0.11 Mod APK (Free Craft)

Last updated: 12/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.11
MOD Info:Free Craft
Requires:Android 7.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Abandoned City Survival MOD APK is a new type of survival game, bringing a new experience, unprecedented in any other game. Surely this game will not disappoint you.

Introducing Abandoned City Survival

This game was released a few weeks ago by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. This is a pretty famous game company, known by players all over the world. REDMOD has also introduced a few of their products such as
Faily Brakes 2.


The story in the game Abandoned City Survival is quite simple. You are taken to an abandoned city, where only a few survivors remain. The world has just undergone a devastating devastation. Everything else is just rubble. And the number of people alive must compete with each other in this survival. Your task in the game is to manage the survivors. You need to build them a place to live, find resources and find a way to leave the abandoned city.

Explore, collect resources

To survive in a ruined world, you must discover new lands with a lot of potential for exploitation. Travel to different places to find places where you can gather materials, fuel, and other useful resources. Any resource can help you live in this world.

This is a free survival, you can do whatever you want. You can explore abandoned houses to find valuables. Or you can rob cars, things from other people. Even landfills have usable items that you have to go there to find. Every object has the ability to create things that are important to your life.

Grow your shelter

This survival has no rules for all players. Anyone can actually play by themselves, stealing or plundering other people’s resources. So you have to build a shelter and contain solid materials. That place needs to have a high level of security. Otherwise, your characters cannot survive. Resources and vehicles are easily stolen, so they need to be kept indoors.

Initially, you can only build a small house for a few people to live in. But later on, you have to collect more people. Therefore, upgrade and expand your dormitory to accommodate more people. In addition, you also have to build a farm to provide food for those people. And a medical station to treat people’s diseases also needs to be completed soon.

Crafting and upgrading new tools

Resource gathering is very important. Any resource has its own effect. The more resources you collect, the more useful tools you can invent. In the process of collecting resources, you can also “pick up” other people’s things. You can do anything, as long as you can guarantee the lives of those people.

Sometimes your people have to fight other players for resources. Make them unique weapons to fight their enemies. If you don’t defeat them, your people will be defeated by them and robbed of their resources.

Simulated 3D graphics

Although just a simulation survival game, Abandoned City Survival game is still designed with 3D graphics. But it’s just a fairly simple graphics background, so the capacity of the game is not high. However, the image in the game is designed not to stand out. Because the color system is not diverse, and the color chosen to build the image is quite dark. You will feel like you are playing classic 2D games, with an outdated design.

MOD APK version of Abandoned City Survival

MOD features

  • Free Craft

Download Abandoned City Survival MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, Abandoned City Survival is loved by players for its novel survival gameplay. If it is designed with a better graphics, better quality, the game will be perfect. But anyway, it is still an entertaining game that is worth your while. You can play the original from Google Play, or choose our Abandoned City Survival MOD APK via the link below.

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