ASKfm v4.93.1 Mod APK (Ad Free)

Last updated: 02/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:4.93.1
MOD Info:Ad Free
Package:Google Play Link

ASKfm is a famous social networking application released quite a long time ago by a professional team. Since its release, this app has been loved by many users. It attracts a large number of users from popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram. So far, this app has received more than 50 million downloads from Google Play, accompanied by over 1 million raiting from users.

Introduce ASKfm

Currently, this app has attracted more than 215 million users love ASKfm! Exactly ASKfm is a Q&A social network that entertains users through other social networks. You will login to this application with your Facebook or Instagram account. You can then use it as a social networking application connected to either of these two social networks. By joining ASKfm, you and your friends can ask each other questions.

You can post articles so that everyone can ask and you can answer them. They will have the option to ask for their real name, or anonymously. Your answer will be posted on a shared post via Facebook, Instagram or the ASKfm homepage. Conversely, you can also ask your friends any question, anonymity or publicity. As a result, you will find people who care about you and are interested in learning about you. When you open the app, you can see all the questions your friends have sent you, and their answers. You can turn on phone notifications so you don’t miss any questions or answers from your friends.

This app supports questions with over 40 different languages. Because the number of users so far is more than 215 million people, all over the world. That way, you can also make friends and get to know other users around the world.

There is one currency in the game, ASK. To receive this kind of money, you just need to ask and answer the questions. Send open questions to your friends to earn ASK money. The more interesting your question, the more chance you have of answering it. Another way to receive ASK money is to answer any question, whether it is open, anonymous or sent via Shoutout. This money will be used to spend a lot of things on this social network

Main features of ASKfm VIP

  • Ask questions to any friend, serious or humorous question
  • Choose whether the question is anonymous or not
  • Follow your friends and don’t miss any of their status
  • You can optionally add images or animated GIFs to any answer
  • Post to let people send questions to you
  • Answer the questions friends have sent to you. You can answer true or not
  • Show your interest in someone, without them knowing who it is
  • You can turn off anonymous questions to any friends or users that bother you

MOD APK version of ASKfm

This is a free application to download and use. But these are just the basic features of this application. In addition, it also gives you a VIP version with more unique features. Become a VIP user, you will receive a special VIP sign, promotions among other ASKfm users. And of course, you will have to spend monthly or yearly to use this premium version. When you become a VIP member, you will receive 100 coins per week, access to advanced features, … One of the VIp features that delete ads, you can use it without any just advertise.

Download ASKfm VIP MOD APK

Overall, ASKfm – Ask Me Anonymous Questions is an amazing application. It is suitable for users of Facebook, Instagram or Vkontakte. Not only for entertainment, you can find new friends, even love yourself. Right below is the link to download ASKfm VIP APK for you. It’s completely free to download as well as use forever. This version has unique features that the regular version on Google Play does not have. But you need to note, you have to delete the original version on Google to be able to install our APK file. And the application will not automatically update the version, you must manually update by visiting REDMOD.CO to download the latest APK file of this application.

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