Avatoon v1.7.2 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 27/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.7.2
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Always refresh yourself on social networks from the smallest details such as unique Avatar, Whenever you want to create an impressive version of Avatar, remember Avatoon.

Introducing Avatoon app

Avatoon, or the full name is Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Emoji. It is an entertainment application developed and published by Enerjoy. Although it is Enerjoy’s only product, the application has brought them impressive success. It has attracted tens of millions of users worldwide. And surely you will be one of them after you refer to this article.

Make an impression from the smallest things

The race on social networks is not only about content, beautiful images, creative clips but also delicate details. In which the avatar image is a typical example. It appears on your behalf everywhere, represents you in all chats, comments here and there on the Facebook environment. If there is a way to make a unique Avatar, unmatched, it will surely attract a lot of interest from friends.

Avatoon is one of the apps that helps you do this. This application creates a cute Avatar for you based on your own original image. And bring up a unique, new avatar, full of creative energy.

Diverse design, outstanding color

In terms of design, this application is quite appreciated. Surely every user needs an avatar with bright and striking colors. That helps them to be different and unique on social networks. And the Avatoon app won’t let you down. The smallest details to the big details in this application are designed to be extremely diverse for you to choose. In addition, the color system is extremely eye-catching with bright, outstanding tones.

How to create avatars

Open the Avatoon application on your device, you will start redesigning your Avatar right away. There are two ways to create Avatar on this application: one is manually creating a face, the other is automatically recognizing.

Manual way

Manually, you can freely customize all the details of the avatar, until you like it. It’s almost like playing with a doll. But it’s a hundred times more fun. Avatoon’s built-in library provides you with thousands of detailed samples of facial components: eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, hair, teeth, pants, clothes, accessories and so on. You will choose the parts that are most similar to you and then put them together to create a model that represents you.

Note that there are many items that will require coins to buy. Coins can be accumulated through the daily tasks that the app offers. This is a way for you to stick with the app more and find long-term enjoyment in using it. Daily tasks are simple, like trying on clothes, sharing avatars, or going shopping. Kind of like playing a mini game every day. Completing will have coins. Get coins to buy more details to choose to create the character manually. Continue like this until your avatar is complete.

This method is for those who like to create a unique image by themselves, like challenges and creativity. But in my opinion it is a bit difficult and needs patience. So most of the friends I know use the other way: create automatic avatars based on Avatoon’s face recognition feature.

Automatic way

With this method, you just need to take a picture of your face directly from Avatoon. Or upload images available on the phone to the application. Avatoon will automatically trace the main contours of the face, including small details. It also actively selects similar details in the application’s item library. Then put the components together and give you a cartoon-style avatar that best resembles your face.

Avatoon supports taking pictures

If you take photos directly from the application, there are a few small notes to ensure that the picture is of good quality and sharp: when taking a photo, you need to look directly at the camera, choose the surrounding background space with enough light and clear face. subject. And of course, in order for the process of choosing animation details to be similar and help friends look at the avatar to understand that this is you, when shooting should only focus on a single face, without too many subtle details. behind or around.

That said, there are a lot of conditions. So to prevent users from wondering or choosing hard, Avatoon also provides a feature of Photo booth – Avatar Snapshots. Specialized to help you take photos on the application, take pictures that meet avatar standards. You will be able to choose the background, choose the pose and then take a photo. Once you have the original image, continue to choose to convert the avatar in one of the two ways above. Then you just complete the process and get the finished product full of creativity and art.

Creative community

Once you have the original image and animated avatar, you can continue to edit with the Photo Editor feature. In here, it provides a variety of photo editing functions from simple to complex such as cutting, trimming, lightening, adding shadow, adding and subtracting contrast, pasting stickers, turning into animated avatars. These features are like a professional photo editing application.

This application also has another interesting function, Avatar Fun. Where you can join the fun community of Avatar. Your newly released cartoon avatar can be entered in voting challenges. With wins, you get more coins accumulated. Later, if you want, you can create your own avatar manually.

Avatoon is a community, a miniature world of fun mini games. Where you can freely test your creativity and challenge with users of this application from all over the world.

MOD APK version of Avatoon

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: All premium features in the Premium version are unlocked for free.

Download Avatoon MOD APK for Android

Avatoon not only turns your avatar into a series of unique cartoons, but also creates avatar art and culture. Download and use and constantly refresh yourself every day on any social network.

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