iTop VPN v3.0.0 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 08/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0.0
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Publisher:Hotspot VPN 2022 & Unlimited Proxy
Package:Google Play Link

iTop VPN MOD APK is a VPN software that helps you access the internet securely. To ensure safety when surfing the web, you should install security software like iTop VPN.

Introducing iTop VPN

iTop VPN provides high-speed, free and secure VPN service. The application encrypts all Internet traffic with military-grade encryption. Besides, the application hides the real IP from hackers as well as tracking programs.

What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network that helps create a secure network connection when joining the internet. Large corporations often use VPNs to allow remote users to securely connect to the network. VPNs can be applied to many things such as:

Access the corporate network while away

VPNs are commonly used by business people to access their business networks. This includes all resources on the local network, accessible while traveling,… Intranet resources can be accessed without the Internet, thereby increasing security.

Access your home network, even if you’re not at home

You can set up your own VPN to access when you’re not at home right now. This will allow remote computer access via the Internet. You can use files shared on your local network, play computer games over the Internet. This can almost feel like being on the same LAN.

Browse the web anonymously

If you are using public WiFi, your browsing data will be exposed. If you want to hide your browsing activity for extra security, you should connect to a VPN. All information transmitted over the network will now be encrypted, increasing security.

Unblock VPN

Currently on the internet, there are many websites that are blocked by vpn in some countries. So the solution is to use iTop VPN. The application will help to unblock vpn making it easy for users to access and use the blocked application. Besides, this feature helps you to experience the web and applications more smoothly.

Boost bandwidth

With iTop VPN, users can stream and download multimedia content as they like. You will not have to worry about being stopped suddenly because of the limit of bandwidth. Because the application will assist users to find the best VPN service for the situation. The speed of processing work or playing games will be significantly improved.

Do not keep browsing history

The application is committed to providing a browsing experience that is free from tracking, storing or selling data. You won’t need to worry about your web politeness being discovered. Safe browsing is always something many people want when using the internet.

Kill Switch teature

Kill Switch is designed by the application to prevent your traffic from being exposed. This feature can work even if you happen to have connection problems, ensuring the security of your browsing mode.

24/7 support

The professional team of iTop VPV is always available to answer your questions. Difficulties encountered by users will be answered in the most conscientious way. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the hotline for a free consultation.

Various network modes

iTop VPN will give users 3 network modes that can be easily switched. Users can change the network mode according to what they want to do online.

Block ads with iTop VPN

When surfing the web, you will feel very troublesome when ads constantly appear. The iTop VPN application also has an effective ad blocking feature. Ad blocking can help prevent malicious ads from getting infected. Besides, this feature also helps save bandwidth for users.

MOD APK version of iTop VPN

MOD features

VIP Unlocked

To be able to use the full features of this application, users need to unlock VIP. Unlocking this is easier when using the MOD we share. You can use the full features completely for free without losing any money. Use the VIP unlock MOD feature to get the following benefits:

  • Auto clean history: you don’t have to manually access the app to clear history. The vip feature will automatically delete after the set time.
  • Automatically block ads: The application will block ads automatically without having to activate. The feature will be automatically enabled without having to access iTop VPN.
  • Deep security: Deep security provides the best protection for your phone. The application will prevent users from accessing websites with low security. Thereby avoiding your device being infected with malicious code.

Download iTop VPN MOD APK latest version for Android

iTop VPN is an indispensable application for secure browsing. Ease of use, high quality, many features, are the highlights that this application can protect your device absolutely. Users can download and experience the application right at the link below.

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