VIMAGE v4.1.0.7 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

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VIMAGE MOD APK is a very popular photo editing application today. This app can animate photos to make them unique. Breathe life into your photos with this app’s powerful tools. Come explore it with us now!

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Introduce about VIMAGE

Now photo editors are starting to be released more and more quality. Therefore, the photos are always required for high aesthetics and eye-catching. Therefore, many publishers have developed many professional editing tools, one of which is to create motion for photos. Photos will become more interesting and unique with this tool. VIMAGE is an application that creates that and is being used by a large number of people. With many great features, VIMAGE is confident to satisfy any fastidious user.

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A great app

VIMAGE is an animation application that allows you to create animations and add hundreds of motion picture effects. Its photo editor allows you to share your art with friends and social networks. This application is also in the top of the best apps on Google Play 2018. You will not be able to imagine what this application can bring. It is not inferior to any professional editor on PC. With VIMAGE, from an amateur, you can also edit like a pro.

Unique features of VIMAGE


The phrase “CINEMAGRAPHS” was born a long time ago, around 2011. This is an image saved in .gif format and is very HOT at the moment. When you use social media, you can see it anywhere. So have you ever found out how to create it? The answer is here! Just download VIMAGE, and you can easily create CINEMAGRAPHS animations. This app gives you the tools you need to create the stories you want to share with animations.


ANIMATEs are pictures that show movement through an intuitive interface. Harness the power of the new Flow and Stretch Animator to create motion like never before. With these tools, you can add animation to certain parts of your photo. Make objects move with your presets and create live backgrounds. This is a feature that many users love because they can create vivid, unique and eye-catching photos by themselves.

Professional photo editing tool

In addition to creating photos, VIMAGE also helps you edit them to become more perfect. Feel free to crop your images or edit the color, brightness and contrast of any effect. Then blend it into your original photo and create a more realistic photo with effects. On the working interface of the application, you will be provided with all the editing tools from basic to advanced.

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Not only beautify with effects, you can also insert text or add emoticons to tell your story through photos. VIMAGE brings you tons of unique fonts collected from many sources. Besides, there are thousands of emoticons for you to choose and insert into photos. Align the layout to balance and limit too much insertion to avoid confusion. There are also many other editing features available to you in the Tools Menu.

Add sound effects

Surely this is a unique feature that not all editing applications have. – Add custom sounds to your photos. Nature sound effects or music? You can choose anything you like. You can add your own voice to the photo. Really your product will surprise many people. An animated picture that can create sound is also an easier way for you to convey content to others.


VIMAGE’s interface is edited in a completely new way. After many updates, its interface has become more minimalist and smart. Therefore, users can quickly access and use this application. The necessary tools are neatly arranged, neat and easy to find. The desktop is designed to fit your phone. All the editing features in this are tucked away in the Tools Menu for you to choose from at any time. Not only that, this application also has specific instructions for each feature for users to easily visualize and use.

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Premium version of VIMAGE

If you love VIMAGE, why not try the premium version? With this version you will get:

  • Remove ads completely
  • Remove watermark
  • Get access to all vfx
  • Display in high quality
  • Add up to 10 photo effects

Currently, the publisher offers 3 subscription options for the Premium version of VIMAGE including monthly, yearly and lifetime packages. The subscription price will vary depending on the customer’s region. Our advice, you should subscribe for life if you like this app. The reason is because it’s a lot cheaper and you don’t lose your subscription even if you change phones. While the free version is also great, for an enhanced experience you need a Premium subscription.

MOD APK version of VIMAGE

MOD features

You can subscribe to Premium directly in the app. The price is not cheap and the renewal method is also quite cumbersome. But with our VIMAGE Premium APK version, everything is free. We have unlocked the Premium version for life, you just need to download the free file below, the rest is comfortable experience. Specifically, our MOD APK version includes:

  • Premium Unlocked
  • The debug code has been removed
  • Support multiple languages
  • Support multiple screen DPI
Download VIMAGE MOD APK at

Reviews from users

A great app like VIMAGE is sure to get a lot of reviews. Most of the reviews are positive for its powerful toolset. Here are some reviews on Google Play, you can refer to have a better view:

“I really recommend this app over the competition. Here’s why, 1. It’s easy to learn. 2. They have a great support team. 3. They keep adding new effects and product enhancements. I use it to create featured ads for our business and sometimes for my pictures. I really recommend this app to anyone who wants to add flavor taste for their still images.”

“After a few uses, I found it to be a very useful, great app. However, some of the features I need are limited in the free version. Hope the publisher can unlock them in the near future.”

“This app is great, I’ve used it on some photos and it’s amazing, mostly with 3D editing”

“It’s a great app… With great add-ons… I love using it. It allows me to create beautiful pictures and stories on insta. Quality of the images. It was great in the end.”

Download VIMAGE MOD APK for Android

VIMAGE is really an amazing application with many powerful tools. It helps you have the best moments, the most professional photos. With the best app awards, this app is confident to bring you the best experiences. Constantly innovating and updating features, VIMAGE will quickly become the most comprehensive main photo editing application. There is no reason for you to refuse such an application in the age of social networking. You can start the experience right now by clicking on the link below.

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