NovaTV v1.7.1b Mod APK (Extra)

Last updated: 20/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.7.1b
MOD Info:Extra
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Not every online movie application is as perfect as NovaTV! It offers a ton of amazing content and features never before seen. Download NovaTV MOD APK, you can experience the Extra version for free.

Introducing NovaTV

Are you a movie fan? Have you found a reliable app to entertain every weekend? So let me introduce to you a perfect and completely free application. It’s called NovaTV, a product adapted from the rather popular website. NovaTV is an online movie and program viewer. No need to search the web, you can get this app from as an APK file.

Unlimited content for entertainment

NovaTV works in the form of online content updates from the internet. It will automatically search for the latest and most interested content. The system will scan every day to find it, so it always has what you need. Not only cinema movies, solo movies or any kind of movie, you can also find thousands of other entertainment programs at NovaTV. For example, the Korean version of Running Man, the most humorous reality show in Asia. It’s hard to find an app that plays all its episodes in full, other than NovaTV.

Netflix may be the flagship app, but now it looks like it’s no longer streaming Disney+ content. That is a disadvantage for Disney fans, especially children. But NovaTV is the solution you need right now. It does not restrict any content but always updates the latest programs of all the world’s leading studios. The update speed of this app will amaze you.

Great video quality

Not only paid apps can watch HD quality videos! NovaTV will dispel all doubts of users about it. It gives you amazing quality up to 2K or 4K. Below that there will be lower quality ones to match your internet speed. But in general, very few free apps can achieve 4K quality like NovaTV. High quality must also go with a good phone, so you should also prepare a phone with a high resolution screen.

Create your favorites list

NovaTV has thousands of shows and movies, but no one can experience them all. There will be content that you don’t like and you find it boring. So you can create a list of your favorites. It will save the movies or shows that you feel good. After that, every time you log in, you just need to access it to start enjoying. Skip the time-consuming search process, now you can quickly see the content you like.

Through your favorites list, the system will also track your activity habits. Thanks to that, it can recommend you related programs. This is also part of NovaTV’s extremely convenient personalization feature. Your main interface will always show the content that interests you. From movies to TV shows, NovaTV will always take care of your preferences.

Friendly interface

I have looked through many similar applications and found that most of them have very intuitive interfaces. Each category is quite detailed from movie or program name, duration, rating to review. Therefore, you can easily select the best quality content in the application. The playback interface is also an interesting element of NovaTV. It has a lot of utilities for you to adjust when watching videos. It has full features such as subtitles, fast forward, video speed, audio and quality. Especially recently, movie applications have integrated video playback in the background.

MOD APK version of NovaTV

MOD features

With this version, you will get quite a few new features and utilities. This is the paid version and its price is also quite cheap. Specifically, when you sign up for Extra, you will get:

  • Disable unnecessary access requests;
  • Turn off automatic updates when new versions are available;
  • Unlocked all supported languages;
  • Remove ads;
  • Disabled Analytics, Crashlytics and Firebase.

Download NovaTV MOD APK latest version for Android

Your weekend time will now be more meaningful with NovaTV. It brings unlimited entertainment content and constantly updates new. You can access all the content for free and without ads. NovaTV is a third-party app so you cannot search and download it from Google Play. The only way you can watch NovaTV for free, including the Extra version, is to download the APK file from Below is the link to download, wish you a happy experience!

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