Pixly – Icon Pack APK v7.5 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:7.5
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Pixly – Icon Pack APK is an application that provides infinite icons for Android devices. Users can freely change icons of different applications and device interfaces. With Pixly – Icon Pack, you will easily own a beautiful and personalized interface.

Introduce about Pixly – Icon Pack 

Do you feel the default icon set of Android applications is too boring? Want to personalize the look and feel on your device yourself? Pixly – Icon Pack will help you do just that.

The application owns a diverse icon store, freely changing on the device. Users can choose any icon pack to their liking and apply it to the interface. The device will now bring your own mark, no longer so boring as before.

Huge icon store for devices

It is not wrong to say that Pixly – Icon Pack is a huge icon treasure. The application provides up to 6540 different icons. Each icon possesses an impressive style and almost absolute detail.

In addition, Pixly – Icon Pack also gives users 85 desktop models. You can freely change the icons and wallpaper on your device to suit your taste. A personalized interface will make the user experience significantly more enjoyable.

Icon has high resolution quality

Icons on Pixly – Icon Pack is not only diverse but also has high quality and resolution. In particular, the resolution of 6549 icons is 2K SuperHD + and the resolution of the wallpaper is 2K HD. Therefore, the case that the icon or background image is blurred after rendering is completely impossible. Quality is 100% guaranteed. The interface after personalization is not only beautiful, suitable for taste but also luxurious – genuine – smooth.

Render 3 icons at the same time and automatically create new icons

Pixly – Icon Pack possesses impressive processing capabilities. That’s why the application allows rendering up to 3 icons at the same time. Users can combine 3 icons together and perform rendering to change the device interface. The operation is extremely smooth and fast. For devices that own many different applications, this feature will help significantly.

In addition, Pixly – Icon Pack can automatically create icons for applications that do not have their own icons. The app will base on the default icon of that application and redraw an icon with a new style. Of course, the newly created icon still has to follow the style that the user has chosen. Therefore, there will be no cases of new icons getting lost among existing icons.

Thus, in just a few seconds, you already own a new – unique – strange icon on your device. That’s why the icon store on this application is always abundant and limitless.

Convenient smart calendar feature

Besides icons and wallpapers, Pixly – Icon Pack also provides a smart calendar interface. This calendar feature is actually obtained from Google. However, on Pixly, you can completely decorate your calendar yourself.

Accordingly, the application will provide available icons for you to personalize the calendar interface. When any icon is missing, the user can send a request to the application. Then your request will be processed quickly.

This is an all-in-one, all-in-one app. Once you download Pixly, you won’t need other calendar apps anymore. However, the application is not heavy but works relatively smoothly and stably.

Nice layout, easy usage

The interface of Pixly – Icon Pack is beautiful, minimalistic and not difficult to use. Users can download and use it right away without watching complicated instructions.

In addition, as an interface decoration app, Pixly cannot help but own an eye-catching interface. The interface of the application is designed to be colorful and to optimize the user experience. For aesthetic users who like beauty, this is an indispensable application.

Compatible with various launchers

Apps for Android devices always need to work well on many different launchers. Pixly – Icon Pack can completely meet that. The application runs smoothly on Nova, action launcher, Lucid, Poco,… Therefore, users will not often experience jerky when using.

APK version of Pixly – Icon Pack 


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Download Pixly – Icon Pack MOD APK latest version for Android 

Pixly – Icon Pack is an indispensable application for those who love to decorate their mobile devices. With an endless icon store and the ability to create your own, the application will not let you down. In addition, all tasks on Pixly only stop at the interface without interfering with the software. Users can safely use it without worrying about security issues.

Currently, users can download Pixly – Icon Pack APK anywhere. But choosing the right source and safe download source is extremely important. For the most convenience and security, you can download the application right here. Do not be afraid to experience this extremely interesting application.

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