Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef v1.4.4 Mod APK (Unlimited Gold, Diamonds)

Last updated: 08/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.4
MOD Info:Unlimited Gold, Diamonds
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Pixodust Games
Package:Google Play Link

Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef MOD APK is an attractive business simulation game, just released not long ago. This game offers a simple, entertaining and relaxing gameplay for players.

About Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef game

Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef is released by Pixodust Games, a quite famous game studio. Before that, we have introduced some of their games like Idle Museum Tycoon, Medieval Merge. The games of this developer have quite diverse content. And the latest game this time is developed under the theme of business, real sound and restaurant development. This is an extremely attractive entertainment game that you should not miss.

New content

Usually, food restaurant simulation games will let you serve people from all over the world. Those titles still have their own interesting, but a bit boring. So Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef is developed with a brand new theme. Instead of opening a restaurant serving people, this game creates a place to eat for adorable animals. All animals, from pets to wild animals, appear in your exotic restaurant.

The restaurant you open will cater to all kinds of animals. From familiar pets, even wild animals have it all. You get to meet friends like cats, dogs, llamas, tigers, foxes, turtles, giraffes, bears, monkeys… And many more animals will appear in your shop.

Grow your restaurant chain

In the game, you are the boss of a famous food restaurant chain. You have to build, manage and develop them for bigger, better quality. A special feature in Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef is that you do not develop a single store like other games of the same genre. Instead, you are creating yourself a chain of stores in many different places to do business.

As mentioned, your customers are animals from all over the world. So you have to build many different departments to serve all your customers. The challenge for you is to transform restaurants in the forest, places in nature into a luxurious and cozy restaurant. In addition, you also have to develop your home in other places in the city, mountains, beaches and many other places.

If you have the right business strategy, you can become a tycoon in the animal food business. Your restaurant chain is doing well, you can make a lot of money every day. Soon you will become the richest boss.

Variety of dishes

Although your customers are animals, the dishes you serve them are familiar human dishes. They also have emotions and tastes just like humans. In each location such as in the forest, beach, or city, animals will have different preferences for food. Therefore, you must learn to prepare a variety of dishes to serve any guest.

The food in the game can be sushi, burgers, salad, pizza, pasta or candy. In addition to the food, you can also sell additional drinks. You will learn new recipes according to the cuisines of many different countries. These are dishes from the cuisines of Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Arabic, Italy, China and more.

Bright, eye-catching 2D graphics

Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef is developed with medium quality 2D graphics. It’s a simple simulation game, so it doesn’t need high-quality graphics. All images in the game are designed quite simply, in the form of simulation. Although the graphics quality is not high, the image in the game is still extremely outstanding. That is thanks to choosing to build images with diverse, bright and eye-catching colors. The characters in the game, are animals that are shaped extremely cute and funny. Even wild animals have become more adorable than ever.

MOD APK version of Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Download Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef MOD APK latest version for Android

With new content and interesting gameplay, this game is being loved by many players. It gives you a unique experience, unlike any other game. If you like it, download it now to experience it. You can choose the original from Google Play, or our Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef MOD APK version.

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