Minimalist Icon Pack v6.4 Mod APK (Patched)

Last updated: 30/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.4
MOD Info:Patched
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Minimalist Icon Pack is a collection of minimalistic icon designs. Your phone screen now takes on a new, modern, stylish and personal shirt thanks to this application.

Introducing the Minimalist Icon Pack

Gone are the days when people judged your taste by phone covers. Now people look at the phone screen, glance at the set of icons displayed on it and then nod or turn away bored. A bunch of unique, unmatched icons, uniform colors, or weird textures, not only show that you care a lot about your luxury smartphone, but also reveal your aesthetic. But precisely, the icon packs to customize the appearance of the icons on the phone screen will show a lot of the aesthetic taste of the phone owner.

And if you’re into minimalism. If you want everything around you to follow this minimalistic personality, please download the Minimalist Icon Pack right away. This application is a gadget that is extremely suitable for your style.

Each icon is a work of art

In a tiny space, sometimes with just the tip of the little finger of each icon on the phone, the artistry is still required. Then on a person’s phone there are dozens of different applications, software, and games. You should look for an Icon Pack that can fully display any applications you have on your device (and will download in the future). Then the Icon Pack must achieve a high uniformity in design, satisfying the criteria of beautiful, unique and strange. Let any corner of the phone speak to the user’s preferences and personality.

The secret to choosing my personal Icon Pack is: the simpler, the fewer textures the better. Your phone won’t feel tangled, always clean and tidy. That’s why when I saw the word “Minimalist” in the name Minimalist Icon Pack of this collection, I didn’t hesitate to download it right away. The results after applying to the machine did not disappoint me, even a little.

Simplicity is not simple at all, people. Minimalism here means simplicity combined with sophistication and selectivity. It is these three factors that make any minimalism item or product the pinnacle of art. Minimalist Icon Pack too. Each icon in this collection deserves to be called a work of art. Careful, meticulous, good color tone selection, each icon is a separate shade, but still retains its own nuance for the phone.

Beautiful icons are a joy

Since installing the Minimalist Icon Pack on my device, every time I turn on my phone to use it, I feel a little happier than before. Also often find excuses to open the phone to check more, even though it is often just advertising messages. Add to that a little pride when opening the phone to check in front of colleagues who are all asking “this is so good” “how did you do that”.

Icon pack has impressive coverage

And not only that, the reason I choose Minimalist Icon Pack is because it owns more than 6300 icons. And hundreds and thousands of new icons will be added over time. That means that no matter what application, software or game you are using, Minimalist Icon Pack will handle it well. It will change the icon of that application, to match the general style of the phone screen.

Because using icon pack is most afraid of mess. Or not enough coverage so that those packs are not recognized will automatically display as an icon representing the same for all. So when I read this impressive number, I added another reason to use it for a long time without any hesitation.

In addition to the main feature of providing a unique minimalist icon set, Minimalist Icon Pack also has a series of additional functions that are also quite respectable, including:

  • 70 collections of wallpapers for phones (and still being updated);
  • Favorite icon preview and search feature;
  • Folder icons can be customized.

Launchers powered by Minimalist Icon Pack

  • Action Launcher;
  • ADW Launcher;
  • Apex Launcher;
  • Atom Launcher;
  • Aviate Launcher;
  • CM Theme Engine;
  • GO Launcher;
  • Holo Launcher;
  • Holo Launcher HD;
  • LG Home;
  • Lucid Launcher;
  • M Launcher;
  • Mini Launcher;
  • Next Launcher;
  • Nougat Launcher;
  • Nova Launcher;
  • Smart Launcher;
  • Solo Launcher;
  • V Launcher;
  • ZenUI Launcher;
  • Zero Launcher;
  • ABC Launcher;
  • Evie Launcher.

Launcher list is not supported

  • Arrow Launcher;
  • ASAP Launcher;
  • Cobo Launcher;
  • Line Launcher;
  • Mesh Launcher;
  • Peek Launcher;
  • Z Launcher;
  • Launch by Quixey Launcher;
  • iTop Launcher;
  • KK Launcher;
  • MN Launcher;
  • New Launcher;
  • S Launcher;
  • Open Launcher
  • Flick Launcher.

APK version of Minimalist Icon Pack


  • Paid
  • Patched

Download Minimalist Icon Pack APK free for Android

Choosing a suitable, rich icon pack not only makes using your phone more fun every day, but also helps you assert your own personality. Download Minimalist Icon Pack APK to your device if you are a person who breaks the way and likes novelty and uniqueness!

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