VlogNow v2.2.6 Mod APK (No Ads)

Last updated: 03/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.2.6
MOD Info:No Ads
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Ubiquiti Labs, LLC
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

VlogNow MOD APK helps you record your best moments. This free video maker and editor gives you all the most powerful features.

Introducing VlogNow

If you are a content creator on social networks, VlogNow will be an indispensable application. It helps you to shoot videos that you edit in a matter of seconds. Simple yet powerful, it’s not inferior to any professional editor on PC. Anyone can use VlogNow, even if you are just a beginner. But first, follow our detailed article about this application!

Full-featured, professional

When we compare VlogNow and other top apps like Inshot, we believe VlogNow won’t fall short in any feature. It even has a few other unique features that are more powerful. You can discover tons of professional editing tools completely free in this app.

Basic Tools

For a video editor, the basic tool is definitely a must. VlogNow provides you with tools to zoom, rotate, crop or merge videos. Along with that are some techniques to adjust speed, insert video, slow motion effects… to create art. These basic tools are easy to use. Just by looking at them, you can tell what they are used for.

Advanced Tools

To evaluate a professional application, one will look at advanced tools. They want to know what makes it special and stand out from other similar apps. VlogNow gives you more complex features like adding background music, effects, filters, lighting alignment, saturation, adding text, titles… Don’t worry because you don’t know how to apply them. How, VlogNow will guide you wholeheartedly.

More details on some advanced features

Customize background music

The right background music contributes to the attraction of your video. Now you can insert music easily with VlogNow. Create a project with BeatsClips and start tweaking your video. First, upload your favorite music into the project. Then, mark the beginning and end of that song. Adjust the tempo a little so that the video and music make a perfect combination. This application also provides you with some quality movie soundtracks and popular music.

Video effects

Whether your video is eye-catching or not will depend on the effects. This is an important feature, second only to the content you create. VlogNow supports changing video speed freely, creating unique transitions between scenes of the video. With the LUT filter, you can make your videos more harmonious, colors fresh and clear. In particular, VlogNow’s effects are very suitable for creating a collage video.


You can add title slide, text overlay in video. In addition, VlogNow brings you many special fonts, colors and sizes for subtitles. Currently, this feature is extremely popular on vlogs. Content creators want viewers to be able to combine hearing and vision to better understand each line. The reason is because vlogs have a lot to say, they are afraid their viewers won’t hear well or can’t hear what they convey.

Easy to share

VlogNow helps you to save videos in the highest possible quality. As for sharing, it’s super simple with VlogNow! This application helps you to create VN code snippets corresponding to videos. Thanks to that, every time you want to send a video to your friends, you just need to copy the code and send it to them. You don’t need to waste time uploading videos, sharing quickly and extremely profitable.

VlogNow makes you love this job more

We believe there are a lot of people out there who love to make interesting videos. You have a lot of ideas, but are having a hard time presenting them. You do not know where to start making videos, how to edit? How to make my videos more attractive? VlogNow is the only thing you need right now! It offers powerful and professional editing tools, but is extremely simple to use. Try creating a video and editing it with VlogNow, we’re sure you won’t have any problems with this anymore!

MOD APK version of VlogNow

MOD features

  • No Ads

Download VlogNow MOD APK latest version for Android

Sure, VlogNow still has its downsides because no app is perfect. But we believe it will always bring you comfort when using. Full tool, simple to use suitable even for new users. If your job is to create content on video sharing platforms, do not hesitate to download VlogNow to your phone right now!

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