Viber Messenger v19.0.2.0 Mod APK (Optimized)

Last updated: 06/12/2022 (1 year ago)

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MOD Info:Optimized
Publisher:Viber Media S.à r.l.
Package:Google Play Link

Viber Messenger MOD APK is a free calling application that makes connecting globally easy. You can freely call with friends all day without spending a single phone bill.

Introduce about Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is widely used with useful features. Users can use all the features of the application for free. Not only is a calling app, Viber Messenger also owns many other outstanding features.

Make quality group calls

Calls on Viber support participants up to 50 people with high audio and video quality. Although the number of participants is large, the application does not appear laggy or slow. Everyone’s connection is still stable and can comfortably talk to each other. It’s great to have an app that can connect with friends, colleagues, family at the same time.

Absolute security

Many people on social networks have their personal and sensitive information exposed. That’s because they were hacked by hackers to read messages and calls. The stolen information is what makes it possible for hackers to extort money or spread it online. This will directly affect the mental health and health of the person being threatened. Viber Messenger will solve this problem thoroughly.

Users’ calls and messages are encrypted by Viber Messenger. All messages are strictly confidential, avoiding the disclosure of confidential information. Messages  only you can read, no one has the right to read, including Viber. From here, users can freely text as much as they want without fear of revealing confidential information. The application will ensure encryption for your information in the most secure way.

Create group chat with interesting features

The application allows users to create chat groups with up to 250 members. Chat groups with such a large number are usually groups about industry news. These can be mentioned as ornamental fish trading groups, securities groups, apartment groups, etc. It can be said that this is a miniature community that helps people exchange information and understanding with each other.

To add more interest to chat groups, interesting features have been added. Users can now create polls, quizzes to create small debates. The mention and interaction feature makes it possible for others to see who you are replying to. Group chat features help stir the air and keep people productive.

Sending messages is completely free

For texting enthusiasts, this is an indispensable application. The application allows users to message completely free and fast. Messages, pictures, stickers, GIFs, or video messages can be sent completely free of charge. Now, users don’t have to worry about having to pay phone sim fees every time they text.

Besides, the messages are added with the emotional drop feature. The emotions will most accurately represent the attitude of the messager. Many times the message cannot clearly express the intention of the sender. Emojis that express emotions are the best way to help the other person understand his or her attitude.

Join the app’s information channel community

More than just reading news, you can now create and share content. Any news you can create such as sports, news, cooking, travel, … Let’s connect with others with the same passion and freely share useful information. Don’t hesitate to get creative and engage with your followers.

Lots of Stickers and Gifs waiting for you

Wide range of Gifs and more than 55000 stickers ready for you to use. Feel free to find the right sticker set for you and use. Characters on Viber Messenger are completely free and can be creative. If you do not know what to choose, the application will suggest the most used stickers. Users can refer to and choose a funny and cute sticker template.

Viber Lens feature helps users easily create funny, cute gifs. You can unleash your creativity with the application to share with friends and relatives.

MOD APK version of Viber Messenger 

MOD feature


  • The BlueCat patch has been applied, the latest stickers sewn into the Constraints with Google services have been removed.
  • Added volume buttons and dividers, Miui v5 style icons, transparent bottom bar and message bubbles.
  • Add background for menus and sidebars.
  • Fix unread message icon in status bar.
  • Add graphics – a window when the interlocutor is typing you a message.

Download Viber Messenger MOD APK latest version for Android

Viber Messenger is really a great calling and messaging application. So it is trusted by millions of people. Useful and interesting features of the application bring the best experience. Safety is something that cannot be ignored when it comes to Viber Messenger. The link to download the application is ready for you below.

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