WEBTOON v3.2.4 Mod APK (No ADS/Unlocked)

Last updated: 01/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:3.2.4
MOD Info:No ADS/Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

WEBTOON is an entertaining story-reading application with a full range of styles and genres for all ages and interests. If you are a fan of comics, you cannot ignore this application.

Some other reading apps: Toomics, Mangakakalot.

Introducing WEBTOON

This is a highly entertaining Comic, Manga, Manhwa reading application, rich in all genres. It is rated as one of the most popular story reading applications today. On the Google Play Store, WEBTOON has earned hundreds of millions of downloads and millions of positive reviews. That’s enough to prove it’s a very cool app.

How convenient is the comic reading application?

Every time you want to read a manga, what do you have to do? Search Google to find out where there is, then have to go through each page to see if the series is complete, whether it is constantly updating new episodes, how is the image quality, is it easy to read… And many other important factors. That process is quite annoying, and can reduce your passion for comics. To satisfy your passion to enjoy comics without any problems, you will need an application that specializes in supporting reading comics. And importantly, that application has a rich enough story store, updated regularly.

Fortunately, on mobile, the number of applications that meet this criterion is not too much. You can quickly pick a name that suits your preferences and needs. Earlier, REDMOD introduced Toomics application. In this article is WEBTOON, one of the most convenient reading applications.

Diverse comic library

The main language in all of WEBTOON’s stories is English. This can make it a little difficult for you to understand the emotions and feelings of the characters in the story. But in return you get access to a lot of stories with content from every country. Reading stories while practicing English vocabulary is also a good way to learn a foreign language.

There are 3 official manga genres on WEBTOON for you to explore. It’s comic, manga and manhwa. These three categories are also subdivided by topic and content. For example, school, society, love language, horror, detective, martial arts, swordsmanship, ghosts… In each of these genres, the number of titles/collections is continuously added. That meets the reading needs of all users.

You can enjoy all the interesting series in this application. From classic comics, blockbuster works, and even unknown series. You can enjoy famous series such as Tower of God, Noblesse, The God of High School. Or the suspenseful horror series Sweet Home and the global rom-com phenomenon True Beauty – now on film and causing a fever for viewers because of the unexpected plot… Along with a series of interesting titles to satisfy all fan preferences .

Is it easy to find stories in WEBTOON?

One question raised in this application is is it easy to find? Yes, of course, and simple convenience. You can use the Search bar to search by keyword or any title you want to see. Or you can use another way to search near and far such as searching by series, by date, by genre, by author, by publisher… Either way you will find or at least localize the options. Choose the most feasible with your preferences.

In each category, WEBTOON actively brings 7-10 outstanding stories of each criterion for you to see. If you like, choose to read, if you don’t like, you can search for your own story. These suggestions are usually quite good, especially if they are very popular. You can save a lot of time searching with this list of suggestions.

Support in the process of reading stories

To make the reading process more convenient and smooth, WEBTOON offers users many small features that are really useful for reading. Eg:

  • Bookmark chapters as read to move quickly without having to revisit the beginning of the story. WEBTOON marks chapters read with a color display. Any place that has been read will have a darker color compared to the unread chapters. Just open the book, automatically go to the correct position, the sentence you are reading from the last time.
  • Save your favorite stories and a separate folder so you can watch them online when needed.
  • Receive notifications when there are new chapters or new episodes of unfinished stories, or stories in the Favorites list.

This is something that if you haven’t read the story, you may consider it small, even unnecessary. But once you’ve read the stories, you’ll find them extremely helpful.

Connect, participate in reviews, comments with the WEBTOON community

WEBTOON is not only an online comic store, it is also a community of people with the same hobby of reading comics. Thus, not enjoying the story alone, you can also participate in evaluating and commenting on the story with other individuals in the WEBTOON community, under each story page.

The freedom to express one’s opinions, to share one’s thoughts, and to read the profound thoughts of other readers is part of the joy of reading comics. Finding harmony, discovering different sides of the story and following the comments and debates of the community will be the way for you to enjoy a deeper and more multidimensional story.

MOD APK version of WEBTOON

MOD features

  • Remove all ads in the app;
  • Most Analysis Cut;
  • Allows taking screenshots;
  • Some annoying banners are hidden;
  • The amount increased but unfortunately Some server limitations.

Download WEBTOON MOD APK for Android

Reading comics with WEBTOON’s handy support is approaching one art and many cultures. The deeper you go into WEBTOON, the more you have the opportunity to live with your passion for comics. Connecting with the community also helps the passion to be nurtured and grown. Right now, you can download WEBTOON MOD APK to start experiencing it!

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