Darko 2 – Icon Pack APK v2.9 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 18/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.9
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Darko 2 – Icon Pack APK is an application that allows to change the phone interface. The interface is set to night mode, giving it a unique and different feel.

Introduce about Darko 2 – Icon Pack

Darko 2 – Icon Pack is used by many young people who are passionate about dark mode. The application feels completely new. Although the interface is dark gray, it does not bring a boring feeling. The outstanding and attractive icon store creates more accents and attracts the eyes of others. There are also many other surprises of this application that you do not know yet.

Mystic black is the main color

Unlike other skin changing applications. Darko 2 – Icon Pack has only a simple dark gray color, but still attracts many users. We are often used to the interface of Facebook dark mode, Instagram dark mode, … Therefore, when looking at a phone interface in dark mode. This does not surprise many people.

White and black are the two primary colors in the palette. These two colors, if used as the background, will create a very good effect. Therefore, the icons on these two colors often appear sharp and deep.

A treasure trove of unique icons

Although only providing a single background color, the icon store is extremely diverse. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of icons for most different applications. The icon source has eye-catching, simple colors and is constantly updated with new ones. In order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of users about the aesthetics of the icon pack.

Most icons are developed based on the principle of simplicity but effectiveness. Therefore, it is difficult for you to see many icons with sophisticated edges and lines. Instead, there are simple icons with more elegant lines.

Cloud wallpapers in high resolution

More than 60 cloud wallpapers are provided with various themes. You can freely adjust the size of the icon so that it looks best. For example, zoom in, zoom out or adjust the brightness and sharpness of the icon.

In addition, the image has a beautiful gloss, which is realistically simulated. Therefore, creating wallpapers with a simple structure but extremely attractive to the viewer.

Unique time clock

The time clock is designed in a separate way by the application. Users can choose 3D icons or high quality images to decorate. You can also use both icons and images at the same time. Make sure they look as balanced and scientific as possible.

The clock on your phone will come to life like never before. You can satisfy your creative passion anywhere, anytime.

Flexible icon change

Many applications with different devices will require different application sizes. Usually the icon pack for the launch is calculated to be the most compatible. But there will still be some exceptions. The application is ready to change the icon when the user requests it. Make sure they are fully compatible with the app on the device that refreshes the device.

Save data and help protect your eyes

Because the interface has a special dark gray color. Thus saving some space for your phone. Dark colors usually take up less space in memory than bright colors.

In addition, the use of dark colors protects the eyes better. The gray interface limits the strong light emitted from the phone screen. Eyes will be less tired if used continuously for a long time. Benefits are doubled. The phone has just been changed to a new look, you can protect your eyes more healthy.

Simple to use in just a few notes

You don’t need to be too tech-savvy to use it. Anyone can use Darko 2- Icon Pack easily in just a few minutes. The control panel is free to use and quick to operate. You just need to go into the collection, choose the icon that you love. Then click apply to change the interface.

Darko 2 – Icon Pack is suitable for many different models

Android OS is the perfect tool to use Darko 2 – Icon Pack. The launchers in Darko include: Action, Apex, Nova, Sola, Smart, Adw, .. are fully supported.

Each launcher has its own pros and cons. It’s all about the goal of helping you change and get a completely new look. Make sure the use process is easy and convenient.

APK version of Darko 2 – Icon Pack


  • Paid
  • Patched

Download Darko 2 – Icon Pack APK latest version for Android

If you are a minimalist, then Darko 2- Icon Pack is the ideal choice. This application will bring you interesting feelings and experiences. You can manually choose the appropriate icon and freely express your personal style. To ensure safety, you should search for reputable websites to download applications to your device. And REDMOD is a reliable address for you!

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