GoTube v5.0.61.002 Mod APK (Graphics, Color)

Last updated: 17/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:
MOD Info:Graphics, Color
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:GoTube Studio
Package:Google Play Link

GoTube MOD APK is a great application with the ability to block ads for users to freely explore videos. The App also provides many advanced features for users to control or play multiple videos at the same time. With attractive features, GoTube confidently brings moments of real entertainment to users.

Introduce about GoTube

Are you looking for an application to watch online videos? Want to comfortably watch videos without being bothered by ads? GoTube will be the app for you. App will provide memorable movie watching experience for you.

Enjoy a relaxing moment with Go Tube

After a long tiring day, perhaps you just want to fully enjoy the entertainment moments. However, watching ads again disrupts concentration. Sometimes, we turn on autoplay and don’t have hands free to press “skip ad”. At this point, you will have to wait from 30 to 150 seconds just for the ad to run out. This causes many inconveniences and inconveniences to users.

GoTube offers an extremely handy superior ad blocking feature. Now, you can comfortably watch unlimited and interrupted videos. The application automatically removes any tracking software to prevent ads from appearing when viewed. Thanks to that, you can comfortably watch different videos without worrying about interruption.

Understanding all user preferences

Not only watching what you like, you can also discover new things that are extremely interesting. GoTube has a built-in filter that helps users find content within a limited range. The app understands what users want and recommends appropriate content.

Besides, you can instantly sync all data from YouTube to GoTube. After syncing, all information about favorite keywords, watched videos will be saved. The app will immediately suggest you content that matches your personal interests.

GoTube is a transcendental app for Youtubers. You can experience a search engine that is both similar and yet different. Don’t hesitate to join this exciting companion today.

Super beautiful interface of GoTube

The first thing when using a software is its interface. GoTube has a refined and flexible interface for users to explore freely. All featured videos, personal recommendations are displayed on the homepage. In addition, for convenience in the process of using the homepage will display all the new videos globally.

An outstanding advantage of the software is that the videos are arranged extremely neatly. They are arranged in different distinct categories. Besides, the application also allows users to customize the interface. You can customize your screen to make it the most convenient to use.

In addition, the application can play in pop-up format. This feature is for those of you who want to listen to music without pictures. Moreover, you can customize the interface so that you can watch multiple videos at the same time. This is very simple, you just need to adjust the interface so that it can be viewed without interruption.

Freedom to create your own favorite list

Want to see all your favorites in turn? However, finding each video is annoying? GoTube provides a feature that allows users to create their own playlists. Thanks to this feature you can comfortably enjoy a music playlist. In addition, you can also follow your favorite idols.

The app does not limit the number of playlists you can create. You can create multiple playlists at once for viewing on different occasions. A light music playlist for morning exercise. Or a funny video playlist to watch for a fun afternoon.

An extremely interesting feature that allows users to synchronize all data. Thanks to this feature, all recommended videos will be tailored to the user. Of course, after data synchronization, recommended videos will be more suitable for your tastes. GoTube will recommend you videos based on data provided by YouTube.

Feel free to explore content – keep it safe for GoTube

Information security is an issue that needs to be focused on, especially in the current digital age. Although the app shares data with YouTube, all of its data is safe. The application ensures absolute confidentiality of users’ personal information.

As a result, you can comfortably watch your favorite content without worrying about being tracked. It’s annoying that when we search for something, they start advertising right after. Thanks to GoTube, you are not only guaranteed to be safe, but also enjoy a moment of freedom.

MOD APK version of GoTube

MOD feature

Graphics, Color

Download GoTube MOD APK latest version for Android

GoTube application is an application that allows you to comfortably watch videos without worrying about ads. Besides, the application has a search engine like Youtube for users to use. App also provides many superior features such as watching multiple videos at the same time, pop-up,… Download the app now to experience moments of entertainment today.

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