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Last updated: 18/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:30.20.44
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.0.3+
Package:Google Play Link

Selene Icon Pack APK helps you change the style of your phone with a unique icon collection for Android. With the application, users can customize the device interface according to personal preferences. Comes with interesting features that you cannot miss.

Introducing Selene Icon Pack 

Are you looking for an interesting interface for your phone? Want to change all the icons to make your device look fresh? Selene Icon Pack will support you as much as possible. The application provides a rich treasure of icons and eye-catching wallpapers. Thanks to that, users can freely choose the style that they prefer.

In addition, the app also supports you to create multipurpose widgets to highlight the interface. It will be interesting if you own an interface with your own style. What are you waiting for, do not immediately make your device a mark of its own with Selene Icon Pack.

Collection of more than 700 icons

The number of icons that Selene Icon Pack provides is more than 700. This is a rare number that many icon stores cannot have. With more than 700 icons, users can freely choose and change the phone interface. You also don’t have to worry about not finding the icon you like. The reason is because the icon sets of Selene Icon Pack are drawn with many different styles.

Rich eye-catching icons

Besides the large number, this app also gives you top quality icons. As mentioned, each set of icons on the device is drawn in a different style, no two sets are the same or identical in terms of drawing and color. So, you can freely choose and use the icons you like.

Besides, the icons are very diverse, so you don’t have to worry about the application without an alternative icon. It can be said that for those who want to create their own highlight for their phone, Selene Icon Pack is the world for you.

Supports up to 20 multi-theme wallpapers

Besides icons, Selene Icon Pack also provides users with 20 different wallpapers. Thanks to that, you can always change the wallpaper on your device to synchronize with the icon. The makeover process for your phone will be significantly more comprehensive and convenient.

Unlimited skin changes

With 700 icons and 20 wallpapers, users can freely change the interface. You won’t be bored using your phone anymore. In particular, the new interfaces will bring your own features so that no one can be confused. Owning a phone with bold personality will be very interesting!

Selene Icon Pack constantly updates the latest trends

This app constantly updates collections with the latest trends for you. Therefore, the number of icons will not stop at 700. Users can also easily “catch the trend” with new and ordinary icons. Once a month, the app will update you with new collections. This is a feature that few applications can do today.

In particular, despite possessing a huge number of icons and regularly updating, the app is not heavy. Selene Icon Pack only owns 24MB, a rather modest capacity compared to the huge collection that the application provides. Therefore, you do not need to worry that the app will take up a lot of space in the device, causing the device to jerk and lag. That certainly won’t happen.

Many new features can’t be missed

In addition to changing icons and backgrounds, users can also manipulate creatively with widgets. This is also a new trend for Android and iPhone. Widgets are large icons for an application, allowing users to see part of the content of that application. In addition, widgets also help your interface have more emphasis.

Selene Icon Pack provides you with widgets for calendar apps and many more. You can freely arrange these widgets on the interface, making sure the device will look cool.

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Download Selene Icon Pack APK latest version for Android 

Selene Icon Pack is really an app that anyone using Android can’t miss. With the app, you can freely change the interface for your device in your own style. Surely, the application will provide the best experience for you. Your device will take on an impressive style.

The application also offers various unique features. As a result, your phone experience will be significantly improved. So what are you waiting for without downloading the application immediately.

Currently, the app can be downloaded for free on many different platforms. You can download and install the application right from the link below. Hopefully, the experience that the app brings can make you satisfied. Don’t forget to share your experience with us by rating the app.

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