Dubsmash v6.6.0 Mod APK (Remove Watermark)

Last updated: 17/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.6.0
MOD Info:Remove Watermark
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:reddit Inc.
Package:Google Play Link

Dubsmash brings you an exciting world of video sharing. Like TikTok, you can upload your best moments with a thoughtful investment in video content and effects. You can get our Dubsmash MOD APK version for a better experience!

Introducing Dubsmash

Dubsmash is an online social networking site. Here you can upload short videos sharing stories, moments, dancing or singing videos… If you are Asian, you may find this app very similar to TikTok. Dubsmash was founded in Germany and used by many European countries, including famous artists. In December 2020, Reddit – an American media company announced the acquisition of Dubsmash. What caused a country in the Americas to buy Dubsmash? I believe this application has a lot of outstanding and interesting features, let’s find out together!

Create a profile

For online social apps, the first thing you have to do is create an account. Unlike other applications that have a “guest” mode, to use Dubsmash you need to register an account with an email or phone number. The registration process is quite easy and quick, usually in just a few minutes. You will then be introduced to some of the outstanding features of Dubsmash. The last step is to create your profile, this is an important feature.

You can share your real information or use an impersonated one. If you want to be famous and noticed, I recommend that you provide real information. The reason is because fans don’t want to follow unknown people. If you only set up an account to follow celebrities, this issue is no longer important. After completing the profile, you can freely do the things you like, upload videos or explore trending videos, celebrities.

Upload your first videos

Start refreshing your account with your first videos. Coming to Dubsmash, you will play the role of a content creator. Your videos will revolve around everyday life, about music, art or vlogs on a variety of topics. But Dubsmash has a time limit for a video, so you need to align it so that the content you share is still meaningful. If your video is good enough, it will be suggested to trend and reach more viewers.

There are many ways to get your videos trending. The first is that it must belong to some trending content, or your video must include the hastag that the application is asking for. Also, if your video is your own creation, it has to be cool. People who watch them will share your video if they feel like it. You can post more videos later and get more followers.

Discover the top trending videos

In the trending tab you will discover a lot of great videos. Those are the most liked videos, with the most views. You can rely on it to update new content, cover those videos in a completely different style. With modern trends, viewers always want to find new covers compared to the original. So, if you keep up with trending videos, you’ll never run out of content to do.

Follow famous people

Many famous artists in the US and European Union countries use Dubsmash. They share videos of dancing, singing, or re-doing trending videos. I really like Selena Gomez, luckily she also uses Dubsmash. Thanks to that, I can follow Selena and update the latest videos posted by her. Which artist do you like? Try searching on this app and follow them!

Live streaming

Most social media sites can go live, and so can Dubsmash. You can broadcast live chats to connect with your followers. People will interact with each other through the comment section. In addition, they may give you gifts issued by Dubsmash. These live chat sessions will be the bridge for you to keep interacting with users every day. You can share your upcoming projects and ask for their support.

MOD APK version of Dubsmash

MOD features

  • Remove Watermark

Download Dubsmash MOD APK latest version for Android

Dubsmash is extremely popular in Europe and also in the United States. Millions of people access and use it every day for many different purposes. Here, you will discover a lot of good, funny and trending videos of the world. Dubsmash is a great place for you to share everyday life moments or interesting videos on a variety of other topics. The Dubsmash community is so vibrant and amazing, are you ready to join!

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