Touch VPN v2.2.0 Mod APK (Elite Unlocked)

Last updated: 28/08/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:2.2.0
MOD Info:Elite Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

Another great VPN app just launched to protect your device. Just a few installation steps, you can freely access anywhere without worrying about information leakage. Download our Touch VPN MOD APK version so you can use all features for free.

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Introduce about Touch VPN

If you are a person who often searches for information on the web, you should not ignore Touch VPN. Not all websites are clean and secure, so you need software that prevents dangerous elements. Or maybe you’re trying to log in to a website, but you’re restricted from accessing it. Now, Touch VPN will help you solve all those problems. Join us to learn more about this amazing app!

Why should you use Touch VPN?

Information is extremely important, especially personal information. When stolen, you will be affected a lot. Today, technology is advanced, which means that the tools to steal information are also more diverse and difficult to control. Therefore, you need to ensure your information is not leaked with protection tools like Touch VPN. This application will create a shield to protect your phone from unauthorized access. Especially when you surf the web, public wifi login … are the most vulnerable places to steal information.

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Touch VPN main interface

Main features of Touch VPN

Grant access, protect information

First, Touch VPN helps you access the websites of many other countries, bypassing geo-restrictions. It can help you access anywhere, as long as there is a server of Touch VPN. Moreover, the system also prevents any unusual intrusion of unsafe websites. It helps you to hide your IP, so your identity will be completely protected. No hacker can find and steal your information. Accessing public Wifi is also very risky, so you should install Touch VPN as a proactive precaution.

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Tap to connect for free

Protection from all sources

Unlike Proxy, this software only affects web browsers. Touch VPN encrypts all your traffic, protecting your information from all directions. No matter what activities and services use the internet, this app affects it. In short, a VPN will give you absolute freedom, privacy, and security.

Bypass geo-restrictions

Foreign websites won’t show up if you do a normal search. If someone sends you a link, it is not certain that you will be able to enter because geo-restriction may prevent access. Therefore, this application is really necessary for you. Just select the country you need to go to, after the connection is complete, you can freely access any website of any country.

Free of charge

Touch VPN is completely free, no credit card, no testing. It gives users the most comfortable experience. You can download the app for free from the Google play store.

Compare Touch VPN with Proxy Services

VPNs and Proxy can both mask the user’s identity through rerouting your internet traffic and changing your IP. However, the Proxy server is completely browser-based, whether you’re using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Furthermore, it may not be compatible with some websites that use non-browser technology. A VPN encrypts all your traffic and will work with all internet-based services. In short, a VPN will give you more freedom, privacy, and security online.

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Parameters about current connection speed

Application interface

When it comes to Touch VPN’s interface, there’s no better word than “simple”. Its interface contains only one button. Every time you surf the web or connect to a public network, just turn it on and you’re done. Too simple, isn’t it! You can also keep this app on all day as it doesn’t take much battery life.

Elite Subscription

This is a free app, but there will still be some limitations. Some of its features will be locked and you will not be able to use it. Therefore, for the full experience, you need to subscribe to the Elite plan. After successful registration, you will be unlocked all the ads and removed the ads.

Before deciding to subscribe, you will have 7 days to try and experience. During those 7 days, you will unlock all paid features. As such, you will clearly feel the benefits of subscribing to the Elite plan over the free version. After 7 days, if you do not want to register, please cancel the service package. Otherwise, the Elite plan will automatically renew on a monthly basis like a regular cycle.

MOD APK version of Touch VPN

MOD feature

  • Elite Unlocked

If you don’t want to spend monthly money to maintain Elite package, try our MOD version. Touch VPN Elite APK has permanently unlocked the Elite package, you do not need to register or maintain. Comfortable using, not worrying about costs is the purpose that we want to send to you. Just download the free file below and experience all the features of Touch VPN.

Hướng dẫn cài đặt

  • Gỡ bỏ phiên bản gốc của Touch VPN nếu bạn đã cài nó trên Google Play
  • Vào cài đặt điện thoại của bạn, bật “nguồn không xác định”
  • Tải file Touch VPN MOD APK bên dưới bài viết
  • Cài đặt file vừa tải trên máy của bạn
  • Mở ứng dụng, cấp quyền và trải nghiệm


Is Touch VPN safe?

We’ve had a long time testing and censorship on this app. It doesn’t have any problems and works very smoothly. It only protects you from unauthorized access, not access to any of your information. Therefore, you can safely use it.

Does Touch VPN offer free bandwidth?

If you use the free version, you will be browsing 500MB per day. This is an ad-supported giveaway. But when you subscribe to Touch VPN Elite, you get unlimited bandwidth browsing with high speed. Enhance your web loading speed and experience.

Why are some servers in Touch VPN inaccessible?

If you use the free version, you can only access 17/26 servers available. If you want to access the remaining 9 servers, you need to sign up for a Touch VPN Elite account. Chances are the server you’re logging into belongs to the limited group of the free version.

Why do I use Touch VPN when surfing the web is slower than usual?

There are many factors that affect the speed when you use a VPN. These include encrypting, decrypting, and routing all traffic traveling between your device and the internet. Chances are your device has encountered the above reasons. Please try to reset your phone and download again!

Reviews from users

If you are not sure about this app, refer to the reviews from previous users. They will show you how the app works, what’s wrong with it, or any other problem. Here are the reviews from users on Google Play:

“So amazing, I can’t believe my eyes! It works perfectly and the best part is it’s free without paying any fees. Moreover, the app is very user friendly. I really love it! enjoy this free vpn app, try it and you won’t regret it. Timothy Gabriel”

“You won’t get a better vpn than this and it’s free. I tested internet speed and ping is 4 times lower than similar free vpns. This app has almost no throttling. when downloading/uploading. Most importantly it works smoothly and its free version covers the majority of countries (including Russia).”

“One of the best VPNs right now, very well organized. A totally worthy download.”

“This is the most user-friendly, trouble-free, and most reliable VPN I’ve ever used. Protecting my personal identity makes surfing worry-free and completely accessible. . It can be set to turn on automatically with any app. You’re always protected with Touch VPN and it’s free.”

Download Touch VPN MOD APK for Android

From now on, you can freely access anywhere without worrying about security. Touch VPN keeps you away from any hackers or unauthorized access. It is really an essential application to protect your information. So what are you waiting for, experience Touch VPN right away with us at the link below.

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